Help RC-RP stay alive by donating!

Although we operate a subscription modal on our premium levels (1, 2, and 3), you will be required to manually renew your subscription each month. You will receive an email 7 days, 5 days and then 2 days prior to your donator level expiring to remind you to renew it. We opted to not allow recurring PayPal payments to ensure that users have to re-donate each month and do not have money taken from their account without their authorisation each time.

Donator vehicles and additional character slots are purchased as a one off and do not expire. Where as premium levels will expire 1 month from the day you donate.

Level 1 - $5 (Monthly)

Donator PayDay: A bonus of $1,500 and 3 XP points each PayDay.
Access to the donator usergroup, hidden forum and Discord role. (Account linking required)
Own 750 furniture objects.
After /getjob and /quitjob, your job spam timer will always be 0, allowing you to swap jobs easily.
All your side job spam timers will be halved after completing any job.
The ability to place an additional actor in any business you may own.
You can use /redeempremiumnumber to change your phone number. (First payment only)

Level 2 - $10 (Monthly)

Donator PayDay: A bonus of $2,250 and 4 XP points each PayDay.
The ability to buy vehicles at a 10% discount from vehicle dealerships.
Own 1000 furniture objects.
Two free levels towards in-game level or for weapon skill per MA. (First payment only)
50% off all your adverts fee (private and regular adverts).
The ability to place two additional actors in any business you may own.
One additional week for inactive property wipe.

Level 3 - $15 (Monthly)

Donator PayDay: A bonus of $3,000 and 5 XP points each PayDay.
Own 2000 furniture objects.
Three free levels towards in-game level or for weapon skill per MA. (First payment only)
Free adverts (private and regular adverts).
Free fuel at all gas stations.
The ability to place three additional actors in any business you may own.
Two additional weeks for inactive property wipe.
A namechange of your Master Account and forum account. (1 year cooldown)

Additional Character Slot (One off) - $20

Please login to donate.

Donator Vehicle (One off) - $30

This package gives players a vehicle which can be changed to most valid vehicle models in the game, including a few restricted vehicle models such as the FCR-900, Bullet, Infernus and more. Note: any premium vehicles that already exist will only be able to be changed with a valid premium subscription.

Please login to donate.

All monetary donations are non refundable and are non transferable between player accounts. All donations will be processed in USD ($) and all perks will be rewarded after the donation has been confirmed. Monetary donations may only be made via PayPal. If you attempt to reverse a donation then a claim will be filed and your Master Account will be permanently banned. These terms may change at any time without notice.

Having donated to the server gives you no special treatment. You are not excluded from the server's rules and being a donator does not give you any more rights when you get yourself banned from our service.

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