The Holy Light of Hegebe

Know the plan I have for you, sayed the lord , the plans to prosper and to not hurt you, plans to give you a good future - jeremy 29;11

Mission Statement

Here at THLoH (The Holy Light of Hegebe shortened) we strive day and night to save                                                          
the souls of the poor wretched sinners in our world and run our church. We do prayers,
singing, and sometimes we throw parties at our church which are really fun!


To meet our goals of saving everyone in the world, we're going to need a lot of money.
If you have money, we will accept it and use it to buy stuff to help our church. The average
donation should be $100 to $1,000 dollars, so don't be cheap!!! :)


these are the people who have joined our cause and we would like to commemorate
them in our HALL OF FAME

Nick Taters - He throws cool parties

William Silver - He's our patron saint, leader of the church.

Brian Oakly - A devout follower of our religion

Chris Egbert - He runs the church and gives really good speeches

Ron Holmes - a devout follower, saved by hegebe's power

"the hegebe foundation saved me from a life of cooking meth"

Hegebe in the news!!!


Here is our link section, where you can go to different websites and places that we endorse.

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