Official statement in response to "Reporter Caught In Firearm Sting"

Written by Yassin

Recently SAN Network has come under scrutiny following an article published by 'County Radio' claiming that one of SAN Network's reporters was caught harboring firearms in a news van. Due to the uncertainty of the facts and discrepancies between timelines, SAN Network decided not to make any official statement until the details of the incident had been fully uncovered, and all information could be taken not on the balance of probability, but for facts. County Radio did not state any concrete sources when initially publishing their article and as of releasing this statement (06/26/2017) the article has not been updated with any sources. As the only other 'evidence' presented in the article consists of images that do not prove or in any way back up the information presented, we instinctively question the legitimacy and sincerity of the content.

Following an internal investigation we can now prove that the alleged suspect of these criminal activities who is also a reporter at SAN Network, Harriet Starborn, has not been charged with any offenses following these events and does not face any pending charges. With the consent of Harriet Starborn we can now release a copy of the her criminal record document as kept by the San Andreas State Police as evidence of this. The document has been redacted to remove information about specific charges to protect Starborn's privacy, but the dates are enough to prove that Starborn has not been charged with any offenses at all following Friday evening, when the events took place according the article published by County Radio.

We are also aware that some have voiced opinions about our standards, more specifically our standards when it comes to the criminal history of our reporters. We condemn all types of crimes and those who commit these crimes - and we have a strict policy cornering it internally - but we also believe that people should be given multiple chances. Many organizations and companies would never consider hiring a person who has a history of committing any felony charges, but we believe that even some of these individuals should be given a chance as their criminal history is not the only thing defining their character. Naturally this does not mean that we do not terminate our contract with any employees that receive serious charges during their period of employment.

Hopefully this clears a few things up and answers to the concerns that some had about San Andreas News Network.

Brian Johnsson
Chief Executive Officer, San Andreas News Network


County Radio: Reporter Caught In Firearm Sting!

Written by Yassin


Reporter Caught In Firearm Sting
Published and edited by County Radio on 24th June 2017

  • SAN Network reporter Ms. Harriet Starborn caught up in firearm sting.
  • County Radio receives anonymous tip-off.
  • Law enforcement has been notified and are currently investigating further.

Friday evening, County Radio received an annoymous telephone tip-off regarding an on going firearm trade in Los Santos. Our reporters scrambled to the scene and were able to witness a firearm trade that had already been set in motion between a white masked male and SAN Network's very own Ms. Harriet Starborn. County Radio is able to confirm at the time of publishing the identity of the white female by her vehicle's registration plate 'HARRIET' that linked back to the State Police's Mobile Data Computer (MDC) database as Ms. Harriet Starborn of SAN Network.

It is believed that seven firearms were exchanged throughout the deal. The weapon trade changed location and vehicles throughout the evening where our reporter followed at distance. Law enforcement had already been notified and were in contact with County Radio throughout, which soon lead to a full investigation in which State Police were able to apprehend Ms. Starborn who was seen using a SAN Network vehicle to store firearms.

State Police Official Statement [sic]:

So, it was early in the morning, around 7:10 AM, as two detectives asked me to assist them as they've managed to get a trace onto Miss Starborns cellular device, upon finding out her current location at the time was Hampton Barns, we reported on scene, upon tracking her position again, she was in Fort Carson, as I was making my rounds around said town, I noticed a SAN News Van lurking around the Hempshire View apartments, obviously, I inform the detectives I was assisting, but I kept driving, as they moved in from the Northern side, I moved in from the Western side, boxing the Van in, she complies, stepping out of the car, upon further inspection, the San News van was packed with several firearms, including: 1x Desert Eagle 2x MP5 1x AK-47 1x Mac-10 1x Silenced Pistol, all of which have been stored into our locker.

SAN Network has not yet released any official statement surrounding the illegal activities of their member of staff and the use of their company vehicles to store firearms. It is believed that SAN Network will be investigated via the State Police to eradicate any corporate involvement to Ms. Starborn's activities.


County Radio has the right to delete any pornographic material, inappropriate or offensive comments, including content without prior warning.

Argent Aerospace

Written by Yassin


Written by Yassin







New High Command Team Placement
Today the Red County Fire Department High Command Team bring exciting news. We have welcomed a new Battalion Chief, Jesus Montes. He is a long time serving employee of this Fire Department and we all believe he greatly deserves this promotion. We interviewed him and this is his response:


I believe changes comes with time and not just throughout the night. There will be changes to the way we run things here. Quality of services and activity of our employees is at the top of my to-do list. Chief McMillian and I believe the department can only move forward from here. We understand that we will face obstacles throughout our journey, although only time will tell. We will be ready for your call, and we will always be there when needed. Thank you.


New Division Directors
         Along with the new High Command Team Placement, we introduce all new Division Directors:

  • Jacob Greenhill as the new Community Relations Director
  • Bjorn Olsen as the new Recruitment and Training Director
  • Erling Riiser as the new Search and Rescue Director
  • Joseph Taylor as the new Arson Task Force Director

With the change in leadership for all these divisions, we hope to bring great change in how the department operates. So congratulations to everyone listed above. There has been change introducing different ways recruitment for the department works. We hope to improve the proficiency of the department and how it all works and fits together. We appreciate all the support over the last-..Continue this article here.

Jacob Greenhill,
Community Relations Director

Red County Fire Department

This has been an official release from the Community Relations Division, Red County Fire Department. Published by JACOB GREENHILL and authorised by JACOB GREENHILL. All information is trusted to be correct, however the Red County Fire Department are not responsible for any mistakes in information within this release.
©Copyright 2017 - Community Relations Office, Red County Fire Department, Station 11, Palomino Creek, Red County.



[CONTEST] SAN Network | An Architect's Paradise

Written by Yassin

An Architect's Paradise

By Harriet Starborn · Published June 18, 2017 · SAN Network

San Andreas has always been full of the most amazing architects, with many faces becoming quite familiar. We have always been known for hosting some of the best furnished houses with outstanding designs being deployed and implemented into all kinds of houses. It comes as no surprise that a house with a dull exterior in San Andreas can look ridiculously amazing on the inside, but just how far can the people of San Andreas really go with their amazing houses?

We are going to be hosting a contest to find out what some of the most amazingly furnished houses in Red County look like. The rules of the contest are as follows:

1. Anybody can enter the contest.
2. The house that you enter the contest with must be your own.
3. Only the visible portions of the house will be accepted, no secret rooms, etc.
4. You must be willing to potentially have your house showcased in an article.
5. The house must be fully furnished.
And that is it!

The contest will run until June 23rd, 2017. Prize sums will be given out to the top three contestants, all other worthy houses will be displayed in the article. To enter the contest, go here.

Copyright © San Andreas News Network 1959-2017

Press Release #199 - Colonel's Speech

Written by Danny


Master Trooper Jeffrey Ricketts,
Representative in Training

Speech by the Colonel - © Corporal SiT Elena Green
On 15 January 2017 at 7:00 PM, Colonel Mark Cambridge issued a glorifying public statement outside Dillimore Police Department, following a successful bust in the area of Bluff Drive, Palomino Creek, carried out in an attempt to put an end to gang violence in the area. In addition to this, those who organized the bust operation were rewarded and heavily praised for their determined and well-planned thinking. This was soon followed by a Q&A from the Colonel, assisted by the Deputy Director of Public Affairs, Corporal SiT Elena Green, where numerous questions were asked regarding the bust as well as the State Police in general.

The public statement began, with the Colonel along with the present High Command members exiting the lobby, presenting themselves to the crowd before briefly introducing himself. He began informing the public of a somewhat surprising yet successful bust at a house on Bluff Drive, coordinated by no one other than the State Police Detective Bureau. In response to the high rising crime rate in Palomino Creek, an investigation as well as raid was carried out in the Bluff Drive area of Palomino Creek. The raid was successful, with no casualties being taken from either side. Cambridge took this as a decisive victory for the SASP, quoting the seizure report, all of which were taken from the single gang in Palomino Creek.


  • Desert Eagle: 14
  • Shotgun: 4
  • Micro-Uzi: 21
  • MP5: 7
  • AK47: 2
  • M4: 1


  • Marijuana & Cocaine: 600g

In reward for his outstanding effort in organizing as well as executing this triumphant operation, the Colonel awarded Detective Sergeant Michael Eastman nothing other than the Colonel's award! In addition to this, Eastman was immediately installed as the new Director of the State Police Detective Bureau, as well as placed back into his former position of Corporal. Congratulations to Eastman for the outstanding work he has done for the community!

Eastman being awarded - © Corporal SiT Elena Green

Colonel's Award

This award is given to a Trooper specifically chosen by the Colonel of the San Andreas State Police. One of the hardest ribbons to achieve, those who possess this have shown outstanding effort and service to the Department and assisted in many Divisions and Units.

Before returning back to our normal duties, we managed to catch a statement from both the Colonel Mark Cambridge and now SPDB Director Michael Eastman.

Mark Cambridge wrote:

This is a landmark bust for the San Andreas State Police, and the State itself. It's one of the largest busts which we have seen from our own Department, and in Palomino itself. At the recent Crime Committee conference with the Governer and a select few representatives, they highlighted in particular that the crime rate in Palomino was not good enough. Therefore, it has been a concentration for our ESU Patrols and our investigatory teams.

These are the results that we are looking for as we look to improve the crime accross the County. This sends a strong, clear message towards every gang and family in San Andreas. We're watching, and we will be making moves as times goes on.


Michael Eastman wrote:

Firstly I'd like to thank the State Troopers who supported the Detective Bureau during tonight's search warrant that was conducted on a premise in eastern Palomino Creek, I'd also like to extend that thank you to the members of the Emergency Services Unit who were in attendance as our main tactical unit. Collectively as a department all those who were involved worked well together, we were swift and effective in the approach, entry and secure stages with an all round good result. This goes to show that we are starting to get a handle on the crime that has been plaguing Palomino and the wider County, I can safely say there will be more instances such as this one in the near future.

After Eastman was applauded, the Colonel stayed behind for a Q&A session, with the assistance of Green. The public were able to ask appropriate questions to the Colonel, face to face, with direct answers. Unfortunately, two males were forcibly removed from the session in response to provocatively denouncing the Colonel. Despite this, we were still able to gather a few questions, the important ones regarding the future in particular.

In regards to the issues surrounding graffiti: "Why has SP not done anything about the plague of graffiti around town?"

Mark Cambridge wrote:

Fantastic question sir, I appreciate the question. We aren't responsible for the clean up of the graffiti, however we are going to be looking at setting up some form of task force for dealing with the prevention of graffiti. A form of "payback" was suggested by a Trooper, allowing minor criminals to clean up as a community payback.

Regarding the issues surrounding the reliability of law enforcement: "How come the State Police are getting killed EVERYDAY?"

Mark Cambridge wrote:

Your question is very broad and it's a very difficult question to address. We are continually operating on the streets and investigating groups of street gangs and families to address the ongoing issues and we are seeing improvements across all towns.

Another question regarding the issues the reliability of law enforcement: "People are getting gunned down in Montgomery. What are you gonna do about that? "

Mark Cambridge wrote:

Part one thank you for asking that question, as I was in a Crime Committee today with the Governor. He highlighted specifically Montgomery as a target, and it is something we are going to increase the amount of tactical patrols in the area.

The public showing up - © Corporal SiT Elena Green

To sum up, we would like to thank everyone who attended for the public statement. We, the San Andreas State Police, try our best to fulfill our motto To protect with courage, to serve with compassion. Clearly we have seen this from the outcome of the operation, as well as from the public statement given by Colonel Cambridge. Again, congratulations to now Corporal and Director of SPDB Michael Eastman on his success as well as promotions. We wish you all a great day and will continue to help protect the streets of San Andreas, from the windswept fields of Flint County to the barren deserts of Bone County.


Image Email: [email protected]
Image Phone: To get in touch, call the Public Affairs office on 911. ((Put non emergency in the dialog))
Image Write: Send your letters to Public Affairs Office, Dillimore Police Department, Dillimore, Red County.


This has been an official release from the Public Affairs Division,
San Andreas State Police.
©Copyright 2017 - San Andreas State Police.


Congratulations to SASP Batch #42!

Written by Yassin

Congratulations to SASP - Batch #42!
Published and edited by Mercedes Montana for County Radio on 11th June 2017

  • 16 new SASP hopefuls successfully passed their graduation.
  • A fantastic turnout from Red County residents showed their support.
  • First ever graduation ceremony to be held in the Dillimore Police Department Ceremony Hall.

It has been no secret that our County Radio journalists love a ceremony just as much as the next person and this evening was no different as County Radio attended our 4th consecutive Academy with the State Police. Residents from across Red County attended the graduation ceremony for Batch #42 which took place for the very first time inside the Dillimore Police Department. Batch 42 consisted of 16 brand new hopefuls who have proven their own outstanding ability to perform on and off of the field, which is what the San Andreas State Police is all about.

On April 15th the San Andreas State Police saw their batch #41 of recruits join their department, but today saw a brand new batch of hopefuls to join the prestigious State Police ranks. Colonel Mark Cambridge was present at the graduation as he kick-started the ceremony in front of a packed out audience.

Colonel Mark Cambridge took to the stage.

Transcript - Colonel Mark Cambridge [sic]:
"Thanks a lot for coming along to Academy Graduation #42. I see faces here who attend these regularly, and you know how lengthy they can be. So I appreciate the turnout. Alright moving on, my colleagues, and civilians we serve. I am delighted to stand before you today, still having the privilege of hosting this ceremony. Every few months we gather to celebrate the graduation of a new batch of Law Enforcement Officers. Batch 42 is no different, nor has the standards they have shown been different than those previous."

Before official proceedings were able to start, Colonel Mark Cambridge began with a one minute silence to honor those who had fallen during their service within the State Police.


Read more of this article here.


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SASP Perform Successful Weapons Bust

Written by Yassin


San Andreas State Police Perform Successful Weapons Bust
Published and edited by Mercedes Montana for County Radio on 8th June 2017


  • San Andreas State Police conducted successful weapon bust yesterday evening.
  • A total of six lethal weapons removed from the streets.
  • Weapon dealer fatally wounded during bust.

Late yesterday evening reports came in regarding a successful weapons bust by the San Andreas State Police. The individual who was targetted will remain anonymous while further investigations continue but the weapons dealer was known to police.

The San Andreas State Police have worked tirelessly to ensure that illegal firearms and substances remain off our streets and yesterday was no exception when a large amount of firearms were recovered. The Operation took place with intelligence that had been provided from an ex-Aperture Agent. The arrest and seizure reportedly took place at Aldea Malvada with Operatives from both State Police Detective Bureau and the Strategic Response Unit.

The following was seized, and safely removed from the street;

  • 1x AK47
  • 3x Micro-Uzi
  • 1x MP5
  • 1x TEC-9

The State Police have confirmed that the suspect was gunned down, suffering fatal injuries after officers approached him. The suspect proceeded to withdraw his own firearm which has since been reported to be an assault rifle, before killing one Trooper. The suspect was shot immediately and killed upon sight. No further injuries had taken place. As far as the State Police are aware, the weapons dealer was a lone dealer, and his entire cache was seized after the successful bust.

County Radio would like to thank the San Andreas State Police for their correspondence and information provided within this article.

County Radio has the right to delete any pornographic material, inappropriate or offensive comments, including content without prior warning.

Station 11 Fire & Grill Barbecue

Written by Yassin

Station 11 Fire & Grill Barbecue
Published and edited by Mercedes Montana for County Radio on 5th June 2017

  • Red County Fire Department hosts public barbecue.
  • Music, grilled food and basketball available.
  • Chief Duncan McMillan said to be planning for more events for the public.

With summer well on its way the Red County Fire Department surprised local residents with a public barbecue that saw the likes of Potato and Caesar salads, French fries, burgers, hotdogs, barbecue ribs and much more tantalizing foods. The barbecue was the brain child of Mr. William Jackson, a member of the Fire Department who could be spotted hard at work maintaining the grill.

Fire Department Chief Duncan McMillan was available to comment on the event during a publically broadcasted interview with SAN Network, "we planned it to be only between us, the FD members, but we decided it to make it public" Chief McMillan began, "we were cooking burgers and hotdogs outside".

When asked about the possibility of any possible future events from the Fire Department Chief McMillan had this to say, "definitely, we are planning for more events". Chief McMillan kept his cards close to his chest as he didn't disclose many clues as to what these public events may be, but judging by the quality of today's barbecue, County Radio is certainly confident that they will be a success. Nevertheless, the only clue that Chief McMillan may have let slip is his public request for a business property, "right now the Fire Department is looking for a place to set up like a Bar, if you are selling one or you are in look for a trade please do not hesitate to contact me on my personal number [omitted]!"

In recent months the Red County Fire Department has been loosely criticized for its management and performance but Chief McMillan was keen to debunk a lot of the hearsay around the County, "Right now the activity has increased significantly, but we are still working on the Recruitment part" he began, "[we are looking to] increase the number of employees and also increase the quality of our services and the response".

The Red County Fire Department has recently announced its public introduction to their up and coming station, Station 12, which will be situated in Bone County. Station 12 will be home to their Special Operations Division and is located at the Fort Carson Medical Center. For more information on The Red County Fire Department's Station 12, click to visit their Press Release #68.





County Radio has the right to delete any pornographic material, inappropriate or offensive comments, including content without prior warning.

SASP Employee Newsletter May 2017

Written by Danny


Dear Employees,

This month, our entire Department would like to take the first opportunity to send our condolences and thoughts to all of those who have families and friends over in the United Kingdom - who has suffered two horrific acts of terror over the past two weeks.

Together - we're working as a force to ensure that the citizens of our State feel protected and safe during these dangerous, and alarming times. Scenes of attacks, shootings and bombings on our own streets are becoming far too familiar and we as a force are lucky we have not had to deal with suck attacks as of yet.

Moving forward we need to ensure that we promote the public to be vigilante in these times. This is a huge international operation which is way above our level - however the repercussions of such operations are being seen on the streets of our own Counties and Towns.

We need to make sure our public have a trust in us, and as such, will be developing a new threat level system - moving us away from the Department of Homeland Security alert system. This will be announced public in the coming days.

High Command Team.


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