Here is a list of the most recent bans.

Player Date Admin Reason
Romeo_Davidson 17th August 2018 04:29:28 Codac Trolling, not here to RP seriously
Raymond_Campbell 16th August 2018 20:54:48 Codac You're disgusting
Natasha_Williams 16th August 2018 21:52:26 Arky Requested
Kendrick_Sutton 16th August 2018 19:17:20 Arky Weapon Hacks
Travis_Puckett 16th August 2018 17:40:15 Meyrick Account Sharing
Buck_Colbert 15th August 2018 19:35:08 Melvin Not here to RP seriously.
Aiden_Brown 15th August 2018 20:07:08 Melvin Trolling/Not here to RP
Antonelo_Marchetti 14th August 2018 13:36:38 Jetpack Ban Spawned Jetpack
Kuro_Masayuki 14th August 2018 05:27:03 Arky English not up the the level we require.
Paulie_Sindacco 14th August 2018 02:47:46 SledneckNewfie Stunt somewhere else famjam
Akus_Avojuh 14th August 2018 02:40:39 SledneckNewfie [FC] - DM, and terrible admin record.
Reggie_Johnson 14th August 2018 01:18:37 Auto Ban Vehicle Repair Cheats
Harold_Croshim 13th August 2018 23:38:17 WingedFrostWolf English not up to standard
Alex_Zander 13th August 2018 16:31:35 Meyrick Try a light RP server, you have no idea what you're doing.
Nico_Sanders 13th August 2018 04:11:16 Arky Unable to speak English
Brian_Banks 12th August 2018 20:58:08 Payne Not here to RP, admin record terrible, attitude terrible
George_Hillman 12th August 2018 16:09:42 Auto Ban Vehicle Repair Cheats
Richard_Schofield 12th August 2018 13:40:06 Codac Multiple MA's on one IP without permission.
Franklin_Meyers 12th August 2018 13:39:59 Codac Multiple MA's on one IP without permission.
Jacob_Daniel 12th August 2018 11:44:09 Arky Speed hacks
Dwayne_Shroud 12th August 2018 08:28:40 SledneckNewfie FC - Toxic Attitude/Insults
Fernando_Mendoza 11th August 2018 22:46:52 JacenM English not up to standards.
Mike_Rogers 11th August 2018 15:31:33 Menace Trolling. Unable to roleplay up to standard. Not welcome.
Ioan_Culea 11th August 2018 12:55:30 Menace Repeatedly ignoring admin intervention. Breach of a final chance.
John_Rodriguez 11th August 2018 02:07:02 Auto Ban Vehicle Repair Cheats
Andre_Wright 10th August 2018 18:22:10 Meyrick Not here to RP
Justin_Thompson 10th August 2018 16:40:53 Arky Attempting to buy RCRP assets
Rex_Strow 10th August 2018 13:25:07 Mason Ban evasion [Sanijs]
Shawn_Jackson 09th August 2018 17:25:38 JacenM Not here to RP.
Ivan_Repin 09th August 2018 13:17:10 Menace Weapon hacks.
Marcus_Ellwood 09th August 2018 07:14:44 Auto Ban Vehicle Repair Cheats
Hailey_Holy 09th August 2018 00:01:04 JacenM Not here to RP.
Ricardo_Nogueira 08th August 2018 21:28:50 Melvin Quitting to avoid roleplay.
Josh_Walker 08th August 2018 13:58:51 Melvin Not here to roleplay seriously.
Oscar_Petersson 08th August 2018 03:14:24 WingedFrostWolf English not up to standard, inability to RP
Mere_Daniels 07th August 2018 12:24:17 Smally Attempting to sell account through a 3rd party website.
Aleksandar_Stojanovic 07th August 2018 10:28:55 Arky Malicious Activity including selling RCRP items/Cash
Kevin_Blue 07th August 2018 03:17:19 SledneckNewfie Not here to RP. Adios fam jam.
Alexander_Dumas 06th August 2018 00:56:09 JacenM Not here to RP.
Jerrel_Owens 05th August 2018 22:55:44 Arky Not here to RP / DM
Lourdes_Byrd 05th August 2018 20:30:55 Mason Not here to rp.
Johnson_Tyler 05th August 2018 14:10:25 Codac Teleporting/Health hacks, can't RP. Go find another server to troll.
Richard_Demi 05th August 2018 11:07:10 Meyrick Yeah bye
Brent_Hamilton 05th August 2018 06:23:58 JacenM Molotov Cocktail hacks.
Wilbur_Perkins 05th August 2018 03:01:46 TommyB not here to rp
Jeremiah_Davis 04th August 2018 20:10:17 Bauer Ban evasion [PabloScalleta]
Dwayne_Verdugo 04th August 2018 19:44:01 CrazyAndre Not here to RP / /q to avoid RP.
Travis_Morrison 04th August 2018 02:18:16 Anderson Hacks - Vehicle Deletion
Ivazova_Svyatoslavna 03rd August 2018 18:58:54 Arky Hacking - Cleo that allows you to drive cars you aren't supposed to
Antonio_Pisciottu 03rd August 2018 13:08:21 Payne [FC] OOC Insults, referencing somebody's dead mother
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