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Dillimore Sheriff's Office Arson
By Pippa Ashworth • Published 4th March 2018

In what shocked many, Dillimore Sheriff's Office was ablaze this evening, 4th March. With the roads surrounding the area closed off promptly, members of the Red County Fire Department fought tirelessly to ensure the blaze was put out without endangering any of the working Deputies.

Although the exact source of the fire is, at this moment, unknown, it's believed that the fire was started intentionally and any witnesses are urged to contact 911 with any information they can provide. In the meantime, Fire Investigators will be conducting a full investigation into the cause of the blaze.

Deputy Mark Jonesy stated: "We believe it's an arson. Although we cannot disclose any more information as it's an ongoing investigation." whilst Deputy Pierre Dubois said "I'm just worried that there are people trapped inside."

Whilst everyone was accounted for, Lieutenant Anthony Roberts was taken to hospital following smoke inhalation. San Andreas News Network wish him the very best.

To further the earlier statement, if you have any information as to what happened please call 911 and dial for the Sheriff's Office.

Update, 5th March 2018
In the past few minutes, it's been revealed that the San Andreas Investigation Bureau have major leads into the person or people responsible for the fire. Their public relations division have released the following statement, exclusive to SAN Network.

We can now reveal that two arrests have been made in relation to yesterdays fire. Investigations are still ongoing and we have multiple leads that we're following, however we are working closely with San Andreas County Sheriff's Office to ensure our investigation is concluded and the culprit apprehended within the next few days.

If you have any information that may help us, please contact the San Andreas Investigation Bureau or San Andreas County Sheriff's Office on 911.
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RCFD | February Newsletter

Written by RCFD (Posted by Yassin)

Departmental Newsletter
February 2018


Welcome to March. The month of February has seen many changes to the department with an influx of students into our Academy, the addition of a volunteer system, the addition of an ambulance crew system, event supervision being made to the public and a mass removal of members who fail to show dedication to the department. The department has undergone multiple changes, however, we've pulled through with a successful month that we can be proud of. We've managed to gain a few reinstatements of previous employees and induct a few employees that have displayed brilliance within the Fire Officers team, all of which are making significant progress and helping to maintain a stable department and allow the consistent output of quality services. The month of February has been one to be proud of, and we can't wait to pull through March and achieve a similar outcome, if not better.



We've achieved six new additions to our line-up of apparatus; three medical motorcycles and three medical bicycles. These will be used in coordination with our new event supervision service to allow events hosted by the public to be handled with extreme swiftness and efficiency. Furthermore, they'll be utilized by our Community Relations division to allow for their events to be fully supervised by experienced and qualified medical staff without the need for a bulky Rescue Ambulance or Fly Car. All six vehicles are equipped with BLS equipment to allow for the quickest medical care possible. This will allow for the stabilisation of patients to the fullest extent until further medical assistance arrives, however events are unlikely to need further medical assistance unless extreme injuries are acquired, which further develops the efficiency of these vehicles.



The quality of our medical and firefighting services is extremely important to myself and the entirety of the supervisory team of the department. We want our public to feel safe and secure in the hands of our EMTs. As of late, it has come to my attention that the public [b]do not[/b] feel as though the Fire Department do an appropriate job when on scenes and treating those who are in dire need. I can state with great pleasure that the quality of our medical services are of only the highest and most knowledgeable quality within the state. Our medical services teach for every single possible situation; midwifery, intraosseous drug administration, cricothyrotomy, intravenous drug administration, rapid sequence intubation, chest needle decompression (primary spontaneous pneumothorax, secondary spontaneous pneumothorax, catamenial pneumothorax, traumatic pneumothorax, iatrogenic pneumothorax, tension pneumothorax, etc.), intramuscular drug administration, advanced airway management and more. We also teach proper medical terminology that advances beyond any previous versions of the department to inform our employees of the full extent of their necessary medical training; sinus tachycardia and bradycardia, sinus arrest, atrial and ventricular fibrillation, paroxsymal supraventricular tachycardia, eupnea, bradypnea, apnea, dyspnea, hyperpnea, hyperinflation, pulseless electrical activity, trepopnea, ponopnea, acute respiratory distress syndrome, myocardial infarction, cardiac arrest, congestive heart failure, pulmonary embolism, etc. I hope the quality of our services is fortified in the minds of the public within the next month so that the extensive training that each of our employees go through does not go unnoticed and unnecessary, however it brings me a slight sense of joy that our employees haven't had to utilise such advanced treatment; this means that the general health of the public is increasing and harsher conditions that require such extensive treatment is not necessary.


In the recent months, RCFD has been notably lower than the community seems to need. To help combat this issue we have been increasing our attempts at community outreach and even began a new "Volunteer" system that allows members of the Red County community to help us when we need it. The activity, recently, has been growing more and more due to a recent rise in accepted applications. We always strive to help our community when they need it most, and we are always striving for improvement in activity. Along with recruitment outreach, our internal activity of divisions has also been slightly revamped to increase the productivity and deployments of divisions. Since the date of 01FEB18, we have left only 4 911 calls unaccounted for, and 3 of those calls were believed to be hoax calls due to the triangulation of the location of the call as well as the reported location of that call along with the withholding of information and the name of the caller.



Our recent efforts in applications have proven benifical as we went through a period of time where we saw an increase in applications by over 450% in a one week timeframe. We are currently see a "better-than-ever" rise in community interest with our department. Our recruitment process has an average of 8 hours for responding to applictions as well as completing the next steps of our recruitment process hand-in-hand with each other to eliminate the delay to the hiring process.

Our R&T team holds great pride in stating our recent batches of academy students are being held to an even higher standard required to pass our academy stage. We have decided as a group that our recent lack in knowledge within previous NCO teams needed to be addressed, and where better to start than our very own academy. Since the change, we are extremely happy to report that our NCO team and probationary members show great potential in exceeding our standard expectations.



Recently, the Red County Fire Department decided to invest in refurbishing the current rescue ambulances in order to make them:

  • More sterile;
  • More in line with traditional EMS colors for aesthetic ease;
  • More equipped;
  • More spacious;
  • More fashionable; and
  • More efficient.

Our investment returned excellent results, with each of our units being fitted up with a clean and sleek new design to allow all of our patients to experience the most comfortable form of transport to hospital. The design comes with an easy turquoise color and comes fitted with a stretcher, two benches, compartments for EMS apparatus and a built-in ECG (Lifepak) which allows for EMTs or Paramedics to provide treatment throughout transport for the optimal stabilisation in pre-hospital care. This addition clocked the department around $429,999 per unit, totalling at $4,299,990 for the entirety of our fleet to be remodelled.

(( This interior can be accessed by pressing Y or using /enter whilst inside of the ambulance. You can then exit the interior with H or /exit. The purpose of this interior is to allow members of the faction to roleplay with you during transport, as well as to fit more than two people into the back of the ambulance and to allow for a much more aesthetic and immersive transportation. ))

Hopefully you won't have to take a ride in the back of an ambulance anytime soon but, if you do, at least your transportation will be more pleasant due to our investment.




During the month of February, the Fire Department received a substantial amount of reinstatement requests compared to other months. Overall, the department received [b]sixteen[/b] reinstatement requests, fifteen of which were successful or are still pending. Out of those fifteen successful reinstatement requests, three of them were offered & reinstated into Fire Officer positions within the department. This, combined with the immense amount of applications received during the month, has resulted in a massive boost to the amount of people employed by the Red County Fire Department to assist the public. Zeke Swiger, our new Battalion Chief, was reinstated as a Fire Captain. Caroline Shay, who is no longer in the department, and Jamie Cole both also reinstated as Fire Lieutenant and Fire Captain respectively. Meanwhile, the others were offered positions ranging from Probationary Firefighter up to Firefighter II. This increase in employment surely shows a bright future ahead, as people have been noticing the vast improvement within the department and wish to return to their duties.




Late February, an Event Supervision system was implemented by Fire Chief Richard Bleakley. Supervised and handled entirely by the Community Relations division, this program allows members of the public and other organizations to request the Fire Department to oversee any events they may be planning, such as marathons or races. The Community Relations division will dispatch assigned EMTs and Paramedics to the event on specialized units chosen for the specific type of event to be able to provide rapid medical care to anyone who requires it on scene without having to wait for a bulky Rescue Ambulance to arrive first. This allows for quick assistance provided by the Fire Department who're already on scene. Implemented only a few days ago, we've already received a request for an event to be supervised and the Community Relations division is handling it. Hopefully medical care won't have to be provided, but if it does, we'll be ready!




Employee of the Month

The Employee of the Month award is granted to those who show extreme dedication and initiative for the department to the point where it is noticed by the Fire Officers and Chief Fire Officers, going completely above and beyond the line of duty in their service to the public. For the month of February, the award has been given to Amanda Carter. Throughout the month of February, Amanda Carter has shown nothing but excellence during her time in the department, with countless staying online for hours at a time when nobody else is online to assist her and yet still powering through every call she can with exceptional performance.

Exceptional Probationary Award

The Exceptional Probationary award is granted to those who display tremendous amounts of dedication to the department and show it in the field and have overall incredible performance during their probationary period. For the month of February, the award has been given to:

  • Dylan Brooks
  • Amanda Carter
  • Tanaquil Snow

Throughout their probationary period, these three have displayed great dedication to the department and treated countless patients, often being forced to patrol alone due to the lack of available units and still performing well without people to guide them on patrol. Therefore, they have all three been granted the Exceptional Probationary award.



I've decided to implement an Ambulance Crew system. Similar to our company system, this allows our EMTs to make use of our newly refurbished ambulances and patrol with three or four members of the department for excellent medical scene coverage and friendship development within the department. This allows for members to consistently patrol with the same people day-in and day-out, allowing them to enjoy their shift a lot more with their friends and provide exemplary teamwork due to the already-formed bonds of all occupants of a singular ambulance crew. Hopefully, this will provide an incentive to come on-duty a lot more, but if that doesn't then perhaps incentives regarding rewards for optimal and high-quality ambulance crews would allow for an incentive to form such a crew. You'll likely find an ambulance with a few members, often one paramedic with the rest being EMTs, patrolling and looking to help the public in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Be sure to interact with our employees to learn a little more about our department, we're guaranteed to be friendly and comforting to the people we serve.



Demolition Derby - Blueberry Acres on Feb 28th!

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Red County Roleplay
SA-MP Gamemode
Version 3.0?









Wait, what? You mean... 2.6, right? I AM SO CONFUSED! WHERE IS MY 2.6?!?


You heard it right — Welcome to Red County Roleplay Version 3.0! With 116 lines of changelog, this is, by far, the largest gamemode update to ever come on the server. It overtakes Version 2.4's 78 lines; Version 2.2's 72 lines; and Version 2.1's 70 lines. Version 3.0 features a handful of new features, with the most-anticipated drug system being the main highlight of this update.




As anticipated, the server pushes the latest SA-MP update to its potential with the implementation of 132 customized models, 74 being pedestrian skin models.



























Go to this thread for more information.

















SA-MP 0.3.DL

RC-RP Version 3.0 comes with San Andreas Multiplayer's latest branch release — SA-MP 0.3.DL. You will need to update your SA-MP client with said version in order to connect to the server.



0.3.DL features a major game-changing update to San Andreas Multiplayer, with serverside model importing being the main highlight of this update. It carries all the features implemented during the development of the now-defunct SA-MP 0.3.8 (RC1 to RC4-4). Refer to this link for the changelog.






You can download SA-MP 0.3.DL-R1 client here.?

















Character Selection Screen





















Drug System





















Rockshore Town





















Customized Models








m9Radio Joins SAN Network | SAN Network

Written by Beth (Posted by Yassin)

m9Radio Joins SAN Network
By Pippa Ashworth  Published 21st February 2018

In a merger reportedly worth $1,000,000, SAN Network has today merged with the local radio station, m9Radio.

"Founded by Sean Murphy in late 2014 m9Radio was set-up as a company to provide equipment for DJ Montell, however, it exploded when Daniel Evans took on the role of special guest DJ in January leading a crowd of around 35 people to dance on the streets of Montgomery."

Returning a radio aspect to SAN Network is just part of the networks' plans to modernize their services. Combined with their hunt to purchase nightclub premises, SANN plan to cover all aspects of the entertainment industry. 

In talks with m9Radio, plans were mentioned for the provision of personal radio streams; regular club openings and other constant expansion.

m9Radio's founder, Sean Murphy, said the following

I don't make formal statements, and this isn't going to be any different. We've said 'f*** it' and merged with SAN. Why? Easy. More power. SAN Network has always been that straight shooter of a company that was afraid to have fun. Thanks to a new company director it is about to change. m9Radio is going to bring some fun back to the county and SAN is going to help us.
We hope you enjoy the talk shows, banter, and usual shenanigans that will happen over the next 9000 years.
All the best,
m9Radio's own DJDDoS

Both organizations hope this to be mutually beneficial and look forward to working together for a better network!

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February 11, 2018

By Deputy Sheriff III Jeffrey Ricketts • #274

Academy Batch #3 Graduation - © SANN CEO Pippa Ashworth

It is that time of the season again. For the first time in the year 2018, the graduation ceremony for Academy Batch #03 was held in the Ceremony Hall of Dillimore Sheriff’s Office. These Deputy Sheriff Generalists, who endured some of the most intense and lengthy forms of training, succeeded in their formal welcoming as full-time deputy sheriff’s within the San Andreas County Sheriff’s Office. From 5 January to 16 January, the Recruitment and Training Unit received a total of 51 applications. Whilst a select few of these applications fell under the were duplicates, a total of 41 separate applicants had applied. Out of the said number, 23 applicants had actually succeeded in making it to the academic stage. Only 16 of these academy students were able to take and pass their exams, where they were forwarded to the Field Training Stage on January 25. Only 12 of these academy students were able to meet expectations and endure the high set standards, with those who sat the Field Training Exam achieving majority success, with a positive pass rate of 92.3%.

FTU Graduation Statistics - © Captain Christopher Kenway

Before proceeding to the ins and outs of the graduation ceremony, although a significant amount of Generalists were unable to attend the ceremony, we would like to congratulate the following deputies in their push to progress through serving their community and State, as they are now serving within our ranks! 

Congratulations to:

  • Arthur Henderson
  • Peyton Blonde
  • Jonathan Donaldson
  • Sebastian King
  • Oliver Moareno
  • Joseph Corey
  • Franklin Prinz
  • Esteban Herrera
  • Henry Greene
  • Jason Auclair
  • Vanessa Dean
  • John McDowall
  • Jason Radley

The ceremony took off at 4:00 this afternoon, with spectators settling themselves into the seats at the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office's ceremony hall. The Generalists were marched in under the command of Lead Detective Claude Fowler over to the front of the ceremony hall, where they were placed in order before handing over the spotlight to Captain Christopher Kenway. The Captain took us through the entire academic process, creating somewhat of a story as to how the Generalists ended up where they are now, and highlighting the obstacles they faced they were able to overcome.

Following on from this, the microphone was passed over to Sheriff Deacon Bohannon, who expressed nothing besides pure delight and gratification in his speech. In his speech, he thanked all those who attended the ceremony, seeming very pleased by the fact that the graduation ceremony was not delayed due to uncontrollable emergencies, which consequently delayed the previous graduation of Academy Batch #2 by one hour and thirty minutes. Bohannon proceeded to reflect upon the future of the department, and particularly the role that the graduating Generalists play in preserving the integrity and showing dedication in the department. And most importantly, letting them know that now is the start of a long and opportunity-filled experience.

Bohannon delivering his speech - © SANN CEO Pippa Ashworth

Coming after the speech was the special awards. As per usual, a total of three awards were awarded to three Generalists based on their score in the academic exam, exceptional performance, and most improvement on the field. Congratulations on their achievement, the list goes as follows:

High Achiever Award - Jason Auclair

Exceptional Generalist Award - Peyton Blonde

Most Improved Generalist Award - Henry Greene

Auclair receiving his award - © SANN CEO Pippa Ashworth

After the special awards were handed out, the graduates repeated the oath after Sheriff Bohannon, formally swearing themselves in as law enforcement officers within the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office. The oath is as follows:

I, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States; and the Constitution of the State of San Andreas, against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States and the Consitution of the State of San Andreas; that I take this obligation freely. Without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which I am about to enter, as a Deputy of the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office, so help me God.

Generalists repeat the Oath - © SANN CEO Pippa Ashworth

After the reciting of the oath, the crowd applauded the recent graduates in their success, wishing them good luck in their journey ahead of them.


After exiting the ceremony hall, Deputy Richard Hill was able to obtain a few statements from our recent graduates Sebastian King, John McDowall, and Jason Auclair, to get their opinion on how they found their time and what they look forward to in serving the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office.


As always, we wish to thank everyone for attending the Graduation Ceremony and for showing their support to not only the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office, but also the recent graduates themselves. We look forward to seeing them in the field and hope that in the next batch, we will see nothing besides the high levels of commitment seen in that of Academy Batch #03.





Public Affairs Office
San Andreas County Sheriff's Office
Crest Road, Dillimore
[email protected]
[email protected]
911  Non-Emergency


[3/5] 'Nice Buns' | SAN Network

Written by Dom. (Posted by Yassin)

'Nice Buns' Review
By Lilliana Nakajima  Published 10th of February 2018

'Nice Buns', a snug breakfast shop tucked away in a quiet area of Montgomery.
Overall Rating: ♦♦♦♦

Atmosphere: ♦♦♦♦♦
The atmosphere of this restaurant is absolutely amazing. Quiet, homely, and safe. Five stars for this aspect.

Service: ♦♦♦♦♦
The service I received was very good and did not take too long. However, the shop was quite busy and there was only one person working the counter. He had to work the register as well as make the orders. Hire some more help!

Quality: ♦♦♦♦♦
The home-brewed coffee and homemade donuts were simply divine. The quality of the products makes this little restaurant a perfect place to stop for a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning before heading off to work.

Aesthetic: ♦♦♦♦♦
The building, unfortunately, looks too chain restaurant-like. I think that a uniquely-designed interior would attract more customers, as well as attract more potential employees who would enjoy working in a unique atmosphere.

Organisation: ♦♦♦♦♦
Despite how obviously understaffed the restaurant was when I came in, the one person behind the counter was very organized. The restaurant is very clean and everything seems to be in just the right place.

Location: ♦♦♦♦♦
Montgomery. Not very much to be said about this town. Despite being in such a controversial town, it's tucked away in a quiet corner of the town not very frequented. Because of this, it seems to be a safe, desirable locale.

Detail: ♦♦♦♦
I really didn't see much in the way of detail. There's no artwork, no photography, no fitting music. This can be improved.

Entertainment: ♦♦♦♦
There was no entertainment.

Copyright © San Andreas News Network 1959 - 2018


Internships Available at San Andreas News Network | SAN Network

Written by Beth (Posted by Yassin)

Internships Available at San Andreas News Network
By Pippa Ashworth • Published 10th February 2018

San Andreas News Network has undergone a considerable amount of changes lately, one of the many being the Internship program - which is currently hiring!

It has now become easier to get your foot onto a new career path, in fact, you can become a fully fledged Junior Reporter in just 5* (*excluding the application) steps. SANN's new leadership have introduced an improved training scheme meaning that with the support of supervisory staff you could be stepping into your new job in less than a month!

An example of the new training scheme

As well as improvements to recruitment, SAN Network would like to introduce three key opportunities:

SAN Feed
SAN Feed is a new and modern take on the entertainment industry. Taking inspiration from the articles you often see on social media, SAN Feed aims to provide a quick and easy reading that'll make you smile and often feel a little nostalgic. With articles such as "10 Things You'll Remember If...", this new idea adds a personal touch not only for the writer but for the reader too.

Events Growth
With SAN Network's new CEO coming from an events background, it's only logical that events would become a forefront in the upcoming months. Easter is fast approaching and with other ideas on the horizon, you can expect big things heading to San Andreas.

Staff Bonuses
It's only fair that people who put in so much effort should receive a reward for their work. That's why SANN will be looking to encourage excellent productivity through bonus schemes and intra-company competitions. ((For example, we currently have a competition ongoing to win up to $750k for great media contribution!))

Why not give something new a try? Apply today!

Copyright © San Andreas News Network 1959 - 2018

All Change for SAN Network | SAN Network

Written by Beth (Posted by Yassin)

All Change for SAN Network
By Pippa Ashworth • Published 7th February 2018

San Andreas' longest-serving news agency has received a complete overhaul in the past few days, including the introduction of a new management team. In a decision made by the network's board of directors, previous CEO Tyrell Price was amicably removed in order to push the organization into a new and improved direction. 

The boards' replacement of choice, Pippa Ashworth, has already stepped in with new branding; resources and a wave of plans in just two days. Joined by ex-Free Eagle Co-Owner Lulu Woodard, the pair have also succeeded in a merger with the San Andreas Writers' Society, hiring their Vice President as Network Manager.

Miss Ashworth released the following statement.

SAN Network is definitely going to be a challenge, but one I'm excited to be a part of. As I've recently moved to San Andreas, I thoroughly look forward to meeting new people as part of this transition, especially further getting to know the current employees of SANN.

Personally coming from an events background, I will be implementing more initiatives and events for the local community as well as working closely with the team to continue producing quality content.

With the networks profits up by just short of $4,000,000 since their succession, it'd appear to be all systems go for the new executive team.

The network aims to keep you informed of their new plans and sincerely hope you notice a visible improvement. SAN Network staff would also like to thank you for your continued support.

Do you wish to embark on a new career path? SAN Network is now hiring! Click here for more information.

Copyright © San Andreas News Network 1959 - 2018

SAN Network CEO Loses Court Battle

Written by Beth (Posted by Yassin)


SAN Network CEO Loses Court Battle

By Elena Green • 05/01/18 


SAN Network CEO Tyrell Price has found himself in deep water today following the conclusion of a long-standing court case, began by himself, against charges placed on him by the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office.

Represented by equally controversial lawyer Sarah McOnelly and John Thever, a colleague and ex-colleague of Price's respectively, the case was launched against the charges "§221.000: Obstruction of Justice - Non-Traffic Misdemeanor"; "§208.000: Failure to Comply - Non-Traffic Misdemeanor"; and "§114.000: Reckless Driving - Traffic Law" placed on Price on 22nd November 2017. 

The charges came to fruition when Mr. Price joined a SACSO pursuit, deeming it "news-worthy". It was claimed that "he, therefore, started to follow the pursuit in a safe and responsible manner, constantly remaining behind the pursuit line and allowing for any Deputy to pass him and to get in front of him" - a claim proved incorrect by strong supporting evidence from a recently deceased Deputy.

A video was presented to the court by Mr. Deacon Bohannon, representing his own department, showing the ex-San Andreas State Police Lieutenant tailing the pursuit, even getting into the pursuit line himself. Requests made by Deputies for Mr. Price to pull over were ignored and a sub-pursuit ensued.

All charges were ruled by Chief Justice King as valid and thus upheld.

With a network run by the girlfriend of a drug dealer and a convicted ex-law enforcement officer, is the San Andreas News Network really a source worth trusting?

© Free Eagle, 2018



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