County Radio: Lieutenant Found Dead at His Home

County Radio: Lieutenant Found Dead at His Home




Lieutenant Found Dead at His Home
Published and edited by Mercedes Sarno Montana of County Radio on 22nd September 2017


  • James Radcliffe, a best friend, a brother, and a hero, discovered dead at his home.
  • Authorities are not treating his death as suspisious and have ruled out homicide.
  • Doctors diagnosed Radcliffe with post bereavement stress after death of colleague.


Mr. James Radcliffe a Lieutenant in the San Andreas State Police force was discovered yesterday evening at his home. Authorities on scene believe his death was related to an ongoing diagnosis related to bereavement stress after the death of his colleague and friend, Lieutenant Andrew Vorlack on Sunday the 13th of December 2015. Lieutenant Andrew Vorlack was believed to have been an enormous influence on Mr. Radcliffe's life. 

Life and work were believed to be shaky for Mr. Radcliffe when he stepped down from his position within the San Andreas State Police. With only his career keeping him in Red County, he returned home to England alongside his brothers Ryan and Conner both of which worked for Elite Trucking. Mr. Radcliffe remained in England only for a short time before returning back to Red County; the calling from the Law Enforcement sector eagerly bringing him back. 

Dillimore Police Station. Mr. Radcliffe's daily place of work.



He reportedly also gave the State Police a number of attempts to rejoin but failed each time. Nevertheless, within time and the assistance and understanding of Vincent Kemp, a good friend of Mr. Radcliffe, he was soon reinstated back into the force as Corporal before climbing the ranks.

With exclusive reports that the San Andreas State Police will cease to exist and will soon make way for a Sheriff's department, sources claim that no one has been promised a job and that it will be solely up to the new Sheriff as to who will receive a position within the new department. This frightening prospect of unemployment for many of the current law enforcement personnel may have been responsible for the permanent and unfortunate choice that Mr. Radcliffe had chosen to end his life.

A note was discovered by authorities next to Mr. Radcliffe which speaks volumes of the true demons that he was fighting:

The State Police was the only thing that kept me going, it kept my mind occupied and distracted me from the terror within my own mind. It's now been taken away from me, I have nothing left. I've just been told that no one within the command team will be transferred over to the new law enforcement agency and I'm out of a job. I am sorry to all who I let down, I thought I would be ok, I thought I'd overcome this pain. Losing my position has just made me realize that it was there all along, I was just masking it.I managed to save so many lives and make such a difference to the community, but the only life I could not save was my own. To those who read this, remember me for who I was, not who I had become.

County Radio would like to offer this article up as an online obituary to remember Mr. Radcliffe. Some statements in particular that were brought to us are as follows:


Councilman Sylvester Quinn

The news regarding the passing of James Radcliffe is extremely saddening and disheartening. He set an example for the policing of the state and he will be dearly missed. My condolences go out to his relatives and close friends.


Corporal Alexandra J. Hall

I’ve known Lieutenant First Class James Radcliffe for the entirety of my seven consecutive months within the San Andreas State Police. I worked with him extensively throughout my time within the department, especially within the Emergency Services Unit. I attended the situation at 2 Moyers Road at around one-am after having reports of a Public Disturbance at the address; this later was recognised as his service-canine, Jack who refused to leave the Lieutenant’s side and barked in-order to get someone's attention. I had arrived only to be too late to provide any medical care to the deceased and sadly all the care provided by the Red County Fire Department did not alter his state in anyway. Lieutenant James Radcliffe will always be noted as a hero within the San Andreas State Police, someone who had gone above and beyond all expectations to do his duty, to protect with courage and to serve with compassion. I am extremely gutted and saddened about Radcliffe’s passing and my condolences go out to anyone within his family and friend, he will be missed dearly.


It is believed that a small private ceremony for family will be held in the upcoming weeks to remember Mr. Radcliffe. County Radio would like to express our sincere condolences that we wish to extend to Mr. Radcliffe's family, friends and colleagues. He was a true and genuine individual within the County and we hope his hard work, dedication, and heroism will always be remembered. County Radio will be offering a one-minute silence on our broadcast system in remembrance this afternoon. 

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