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12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - Day Six - Write a Christmas Poem Competition

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - Day Six - Write a Christmas Poem Competition



December 18th, 2017

Write a Christmas Poem Competition
By Deputy Sheriff III Elise Aitchison & SAWS President Harriet Starborn  #512

The San Andreas Sheriff's Office have teamed up with the newly formed San Andreas Writers' Society for our next competition in which you have to write the best Christmas poem!

Your poem can be about anything to do with Christmas - the crisp snow underneath your feet; coming home to a sizzling fire after a long winters' walk; eagerly opening your presents on Christmas morning - the possibilities are endless. The poem can be as long or as short as you like and may follow any format. 

Once you're happy with your poem, please email it, along with your name, to with the subject "Day Six - Write a Christmas Poem Competition". The San Andreas Writers' society will be responsible for choosing the best poem, the writer of which will take home $100,000.

Happy writing!



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