Server Issue [22/04/14]

Server Issue [22/04/14]

Hello there,

Everyone who is attempting to connect to our San Andreas Multiplayer sever is having issues connecting, due to an illegal character that was accidently submitted into the San Andreas State Police's Mobile Data Computer (MDC). The only two people who can currently fully restart the server are TommyB and fr0st however due to conflicting timezones, they are both unavailable. The second that either of them become available I will notify them and attempt to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. I will update this topic with updates as they are made apparent to me. I apologize for any inconvenience caused and politely request that you bear with us.

Please refrain from making topics regarding this issue.

On behalf of the Red County Roleplay Administration Team.


EDIT: The server has been restarted, all is well!

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Server back up! [4/1/2014]

Server back up! [4/1/2014]

You can now connect to our SA-MP server


The server was down due to a log-in problem which is now fixed. While that was being fixed, we decided to update the server with a hotfix completed by Booth for all the 2.0a bugs. We're hoping everything is fixed in this hotfix, but if bugs still remain on the server, please report them.

Bugs fixed -

  • Fixed multiple bugs within the holster system, some exploits as well.
  • Fixed a bug where /bcase hide would not remove the briefcase from your hands.
  • Fixed various bugs throughout the SASP MDC.
  • Fixed a bug where all skins were available at the locals only.
  • Fixed a bug where people would get auto-jailed for saying IC words.
  • Fixed a bug where FD couldn't get rid of equipped items.
  • Fixed a bug where achievements wouldn't display properly.
  • Fixed a bug where the business owner's name would display when entering.
  • Fixed a bug with /vest not removing.
  • Fixed a bug where prisoners in DoC would spawn at their homes.
  • Fixed a bug with /fish at the PC bay.
  • Fixed a bug where two lines would tell you your total balance when getting PayDay.
  • Fixed a bug where level 4 donators would have to pay for fuel.
  • Fixed the bug where "ERROR" would be appearing for vehicle names.
  • Fixed a bug where /contacts would not display the numbers properly.


Server Changelog -

Report a bug -

Contact Support -

Thanks for the patience. 

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