SAN Network CEO Loses Court Battle

Written by Beth (Posted by Yassin)


SAN Network CEO Loses Court Battle

By Elena Green • 05/01/18 


SAN Network CEO Tyrell Price has found himself in deep water today following the conclusion of a long-standing court case, began by himself, against charges placed on him by the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office.

Represented by equally controversial lawyer Sarah McOnelly and John Thever, a colleague and ex-colleague of Price's respectively, the case was launched against the charges "§221.000: Obstruction of Justice - Non-Traffic Misdemeanor"; "§208.000: Failure to Comply - Non-Traffic Misdemeanor"; and "§114.000: Reckless Driving - Traffic Law" placed on Price on 22nd November 2017. 

The charges came to fruition when Mr. Price joined a SACSO pursuit, deeming it "news-worthy". It was claimed that "he, therefore, started to follow the pursuit in a safe and responsible manner, constantly remaining behind the pursuit line and allowing for any Deputy to pass him and to get in front of him" - a claim proved incorrect by strong supporting evidence from a recently deceased Deputy.

A video was presented to the court by Mr. Deacon Bohannon, representing his own department, showing the ex-San Andreas State Police Lieutenant tailing the pursuit, even getting into the pursuit line himself. Requests made by Deputies for Mr. Price to pull over were ignored and a sub-pursuit ensued.

All charges were ruled by Chief Justice King as valid and thus upheld.

With a network run by the girlfriend of a drug dealer and a convicted ex-law enforcement officer, is the San Andreas News Network really a source worth trusting?

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Merry Christmas from SAN Network!

Written by Scarletti (Posted by Yassin)

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Christmas is around the corner, and New Year's Eve just right on the doorstep coming. The time of year has come where we forget all our sadness, demises, worries and celebrate in joy, rightness, enjoyment and fun.
From home to home, and heart to heart, from one place to another, the warmth and joy of Christmas, brings us closer to each other. And the celebrations and enjoyment we do have at this week, is not something to miss of! 
This new year comes with lots of happiness and love with unfolded hands. 
Have had worries with your past year? This is the new start-off for your life, a road which will have it's ups and downs, but how you confront and change yourselves according to, is needed.
We all had our worries and step-down moments, some bright, some dark;some cherishing, some demising but it's the inner self that made us stand till far, and we've seen the year end like an envelope, coming in with open letter and departing with a closed one.
One has rightly said, time flies off by and things change-by, we change ourselves, our basis of understanding but let's think of the day today and not the past. Let's keep the inside of ourselves same and do the little fun of making us enjoyed and better as one chapter of our life ends. It's new year coming. 

Christmas is not a time or a state of mind but the real spirit of Christmas lies in cherishing peace and bringing good will. To be plenteous in mercy, is the real spirit of Christmas.
Just thinking of this things, will be born a savior and real-person in us, which will shine a star and send it's ever-lasting gleam of hope to all.

We all can do a bit of ourselves, let's bring out something from us on this Christmas. 

Let's provide forgiveness to our enemy,
tolerance to an opponent,
a Heart to one's friend,
Service to customer,
Charity to all,
A good example to child and,
Respect to yourself

No matter whatever is happening around the world, let's celebrate happiness and love. Let’s take a toast of new year’s happily wishes which are still awaiting to come true.

We, at SAN Network, hope that the spirit of Christmas brings you peace, gladness of Christmas gives you hope and the warmth of Christmas grants you love.
Wish you and your family a very happy new year which is full of love. Let’s take a toast of love and togetherness.




RCFD - Join a Career of Heroism Today!

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