County Radio: Reporter Caught In Firearm Sting!

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Reporter Caught In Firearm Sting
Published and edited by County Radio on 24th June 2017

  • SAN Network reporter Ms. Harriet Starborn caught up in firearm sting.
  • County Radio receives anonymous tip-off.
  • Law enforcement has been notified and are currently investigating further.

Friday evening, County Radio received an annoymous telephone tip-off regarding an on going firearm trade in Los Santos. Our reporters scrambled to the scene and were able to witness a firearm trade that had already been set in motion between a white masked male and SAN Network's very own Ms. Harriet Starborn. County Radio is able to confirm at the time of publishing the identity of the white female by her vehicle's registration plate 'HARRIET' that linked back to the State Police's Mobile Data Computer (MDC) database as Ms. Harriet Starborn of SAN Network.

It is believed that seven firearms were exchanged throughout the deal. The weapon trade changed location and vehicles throughout the evening where our reporter followed at distance. Law enforcement had already been notified and were in contact with County Radio throughout, which soon lead to a full investigation in which State Police were able to apprehend Ms. Starborn who was seen using a SAN Network vehicle to store firearms.

State Police Official Statement [sic]:

So, it was early in the morning, around 7:10 AM, as two detectives asked me to assist them as they've managed to get a trace onto Miss Starborns cellular device, upon finding out her current location at the time was Hampton Barns, we reported on scene, upon tracking her position again, she was in Fort Carson, as I was making my rounds around said town, I noticed a SAN News Van lurking around the Hempshire View apartments, obviously, I inform the detectives I was assisting, but I kept driving, as they moved in from the Northern side, I moved in from the Western side, boxing the Van in, she complies, stepping out of the car, upon further inspection, the San News van was packed with several firearms, including: 1x Desert Eagle 2x MP5 1x AK-47 1x Mac-10 1x Silenced Pistol, all of which have been stored into our locker.

SAN Network has not yet released any official statement surrounding the illegal activities of their member of staff and the use of their company vehicles to store firearms. It is believed that SAN Network will be investigated via the State Police to eradicate any corporate involvement to Ms. Starborn's activities.


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Argent Aerospace

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Written by Yassin







New High Command Team Placement
Today the Red County Fire Department High Command Team bring exciting news. We have welcomed a new Battalion Chief, Jesus Montes. He is a long time serving employee of this Fire Department and we all believe he greatly deserves this promotion. We interviewed him and this is his response:


I believe changes comes with time and not just throughout the night. There will be changes to the way we run things here. Quality of services and activity of our employees is at the top of my to-do list. Chief McMillian and I believe the department can only move forward from here. We understand that we will face obstacles throughout our journey, although only time will tell. We will be ready for your call, and we will always be there when needed. Thank you.


New Division Directors
         Along with the new High Command Team Placement, we introduce all new Division Directors:

  • Jacob Greenhill as the new Community Relations Director
  • Bjorn Olsen as the new Recruitment and Training Director
  • Erling Riiser as the new Search and Rescue Director
  • Joseph Taylor as the new Arson Task Force Director

With the change in leadership for all these divisions, we hope to bring great change in how the department operates. So congratulations to everyone listed above. There has been change introducing different ways recruitment for the department works. We hope to improve the proficiency of the department and how it all works and fits together. We appreciate all the support over the last-..Continue this article here.

Jacob Greenhill,
Community Relations Director

Red County Fire Department

This has been an official release from the Community Relations Division, Red County Fire Department. Published by JACOB GREENHILL and authorised by JACOB GREENHILL. All information is trusted to be correct, however the Red County Fire Department are not responsible for any mistakes in information within this release.
©Copyright 2017 - Community Relations Office, Red County Fire Department, Station 11, Palomino Creek, Red County.



[CONTEST] SAN Network | An Architect's Paradise

Written by Yassin

An Architect's Paradise

By Harriet Starborn · Published June 18, 2017 · SAN Network

San Andreas has always been full of the most amazing architects, with many faces becoming quite familiar. We have always been known for hosting some of the best furnished houses with outstanding designs being deployed and implemented into all kinds of houses. It comes as no surprise that a house with a dull exterior in San Andreas can look ridiculously amazing on the inside, but just how far can the people of San Andreas really go with their amazing houses?

We are going to be hosting a contest to find out what some of the most amazingly furnished houses in Red County look like. The rules of the contest are as follows:

1. Anybody can enter the contest.
2. The house that you enter the contest with must be your own.
3. Only the visible portions of the house will be accepted, no secret rooms, etc.
4. You must be willing to potentially have your house showcased in an article.
5. The house must be fully furnished.
And that is it!

The contest will run until June 23rd, 2017. Prize sums will be given out to the top three contestants, all other worthy houses will be displayed in the article. To enter the contest, go here.

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