Internships Available at San Andreas News Network | SAN Network

Internships Available at San Andreas News Network | SAN Network

Internships Available at San Andreas News Network
By Pippa Ashworth • Published 10th February 2018

San Andreas News Network has undergone a considerable amount of changes lately, one of the many being the Internship program - which is currently hiring!

It has now become easier to get your foot onto a new career path, in fact, you can become a fully fledged Junior Reporter in just 5* (*excluding the application) steps. SANN's new leadership have introduced an improved training scheme meaning that with the support of supervisory staff you could be stepping into your new job in less than a month!

An example of the new training scheme

As well as improvements to recruitment, SAN Network would like to introduce three key opportunities:

SAN Feed
SAN Feed is a new and modern take on the entertainment industry. Taking inspiration from the articles you often see on social media, SAN Feed aims to provide a quick and easy reading that'll make you smile and often feel a little nostalgic. With articles such as "10 Things You'll Remember If...", this new idea adds a personal touch not only for the writer but for the reader too.

Events Growth
With SAN Network's new CEO coming from an events background, it's only logical that events would become a forefront in the upcoming months. Easter is fast approaching and with other ideas on the horizon, you can expect big things heading to San Andreas.

Staff Bonuses
It's only fair that people who put in so much effort should receive a reward for their work. That's why SANN will be looking to encourage excellent productivity through bonus schemes and intra-company competitions. ((For example, we currently have a competition ongoing to win up to $750k for great media contribution!))

Why not give something new a try? Apply today!

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