Demolition Derby - Blueberry Acres on Feb 28th!

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Red County Roleplay
SA-MP Gamemode
Version 3.0?









Wait, what? You mean... 2.6, right? I AM SO CONFUSED! WHERE IS MY 2.6?!?


You heard it right — Welcome to Red County Roleplay Version 3.0! With 116 lines of changelog, this is, by far, the largest gamemode update to ever come on the server. It overtakes Version 2.4's 78 lines; Version 2.2's 72 lines; and Version 2.1's 70 lines. Version 3.0 features a handful of new features, with the most-anticipated drug system being the main highlight of this update.




As anticipated, the server pushes the latest SA-MP update to its potential with the implementation of 132 customized models, 74 being pedestrian skin models.



























Go to this thread for more information.

















SA-MP 0.3.DL

RC-RP Version 3.0 comes with San Andreas Multiplayer's latest branch release — SA-MP 0.3.DL. You will need to update your SA-MP client with said version in order to connect to the server.



0.3.DL features a major game-changing update to San Andreas Multiplayer, with serverside model importing being the main highlight of this update. It carries all the features implemented during the development of the now-defunct SA-MP 0.3.8 (RC1 to RC4-4). Refer to this link for the changelog.






You can download SA-MP 0.3.DL-R1 client here.?

















Character Selection Screen





















Drug System





















Rockshore Town





















Customized Models








m9Radio Joins SAN Network | SAN Network

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m9Radio Joins SAN Network
By Pippa Ashworth  Published 21st February 2018

In a merger reportedly worth $1,000,000, SAN Network has today merged with the local radio station, m9Radio.

"Founded by Sean Murphy in late 2014 m9Radio was set-up as a company to provide equipment for DJ Montell, however, it exploded when Daniel Evans took on the role of special guest DJ in January leading a crowd of around 35 people to dance on the streets of Montgomery."

Returning a radio aspect to SAN Network is just part of the networks' plans to modernize their services. Combined with their hunt to purchase nightclub premises, SANN plan to cover all aspects of the entertainment industry. 

In talks with m9Radio, plans were mentioned for the provision of personal radio streams; regular club openings and other constant expansion.

m9Radio's founder, Sean Murphy, said the following

I don't make formal statements, and this isn't going to be any different. We've said 'f*** it' and merged with SAN. Why? Easy. More power. SAN Network has always been that straight shooter of a company that was afraid to have fun. Thanks to a new company director it is about to change. m9Radio is going to bring some fun back to the county and SAN is going to help us.
We hope you enjoy the talk shows, banter, and usual shenanigans that will happen over the next 9000 years.
All the best,
m9Radio's own DJDDoS

Both organizations hope this to be mutually beneficial and look forward to working together for a better network!

Copyright © San Andreas News Network 1959 - 2018


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February 11, 2018

By Deputy Sheriff III Jeffrey Ricketts • #274

Academy Batch #3 Graduation - © SANN CEO Pippa Ashworth

It is that time of the season again. For the first time in the year 2018, the graduation ceremony for Academy Batch #03 was held in the Ceremony Hall of Dillimore Sheriff’s Office. These Deputy Sheriff Generalists, who endured some of the most intense and lengthy forms of training, succeeded in their formal welcoming as full-time deputy sheriff’s within the San Andreas County Sheriff’s Office. From 5 January to 16 January, the Recruitment and Training Unit received a total of 51 applications. Whilst a select few of these applications fell under the were duplicates, a total of 41 separate applicants had applied. Out of the said number, 23 applicants had actually succeeded in making it to the academic stage. Only 16 of these academy students were able to take and pass their exams, where they were forwarded to the Field Training Stage on January 25. Only 12 of these academy students were able to meet expectations and endure the high set standards, with those who sat the Field Training Exam achieving majority success, with a positive pass rate of 92.3%.

FTU Graduation Statistics - © Captain Christopher Kenway

Before proceeding to the ins and outs of the graduation ceremony, although a significant amount of Generalists were unable to attend the ceremony, we would like to congratulate the following deputies in their push to progress through serving their community and State, as they are now serving within our ranks! 

Congratulations to:

  • Arthur Henderson
  • Peyton Blonde
  • Jonathan Donaldson
  • Sebastian King
  • Oliver Moareno
  • Joseph Corey
  • Franklin Prinz
  • Esteban Herrera
  • Henry Greene
  • Jason Auclair
  • Vanessa Dean
  • John McDowall
  • Jason Radley

The ceremony took off at 4:00 this afternoon, with spectators settling themselves into the seats at the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office's ceremony hall. The Generalists were marched in under the command of Lead Detective Claude Fowler over to the front of the ceremony hall, where they were placed in order before handing over the spotlight to Captain Christopher Kenway. The Captain took us through the entire academic process, creating somewhat of a story as to how the Generalists ended up where they are now, and highlighting the obstacles they faced they were able to overcome.

Following on from this, the microphone was passed over to Sheriff Deacon Bohannon, who expressed nothing besides pure delight and gratification in his speech. In his speech, he thanked all those who attended the ceremony, seeming very pleased by the fact that the graduation ceremony was not delayed due to uncontrollable emergencies, which consequently delayed the previous graduation of Academy Batch #2 by one hour and thirty minutes. Bohannon proceeded to reflect upon the future of the department, and particularly the role that the graduating Generalists play in preserving the integrity and showing dedication in the department. And most importantly, letting them know that now is the start of a long and opportunity-filled experience.

Bohannon delivering his speech - © SANN CEO Pippa Ashworth

Coming after the speech was the special awards. As per usual, a total of three awards were awarded to three Generalists based on their score in the academic exam, exceptional performance, and most improvement on the field. Congratulations on their achievement, the list goes as follows:

High Achiever Award - Jason Auclair

Exceptional Generalist Award - Peyton Blonde

Most Improved Generalist Award - Henry Greene

Auclair receiving his award - © SANN CEO Pippa Ashworth

After the special awards were handed out, the graduates repeated the oath after Sheriff Bohannon, formally swearing themselves in as law enforcement officers within the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office. The oath is as follows:

I, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States; and the Constitution of the State of San Andreas, against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States and the Consitution of the State of San Andreas; that I take this obligation freely. Without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which I am about to enter, as a Deputy of the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office, so help me God.

Generalists repeat the Oath - © SANN CEO Pippa Ashworth

After the reciting of the oath, the crowd applauded the recent graduates in their success, wishing them good luck in their journey ahead of them.


After exiting the ceremony hall, Deputy Richard Hill was able to obtain a few statements from our recent graduates Sebastian King, John McDowall, and Jason Auclair, to get their opinion on how they found their time and what they look forward to in serving the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office.


As always, we wish to thank everyone for attending the Graduation Ceremony and for showing their support to not only the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office, but also the recent graduates themselves. We look forward to seeing them in the field and hope that in the next batch, we will see nothing besides the high levels of commitment seen in that of Academy Batch #03.





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San Andreas County Sheriff's Office
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