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Fuel Delivery Leads to Blaze at Montgomery Gas | SAN Network

Fuel Delivery Leads to Blaze at Montgomery Gas 
By Lydia Ashworth • Published 7th April 2018
A fire broke out, this afternoon, at Montgomery Gas.

The San Andreas Investigation Bureau, joined by San Andreas News Network, were the first on scene, acting quickly to secure the scene whilst the Red County Fire Department were called. SAIB member, Graham Tasker, was relentless in his quest to keep civilians in the area safe, whilst FD simply wished death upon a news reporter.

It is believed that a truck about to deliver fuel to the gas station caused the blaze, crashing into the pumps most likely at speed. The driver of the vehicle was rushed to Crippen Memorial where it's understood that he is in critical condition. An additional casualty was taken to hospital.

Although the blaze was eventually tackled, the Deputy Chief himself was heard referring to the scene as a "f****** mess."

It is not yet known how the driver veered into the gas station, however SAN Network will bring you more updates as they become available.
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Written by Lydia Ashworth (Posted by Novi) | Created On Sunday 8th of April 2018 at 01:06:50 PM


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