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Wednesday, 13th September 2017

Written by Sergeant II Elmo Volker | #212


187 Montgomery Kings

Following on from an operation a few months ago we are able to finally announce the dissipation of a well know gang within the Montgomery area know as 187 Montgomery Kings, for months they've been a burden on the once peaceful town turning it into a crime ridden area with frequent shootouts. The Operation labelled Dissaray was aimed at taking down key members and hopefully tackling them once and for all, the operation was lablled a sucess as seen in this previous press release. As current Director of the Detective Bureau I would like to lend a special thankyou to all of the Detectives and Intelligence Officers who helped with the investigation, I would also like to extend that thankyou to former Lieutenant Colonel Danny Remington for his consistant support throughout.
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September 10th, 2017

Written by Corporal Hailie Ray | #475


It is the time of the season where many of the Academy Students of the San Andreas State Police have completed their training program and so shall stand with honor at graduation. These are the students of Academy batch #43. The students' names are as follows:
Probationary Trooper → State Trooper
  • Robert Pittman
    Mikey Thames
    Joshua Matthews
    Jackson Rose
    Henry Chapman
    Dawn McLaughlin
    David Winchester
    Cristiano Veronese
    Brandon Cole
    Andre Thompson
    Adam Jameson
    Jessica Eastwood

Probationary Trooper → Trooper First Class
  • Dianne Lopez

The ceremony was greeted by the Colonel of the San Andreas State Police Mark Cambridge, Major Jake Anderson and Major James Fitzpatrick. The Colonel's opening statement:
"On August 11th 2017 - 27 Civillians turned up to our training facility a nervous wreck in Blackfield. They couldn't tell if they were standing straight and had no idea what would come up in the next four weeks. They came as individuals, they leave today as a group, Serving under our motto; Protect with Courage - to Serve with Compassion.

Today Batch #43 have 16 remaining who have fully completed the recruitment and training process.
And they are here today to announce to their family, friends, and colleagues one thing. They have done it. They are today, going to be State Troopers. Four weeks of sacrifice and dedication - and have achieved their goals from day one. Before we acknowledge future State Troopers, we spend some time during this ceremony to commemorate our own fallen heroes.

The Troopers of many ranks, ages and ethnicities were then read out in last rites as The Fallen. These were the Troopers that gave their lives in the line of duty to protect another. The Colonel had recited a poem in honor of The Fallen:
Their motto was to protect and to serve, but I wonder today who would have had their nerve.
You can sleep tonight, we lost one of the brave, How many more lives could this officer have saved?
But our fears came true, with just two words.
"Officer Down" is what we heard.
We lost one of our finest, we lost one of the brave.
To stop fear or harm from coming your way.
The apartment building was burning out of control.
The child on the third floor, doomed to be a lost soul.
Until one hero gave his life for this little friend, one life was saved and one life died.
Before it's too late to show our hero's your heart, A call to say thank you would make a great start.
Tell them we need them before it's too late, we never say it until they meet their fate.
Where would we be without heroes like these?
Those that give willingly without being asked please.
Thank you heroes, both alive and passed on.
For without you all, security would be good.

Lest we forget.
State Trooper Dianne Lopez, Highest Achiever in the Training Stage, giving her speech.

The Students were then called upon to stand before the stage in rows to speak The Oath to be sworn into the State Police as dedicated Troopers.
"I, a member of the San Andreas State Police, subscribe in word and deed to the following:
To serve the United States of America and the State of San Andreas honestly, and conscientiously; and fulfill my oath as a soldier of the law;
To uphold and maintain the honor and integrity of the San Andreas State Police;
Be loyal to my fellow Troopers; respect and obey my seniors in rank; and enforce the law without fear, favor, or discrimination;
Assist those in peril or distress, and, if necessary, lay down my life rather than swerve from the path of duty;
My personal conduct shall at all times be above reproach and I will never knowingly commit any act that will in any way bring discredit upon the San Andreas State Police or any member thereof;
To all of this I do solemnly pledge my sacred honor as a Trooper of the San Andreas State Police."

The San Andreas State Police Oath

At every graduation ceremony, there are a certain number of Troopers that performed above the standards set in the State Police and thus received an award Ribbon to be worn on their uniform in recognition for their achievements. The Students that recieved these awards are as follows:
Exceptional Probationary:

Mikey Thames

Highest Achiever:

Dianne Lopez

Most Improved Probationary:

Joshua Matthews
Dianne Lopez receiving her award.
Mikey Thames receiving his award.
Joshua Matthews receiving his award.

To conclude the Academy batch, the statistics for all applications are as follows:
Total Applications: 56

Accepted applicants: 27
Denied applicants: 29

Total applicants that passed the exam and made it to Probationary stage: 21
Total number of Probationary Troopers that completed their training: 16

Probationary troopers were asked about how they found their experience in training and, their statements are as follows:
"One of the most experiencing, informational, and guiding ranks of them all has to be that of the Probationary Trooper. Going through the Field Training Reports and knocking off different events that took place during a patrol, one by one, was one of the most funnest parts of the rank.

As a Probationary Trooper, I felt very open to ask questions because of the wonderful administration and felt so welcomed in continuing forth my career efforts as a San Andreas State Police Trooper. Everyday I would come on duty along with a Trooper, gladly patrolling and monitoring the State of San Andreas.

Anyone who is looking to join the next batch you will need to remember just one thing, "Never Give Up." During the Probationary Stage you need to keep your head high, striving down the road to success whilst paving a new set of road to go down. Every inch you take, foot by foot down the Ceremony Hall, you will not regret one bit and all that will matter then, is that you made it to the end of what you were seeking."

Probationary Joshua Matt
"Since I have joined the San Andreas State Police, I had to go alot throught and obtain more knowledge about the duties and how it performs, should be done correctly. I found out this Academy greatful and useful for me atleast, I had the chance to be San Andreas State Police, and I finally did it correctly and properly, but bad thing is that we had to wait for one hour plus for a partner to take us on our ridealong, everything else went perfect for me!"

Probationary Trooper Cristiano Veronese
"I believe that the whole recruitment and field training process of the San Andreas State Police was a seriously challenging experience for every student and, of course, probationary trooper within the 43rd batch."

Probationary Trooper Dianne Lopez
"It's always fantastic to see new people join the department; starting as an Academy Student and working their way through the ranks. As always, Academy Batch #43 gave us some excellent new Troopers who I have been incredibly proud of throughout the whole Academy process.

Although the academy is challenging, each and every new Trooper faced it with the determination to succeed and that's been proven through the award winners and outstanding exam grades.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the Training and Recruitment Unit, to whom I am grateful for their hard work throughout the course of this batch and every batch before.

Congratulations to Academy Batch #43, I wish you the best of luck for your future within the San Andreas State Police."

Major James Fitzpatrick

Public Affairs on behalf of The State Police congratulates those who graduated today and wishes the best of luck to them in the field.

Image Email: [email protected]
Image Phone: To get in touch, call the Public Affairs office on 911. ((Put non emergency in the dialog))
Image Write: Send your letters to Public Affairs Office, Dillimore Police Department, Dillimore, Red County.
This has been an official release from the Public Affairs Division,
San Andreas State Police.

© Copyright 2017 - San Andreas State Police.
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Written by ((Meyick))

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SASP Employee Newsletter August 2017

Written by Danny


Dear Employees,

A bit later than first planned, however we have finally got this released. We were given some news from possibly one of the best High Command members the Department has seen. Lieutenant Colonel Danny Remington has announced that he will be stepping down from this position to focus on another career. In this, we wish him the best of luck and hope it goes as he planned.

We've had a great month and another great batch - our 911 response rate has increased, we're trialling new systems and the Sergeants team is the best that it has been in a long time. The progress made in only one month is amazing, and we really need to keep this going.

We're coming to the end of this Academy batch, and feel like the Probationaries have been absolutely outstanding so far and really hope that they continue this into their careers. We'll be announcing a careers day for the Probationary Troopers who are moving forward so that they can look to their next move in their career in Law Enforcement.

High Command Team


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