FREE EAGLE | Triple Bombing in Montgomery

FREE EAGLE | Triple Bombing in Montgomery




Triple Bombing in Montgomery
By Elena Green • 19/11/17
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Deputies are looking for a man responsible for a series of bombings in Montgomery.

This evening, the San Andreas Sheriff's Department were notified of a bomb threat by multiple sources, including Free Eagle's Lulu Woodard. A series of clues, transmitted over a radio interruption in Flint County, lead few to be informed of the threat which later proved to be true.

One of these clues was an image, sent to Lulu's phone. Whilst it's not been confirmed what this image represents, it was suggested these may have been the targeted areas, a theory later proved incorrect.

The encrypted image, sent to Lulu Woodard

The San Andreas Sheriff's Department rallied Deputies together and acted in unison to evacuate and secure Montgomery, credit being owed to the visibly stable SWAT division, lead this evening by Officer in Charge, Noah Arnett. Their efforts saved the lives of many as reported casualities are minimal.

At 16:36 the first bomb went off, destroying the San Andreas News Network HQ. Further bombs exploded at the Splish Splash Spa and Southern Montgomery Trailers. One of the four bombs, found at Inside Track Betting, was successfully diffused.

Although the motive behind these bombings is unclear, it's apparent that this is the start of a bigger issue at hand.

Free Eagle spoke to newly appointed Sheriff, Deacon Bohannon:


Earlier today the Sheriff's Office was informed by a courts investigator by the name of Benjamin Serda, he informed the Sheriff's office about a possible bombing in Montgomery. In response to this credible threat a task-force headed up by Master Sergeant Bo Trixie was dispatched to begin investigating this threat. This mix of SWAT and CIU followed up on leads, leading them to an apartment in Palomino where they discovered evidence of such a plot. Soon after we were led to Montgomery after a phone call came in. The Sheriff's Office dispatched several K9's and EOD units to search for bombs, while the Serda and myself looked over evidence for possible spots that may of had bombs. Unfortunately three of the four bombs went off. One of the bombs was found and defused by SACSO's EOD team. Fortunately, SACSO managed to evacuate Montgomery before anyone could be hurt by the bombs. The interdepartmental work with FD and the Courts Investigators was beyond fantastic, because of this, the whole situation concluded with no deaths and only two injuries. The Sheriff's Department is currently pursuing the capture and arrest of MacBo Cameron for Domestic Terrorism.

Sheriff Deacon Bohannon
SACSO would like to urge witnesses to any suspicious activities to contact them on 911, any information would be gratefully received and could help to prevent further attacks.


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