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Win 100k - Complete the Halloween Lyrics!
By Elena Green • 13/10/17
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With Halloween fast approaching, Free Eagle are kicking off their festivities with a quiz set to test who are the true Spooks of Red County. We've raided the depths of the "cheesy Halloween party" playlists to come up with these lyrics, all you need to do is fill in the gaps!

When you've found an answer, simply copy the completed lyrics into an email with the subject "FE | Complete the Halloween Lyrics" and your name, then send it to ((Forum PM Beth with the same subject and copy and complete the below. Any unclear PM's will just be ignored.))


1. I am the one hiding under your stairs, __(A)__ like snakes and __(B)__ in my hair
2. And grisly __(A)__ from every __(B)__ are closing in to seal your __(C)__
3. I was working in the __(A)__ late one __(B)__ when my eyes beheld an __(C)__ sight for my monster from his slab began to __(D)__ and suddenly to my surprise…
4. They're __(A)__ and they're kooky, mysterious and __(B)__, they're altogether __(C)__, The __(D)__ Family.
5. If there's something __(A)__ in your __(B)__ who ya gonna call? __(C)__!
6. It's just a jump to the __(A)__, and then a __(B)__ to the right, with your hands on your __(C)__ you bring your knees in __(D)__...
7. Well, we got a new __(A)__ so get up on your __(B)__, it's real easy to do, and it's called '__(C)__'
8. Off with your __(A)__, dance 'til you're __(B)__, __(C)__ will roll
9. We're so sorry, __(A)__, you're so misunderstood, you only want to __(B)__, but I don't think we should.
10. I put a __(A)__ on you, because you’re __(B)__


From those who get the correct answers, three will be selected using a randomiser to win 100k each! You have until the 27th October to get your entries in with the winners being announced at our Evening at the Fairground event.

This is just the start - remember on the 31st October Free Eagle will be hosting their Evening at the Fairground which will include (but is not limited to!) a party; costume competition; apple bobbing; DJ'ing from Lars Jameson and Elena Green WITH SPECIAL GUESTS and much more!


© Free Eagle, 2017


Written by Beth, TommyB | Created On Saturday 14th of October 2017 at 11:29:43 PM


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