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#473746 by Grafix
September 8th, 2011, 11:40 pm
__________________________________New Roleplayer's Guide to RCRP!__________________________________

Hi! Well, today I was just thinking about when I first joined RCRP and I remembered how much I liked(and still like) RPing here, but I also remember how hard it was for me. Like, I used to use /n every minute because there was so much to do and RP but I had no idea where to start xD And that's why I made this guide really.Also, I hope this guide can bring all the guides that are needed for newbies together in one post. I hope this helps old and new players get to know the server more ;D. (This guide was designed to help newbies, It was also made to be used with this guide : viewtopic.php?f=4&t=27034)
> Contents

    1. RCRP Information :

      - The Basics and Rules
      - Businesses
      - Houses & Motels
      - Vehicles
      - Social Life
      - Side Jobs
      - Permanent Jobs (Level 2+)
      - Factions / Gangs

    2. The Beginning :

      - Choosing your Style of RPing
      - Making your character
      - Making a Living
      - Necessary Items
      - Levelling up
      - Joining your First Faction OR Gang
      - Buying your First Vehicle
RCRP Information :

    - The Basics

    Hello and welcome to RCRP! If your looking forward to RPing you still have a little way to go until you can start RPing in this server.

    First, you must choose an RP name (example : Johnny_Triumph or Hannah_Baumann). RP names are basically names that you would use in real life, they are names that sound realistic. Celebrities names and character's names in GTA are RP but they cannot be used, you will have to invent your own name or you can use your real name. Before you make your name you should think about where your character comes from and who s/he is (discussed more in 'Making your character'). Once you have made a suitable name, select your date of birth and your gender.(More details about making a character can be found in the section 'Making your character')

    Now that you have named you character and given him/her an identity you will have to pass an RP quiz. If you are new to RPing please thoroughly read some guides before attempting to complete this quiz because if you fail more that three times you will be auto-banned. (This post may help you get an idea on how the new quiz is like : viewtopic.php?f=4&t=19560). After reading guides a few guides this quiz will be easy for you but you will still need to know Roleplaying rules and the RCRP rules fluently before you can take the quiz. (This section will help you learn more about the rules in RCRP : viewforum.php?f=10) (And this guide may help too : viewtopic.php?f=4&t=27291)

    By now you should have passed the RP quiz and you should have finally made it into the world of RCRP! Before you really start RPing you should learn some basic chatting commands which are essential, and you should know two commands that basically allow Roleplay.
    The first commands you should already know are /me and /do;
    /me makes your character do something, like move their arm or hand someone some money or even steal from someone [Usage of /me : /me [Action]. After typing that with an action you, and all players around your character should see "[Yourname] [Youraction]" In your chatbox]. /me can only be used RPly too.. Here is how /me should be used : '/me reaches into his pocket and takes out a large cellphone'.
    /do is used to describe surroundings and/or changes in surroundings. If you were to type '/me presses the central locking button in his vehicle' you would then type '/do a deep **Click** can be heard, this click is followed by three other identical clicks' to add some detail to your RP. This small and simple command can really make your RP look alot better if used wisely. [Usage of /do : /do [Surroundings/Change in surroundings/Sounds/Effects]. After typing that, you and all characters near you should see [Surroundings/Change in surroundings/Sounds/Effects] followed by your name in OOC brackets ]. Correct usage of /do would be : '/do **If you look at the ground, you notice loads of old posters which have embedded themselves into the pavement**. (Those '**' Are basically things that contain surrounding details and sound/light effects).
    (( There is also /ame, which is basically a /me that hovers over your characters head ))

    Now that you know about /me and /do, you need to know how to communicate ICly and OOCly ingame (Chatting cmds). First, if you are new to SAMP, press 't' or 'F6' to type. If you just type normally, you are speaking ICly. To talk quietly type /l then type your text.To shout type /s ,then type your text. To talk OOCly locally, type /b then type your text. To pm, type /pm [playerid] [your text]. All of those were basic chatting commands, you will run into more chatting commands as you progress through the game).

    - Businesses

    In RCRP, most rich/wealthy players own a business or two. Businesses bring in a fair income and some businesses make their owner's money as soon as someone buys an item, or even just enters the business. You will have to enter players businesses to buy necessary items for your character so you will have to make some money but I will talk about making money later in this guide. (I will say more about businesses later in the tutorial)

    Businesses sell all sorts of items; clothes, handphones, phone credit, GPS systems, phone chargers, body armour, ammunition, morphine and etc.
    "Other Business Commands": Show
    - /buybizz : Used to buy unowned businesses.

    - /collectearnings : Used to collect your [enterable] business earnings.

    - /enterfee : Used to set the entrance fee of any of your enterable businesses.

    - /lockbizz : Used to lock any of your businesses.

    - /mybizz : Used to check the statuses of all businesses owned by your character.

    - /sellbizz : Used to sell businesses but i would recommend using /sell instead.

    - /unlockbizz : Used to unlock any of your locked businesses

    - Houses & Motels

    RCRP has a good housing system, you can store weapons, money and drugs in your house (/housestore, /houseget, /houseview). You also have a mailbox which can be checked by typing /checkmail when you are in your house. There may not be many housing commands but these houses can be RPed in for various RPs. If you were buying a weapon, you could ask the person to go into your house then you could lock the doors (and the windows RPly) so you could buy that weapon in total privacy.

    to lock a house, type /lockhouse. You can also knock on the door of a house by standing on the house entrance icon and typing /knock.
    "Other Housing Commands": Show
    - /buyhouse : Used to buy a house.

    - /checkmail : Used to check your house mail box.

    - /housestore : Used to store items in your house.
    - /houseget : Used to take items out of your house.
    - /houseview : Used to view what items your house contains.

    - /knock : Used to knock on a house door.

    - /lockhouse : Used to lock your character's house.

    - /myhouse : Used to get information about your character's house.

    - /sellmyhouse : Used to sell your character's house. I recommend using /sell instead.

    - /unlockhouse : Used to unlock your character's house.

    - /writenote : Used to write a note to a specific house. You can check if you have any notes in your house with /checkmail

    > Motel commands :
    - /lockroom : Used to lock your characters motel room.
    - /unlockroom : Used to unlock your character's motel room.
    - /unrentroom : Used to unrent your character's motel room.

    > Guest commands :
    - /evictguest : Used to kick a guest out of your character's house
    - /lockhouse : Used to lock the house your character stays in.
    - /movein : Used to ask another player to movein to your house as a guest ((I think)).
    - /moveout : Used to move out of a friend/family member's house.
    - /unlockhouse : Used to unlock the house your character stays in.

    - Vehicles

    As a newbie, you don't need to own a vehicle just yet (because you need to get a license ;D). You have to go to the Montgomery DMV to get your General Vehicle License (GVL-1) ((The cheapest license you can get)). After you have got that you may drive any small, or medium sized vehicles (Including SUVs and Double/Single Cabs) but you may not drive any trucks, aircraft or boats yet. Once you have got your General Vehicle License you can now start the sweeper side-job. I will talk about side-jobs later in this guide. If you have the money, you can buy a car from another player but you may not buy a car from a dealership until you are level 3+.

    When you are level five, you may purchase cars from two of the three dealerships around, you have to be level 5+ to access the luxury vehicles dealership. For more information about dealerships please view this guide : viewtopic.php?f=4&t=24936

    About licenses.. There are several different licenses you can get; a General Vehicle License - GVL-1 (Allows you to drive cars,SUVs and double/single cabs), a Large Vehicle License - GVL-2 (Allows you to drive trucks and vans), a Motorbike License - MB, a Boat License - B, a Helicopter License - A1, anAir-plane License - A2, an EVOC, a TVOC, a Fishing License (Allows /fish ing at the docks in Palomino or near EQ. ) and a Weapons License (Means you can own a shotgun or a desert eagle legally).

    The vehicle system in RCRP has loads of commands, to see these commands please open the spoiler below this.
    "Vehicular Commands": Show
    - /buycar : Used to buy vehicles from a car dealership.

    - /closetrunk : Used to close your character's vehicle's trunk.

    - /einfo : Used to find out if a vehicle uses petrol or diesel.
    - /eject [Player ID] : Used to kick someone out of your character's vehicle.
    - /eoff : Used to turn a vehicle's engine off.
    - /eon : Used to turn a vehicle's engine on.

    - /fuelcan [amount out of 100] : Used to refuel a vehicle.

    - /givesharedkey [vehicle number] [player id] [time]: Used to give a shared key to any other player.

    - /lock : Used to lock a vehicle.
    - /locktrunk : Used to lock your character's vehicle.
    - /loff : Used to turn a vehicle's lights off.
    - /lon : Used to turn a vehicles lights on.

    - /mycars : Used to check your character's cars.

    - /bonnet : Used to open a vehicle's bonnet or hood.
    - /opentrunk : Used to open your character's vehicle's trunk.

    - /park : Used to park a vehicle.REMOVED

    - /refuel [Petrol/Diesel] [amount out of 100] : Used to refuel a vehicle with either petrol or diesel. can only be done at a fuel station
    - /removesharedkey : Used to remove any shared keys given.
    - /respawncar : Used to re-spawn your character's car.Now free of charge but bugged
    - /rw [down/up] : Used to roll windows up or down. when windows are up people cannot hear any normal chat from inside the car.

    - /savecar : Used to save your character's vehicle's position

    - /trunk [show/get/store] [item] [item name/quantity] : Used to take out/store items and check your character's vehicle's trunk for items.

    - /unlocktrunk : Used to unlock your character's vehicle's trunk

    - /vlights : Used to enable turning on and off vehicle lights with the '2' key.

    - Social Life

    Well, its very important to get to know people in the community ICly and the best way to do that would definitely be in one of Red County's social gathering areas like one of the many nightclubs scattered around Red, Bone & Flint County. There are also some posh restaurants around red county but for specific locations you will have to ask ICly. In these clubs, bars or restaurants you can buy food(RPly) and drinks (and get drunk, If you are drunk please don't drive.. You may get arrested and/or you may badly injure someone). In these gathering areas you can make loads of new friends.

    - Side Jobs

    Side-Jobs can bring in quite a large income if you are good enough at them. There are various different side-jobs scattered around red county, each with different requirements, tasks and rewards. All side-jobs can been seen in this guide : viewforum.php?f=4. Each side-job has its own level, the higher your level is in a side-job the more money you get per job. Side jobs also have a timer so you cant keep doing a single side-job over and over again. You can check your side-job levels with /jobs

    - Permanent Jobs (Level 2+)

    Permanent jobs can be gotten by typing /getjob at the location of the job you want to get. There are currently four permanent jobs you can get, two are legal and the other two are illegal.

    The legal jobs are : Mechanic, and Maintenance Worker. As a Mechanic you can fix cars with the /fix command (Must be done RPly with /me's and /do's), you can spray your car (/spray or /paintjob) or another person's car (/offerspray). You can also add a nitrous oxide system to a vehicle (must be done RPly), and you can add hydraulics to a vehicle (/hyds, must be done RPly too.). As a Maintenance Worker, you have to pick up trash (/pickuptrash ?? Just a guess, going to find it soon) and every time you pick up a piece of trash you get some money in your next paycheck. Legal jobs are not very profitable, unfortunately.

    The Illegal jobs are : Arms Dealer, and Drug Dealer. As an Arms Dealer you can make weapons with (/makegun) and ammo with (/makeammo), this is done at Marvin's hardware store in Montgomery. To make guns you need materials and money.. To get materials you have to take a free vehicle to the scrapyard and type /scrapcar. Once you have done that you should have some materials so if you keep scrapping cars you will have enough materials to make a weapon. Weapons can be sold and you can make some profit. As a Drug Dealer, you literally just buy and sell drugs and that its. Its not very profitable but if you want to RP being one then you should get this job. You can use the drugs you get with /usedrug.

    - Factions / Gangs

    Now, for the final topic in this section. In RCRP there are Factions - Companies, Organisations ICly (legal) and Gangs - Mafia's, Cartels, etc (Illegal). When you make your character, you should have decided what s/he would like most and then you join the faction that fits his/her wants and likings. For example, If your character is a person who has a natural liking for news and the media then sign up for SAN news.

    There are two types of legal factions, there are official and unofficial (and under those types there are many more sub-types). If you join an official faction you will have faction commands, a salary ever XX:00 in game hour and company vehicle but If you join an unofficial faction, you will be fully based on RPing with /me's and /do's (Which is not a bad thing at all). You will take part in trainings and loads of social activities with your co-workers. Also, when you are in a legal faction YOU MAY NOT do anything illegal or your faction may be put in danger.

    Like legal factions, there are also two types of gangs and these are official and unofficial gangs. When you are in a gang you will take part in loads of robberies, murders and other crimes BUT gang life is not totally based on just shooting. You also take part in weapons and drug deals but not everything gangs do is illegal.When your in a gang you really get to know the other gang members because you spend alot of time with them ICly. When you are in a gang, official or not, you do get this slight feeling of being at home ( I don't know why, I guess gang leaders are friendly :D ).
The Beginning :

    - Choosing your Style of RP

    Now that you have gotten through the first section of this guide, you will have to choose what your character's RP will be like. At this point you should not have many assets but that alright, all you need right now is a general vehicle license and some money. First, decide if you character will be legal or illegal (Once you have done this please read the blue text if you picked legal or the red text if you picked illegal). ((But you do not have to do this, just a suggestion))

    You have chosen to be a legal character. Now that you have done that you will have to look at the official/unofficial legal factions section and choose what faction you would like to be in most (Remember, you must REALLY want to join the faction you choose to join because if you don't you may eventually get bored and leave, and that would give you a bad reputation within that faction). Once you know what faction you are going to join, I suggest that you read about that faction AND read the following sections : 'Necessary Items' and 'Joining your First Faction OR Gang'.

    You have chosen to be an illegal character. Now that you have done that you will have to look at the gangs section ((viewforum.php?f=226))and choose what gang you would like to join the most. You must really have an urge (meaning you must like the way the gang RPs, and the general RP of the gang + Its members) to get into that gang you choose, because if you don't you may just leave them and that would not be very respectful to the gang leaders (And you might get CKed). Once you know what gang you want to join, I suggest that you read about that gang (slang+learn how they roleplay) AND read the following sections : 'Necessary Items' and 'Joining your First Faction OR Gang'.

    Now that you have chosen what faction or gang you want to join, I suggest you make a character that was made for that faction or gang (or pick a faction or gang that suits your character if you already started RPing in RCRP). So if you chose to be in CBC(example) you would have to make an African American character, and you would have to know how to speak like an African American.

    - Making your Character

    Now that you have chosen what faction/gang you want to join, you should make a short story about how your character ended up in Red County and who you character was before s/he came to Red County ((You do not need to make a story but it will make RPing with your character easier, It will also make faction applications easier)). If you have chosen to be in a gang, you will probably have to hang out with some of that gang's members, and you will have to look the part (By looking the part I do not only mean with your character's skin, I mean with a bind that shows your characters appearance(/do) or a set /appearance)((To buy skins, go to any of the locals only stores which are scattered around the county's)). After you have set a /do bind or /appearance you should start RPing with that gang and they may let you in. I will talk about this more later in this guide.

    - Making a Living

    Making a living in RCRP is not too hard if you are willing to put some effort into it. First you should start doing the sweeper job until you car afford a Large Vehicles License, When you get that license you can start doing all side-jobs in a row and you can make some money BUT REMEMBER you must RP drive at all times and don't just side-job all day because you don't need much money to start off in RCRP, all you need is to be able to roleplay and you will slowly start to earn. Once you have made around 50,000 dollars, try and /(advert)ise ((Don't do this yet though)) to buy a cheap vehicle at an SAN office. I will talk about other items you NEED in-game in the next section. ( To learn more about making money in RCRP please read the following guides : viewtopic.php?f=4&t=24431 , viewtopic.php?f=4&t=23 , viewtopic.php?f=4&t=28573 , viewtopic.php?f=4&t=41898 ).

    - Necessary Items

    Before you start /(advert)ising you will need a phone, and before you get your own vehicle you may need a GPS but you can just ask people for directions ICly. You won't get robbed if your under level three so there's no need to buy a weapon just yet ;) ((If you do get robbed you should take some SSes and post a complaint.)). You will need a watch so you can tell the time and you will need A General Vehicle License + A Large Vehicle License. If your illegal, it is advised that you save up for a briefcase to store materials/drugs/weapons in but you must use your briefcase RPly ((Dont Asspull it or use it when your about to die to store weapons so they dont get lost)). When you put anything in a briefcase, they will not be taken when you die (Trunks of vehicles also do this). After the update to 1.6 you will need a toolbox so you car hot-wire free vehicles.

    - Levelling Up

    .. Is one of the easiest things to do in RCRP, all you have to do is stay logged in. Every XX:00 Hours you will receive a paycheck (You will have to sign this at a townhall, found in Angel Pine, Fort Carson and Palomino Creek.) And depending on how much time you have played you will receive experience points(31 minutes+ = 1exp, 61 minutes+ = 2exp, 91 minutes+ = 3exp) and money. You will have to get 10 exp to level up from level 1 to 2, use /buylevel to find out how much exp you need to level up and to buy levels with exp. When you buy a level, you only loose exp. ((For information on level unlocks, please read this : viewtopic.php?f=4&t=15216 ))

    - Joining your First Faction OR Gang

    ((Gangs are in red, Factions are in blue))((Before applying for any faction, make sure you know alot about that faction because they WILL ask you questions about their faction when you go for your interview))
    To join a faction successfully, you will have to put LOADS of effort into your job application. When they give you minimum word limits try to exceed those limits. Make sure that you application sounds good when you read it to yourself & make sure you do not leave any fields blank because your application may get denied if you do so. After you passed the application, You may have to send in your CV which is normally provided by the faction. After that, you will either undergo a teamspeak interview, In-game interview or both. In the teamspeak interview, you will be tested on how you answer your questions and how nervous+confident you are. In the In-game interview, all you have to do is type fast really. After all that, you, hopefully, will pass and get hired :) (Once you are hired, you must put loads of effort into that faction so you can get promoted + be active)
    To join a gang successfully, you will have to know loads about the gang you are joining (slang, type of RP, story, what they do, etc) and you will have to have hung out with that gang for a while. You won't really need a weapon because you wont be doing many illegal things when you are just an outsider in a gang. All you really need to do is RP with the gang alot and you should make it in.(Once you are hired, you must put loads of effort into that faction so you can get promoted + be active

    - Buying your First Vehicle

    Now that you have some assets and you are in a faction or gang, you need a vehicle. Save up around 30,000 Dollars and buy a cheap vehicle through advertisements. Never ever buy your first car from a dealership because you will get ripped off, just go to a SAN news office and RP making an advertisement then use /advert. An example of a good car advertisement would be : '/Advert Working class [male/female] looking to buy a DeClasse Savanna for around [Price here], please call :'. Remember to always give an exact price because if you give a range of prices you will only get sellers who want to sell their vehicle for a higher price. Also, you should learn some bartering from this tutorial : viewtopic.php?f=4&t=42625. You can also check the forum auctions for cheap cars, then you can RPly bid there.
And thats it for now, hope you enjoyed this guide ;D. I will add a few more sections If you feel this is needed
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September 9th, 2011, 8:53 am
Holy sh-... I love the effort <3, couldn't be arsed to read it through though ;)
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Furthermore, if you are able to put even more effort, give each faction its own section, with neutral/positive comments about it.
That would make this worth a sticky, ten fold.
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