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The Royal Charity Virgo Giveaway
Jenna K. Hulscher

The Royal Trust Fund

The Royal Trust Fund is a young charity organization helping many residents of the state of San Andreas back onto their feet financially, along with assisting in schooling and healthcare. It's founder, Emma Royal, partnered with the San Andreas News Network in an effort to spread the word of charity drives and giveaways. By this, the organization hoped to achieve a greater public awareness of their cause and generous services to poverty-stricken individuals.

On August 16th, The Royal Trust Fund announced a giveaway of a Virgo to the neediest plea. Within a short while, a small assembly of poverty-stricken individuals made their way to the event outside the Fort Carson Cluckin' Bell. Before the giveaway was fully initiated, as well, the organization received a heart-felt anonymous donation of $40,000 for the cause.

Once the giveaway had begun, each individual explained their reasoning for their need for the car and/or the pecuniary charity. After Ms. Royal considered everyone's pleas, she came to her conclusion, gladly signing off the Virgo to the winner. Alongside this. a total of $60,000 - $20,000 to each selected recipient - Ms. Royal paying the last $20,000 out of her own pocket in a gracious display of character.


State Police Donation

Once the generosity starts - it's hard to stop! Just shortly after the event, Superintendent Evans of the San Andreas State Police donated a shocking $250,000 on the behalf of the department to The Royal Trust Fund. As proud service men and women of the public, the State Police donated in an effort to help prevent those of lower financial classes from turning to crime to help pay the bills by proving they still have an honest chance in life to make someone out of themselves! This generous donation will be used to assist anyone in need of financial assistance, may it be to pay hospital bills or keep the heat on for their family. The Royal Trust Fund is, needless to say, very grateful of the generous donation by State Police.


Superintendent Evans poses with Ms. Royal with the generous donation on the behalf of the San Andreas State Police.

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Elite Trucking Newsletter - April- July 2016



When myself and Michael Novak took over the company our main goal was stability. We did not care about numbers or profit, we just want San Andreas to get a consistent service from start to finish. This was not going to be an easy task, and we are still working on ensuring we do so. We've been keen on new blood and have been concentrating on recruitment as we want people to better their lives. If you're a hard worker who is keen to learn you will always be welcome at Elite Trucking. The past few months have not been easy with sickness and unpaid leave on the rise, which has also affected the Management team - this has made it much harder to get deliveries out on time but it's something we have worked extremely hard on. Remember, if you need a delivery you can always give us a call after your order has been processed.


Previous management dating back to 2014 have always had a minimalist approach to the staffing at Elite Trucking, but we're different. Without trying to sound too much like an English MP, we want to create more jobs for more hard working people within the county and if you're a hard worker then you are welcome. Our initial aim was to hire twenty more people in to the business, we now have over thirty employees. We are now San Andreas' biggest employer in the private sector, a fantastic achievement. We will be closing recruitment in the next couple of days whilst we have our quarterly performance reviews and then we will begin the hiring process once again. If you submit your application and recruitment closes before you've completed the process then you will still receive your interview and practical test.

Until next quarter,

Michael Meyrick
Vice President, Elite Trucking here to read more.

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The San Andreas State Police recruitment opened on the 1st of August for Batch #37, in just one week we have seen one of the largest influx in applicants, making it one of the most competitive recruitment batches in recent months. Due to the large influx amount of applications, we have decided to extend the application deadline until 11:59PM, 11th August, 2016

I'd also like to pass my congratulations to all the applicants who have been successful for the position of cadet, who are eagerly anticipating the Academy sessions, which are to be held as followed:

Session #1 - Friday, 12th August, 2016.
20:00 (UTC +1 / BST) - Session #1
Session # 2 - Saturday, 13th August, 2016.
14:00 (UTC +1 / BST) - Session #2

Recruitment is at a year high, achieving almost double the amount of successful applicants in comparison to this month last year, we'd like to thank all parties involved, including Director of Recruitment Ronnie Moyles, for making Batch #37 run as smooth and as efficiently as possible.

Email: [email protected] (( Click ))
Phone: To get in touch, call the Public Affairs office on 911. ((Put non emergency in the dialog))
Write: Send your letters to Public Affairs Office, Dillimore Police Department, Dillimore, Red County.

Kind regards,
Sergeant Nicole McDonald
Public Affairs Editor

Article authorised by Lieutenant Colonel Vincent Kemp, High Command Team, San Andreas State Police.

Written by Kemp


Monty Park; Red County's Hot Spot
By: Katia Cortez

Montgomery Park, also known as Monty Park is a small public square located in the center of Montgomery here in Red County. Monty Park is hot spot with all members of the Red County community, however today I went out to explore exactly why that is the case. During an interview with one member of the community, Miss.Turner she had this to say, 

"I don't know, I assume [People come to Monty Park] because one person comes here, another one rolls around and they want company, and over time time people gather and mingle, human nature I guess."

Another, instantly recognizable member of the community who goes by the name Herb' he had this to say as well,

"Some people say it's been like this since the eighties; It's where all the new people come when they move to Red County." 

Whether it be the amazing dancing, great music, human nature or just a coincidence one thing is for sure, Montgomery Park's popularity has and will remain high for years to come. A place where all people can come, get along, have fun and make new friends. For SAN News I'm Katia Cortez.

Written by Kemp


SASP Press Release #142 - Safety in Numbers


Another month, another batch of fully-pledged Troopers! This month of August, the San Andreas State Police would like to congratulate the 13 members who struggled through a long and harsh month of constant watch and patrol whilst enduring the pain-staking and life-risking situations. Congratulations to these troopers:

Crux Johnson
Bruce Baxter
Thiago James
Isabella Everett
Bas McCane
Jason Deluca
Rick Hardy
Anthony McKenzie
David Simas
Austin Buckley
Stevi Reynolds
Duncan McMillan
Cameron Gregory.



If you are looking forward to becoming like one of these fully-pledged heroes, then submit your application for the San Andreas State Police today by clicking here.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: To get in touch, call the Public Affairs office on 911. ((Put non emergency in the dialog))
Write: Send your letters to Public Affairs Office, Dillimore Police Department, Dillimore, Red County.

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We've had one of the longest serving High Command members in history leave us due to personal circumstances, as well as seen another High Command member resign at the same time. In normal circumstances it would be difficult to see two of the best workers go, however the infrastructure that this Department has in place dealt with it almost instantly and we managed to recover from the loss and get back to where the Department needs to be.

We've also had radio protocol changes in the last month, as we move to a more modern unit referencing system which makes things easier for Watch Sergeants and other supervisors alike. It will take some getting used to, but knowing how this Department takes changes it will work and it will help us proceed.

The amount of active Troopers patrolling on a daily basis has increased by a drastic amount and we seem to have resolved the lack of staff issue and I would like to thank everyone in the Department for that.

Colonel Mark Cambridge, High Command Team here to read more.

Written by BigD

Legal and Illegal Faction Competition: Summer 2016

Written by Giga

Chief Dies In Fire

Dear Community,

As you are most likely aware, the player base has improved massively within the last months. It is an absolute pleasure to see the hard work of the whole team and community paying off and to see more people enjoy the server. Over the past few months, Tommy and the development team have been working non-stop, providing constant updates to keep improving the server, with the help of Giga's new tester team.

It was mentioned last year that the illegal roleplay on the server was at an all time low, with no one having any interest in creating new roleplay. The development team introduced the weapon crate system as well as a complete rework of the weed system, and the Faction Administration team concentrated on illegal factions, listening to what they needed and now the improvements are clear.

We now need to work on the legal side of things, the lowest peak we have had in the last month was 73 players and with only two legal factions, there is not much to do for a new player. Last year, we ran a competition for the best developed unofficial faction - it was judged on thread appearance, in-game roleplay, screenshots, member count, and originality. This seemed very popular with the community and we saw great factions as a result of this.

In the next three months we are looking to make two legal factions and also an additional illegal faction official. To help encourage you, those factions that get official will be rewarded with $500,000 to spend on anything for the faction.

Fancy getting involved? Here is what you need to do:

  1. Head to the Legal Factions area and check out the rules.
  2. Think of an idea for a faction, and make a cool looking template.
  3. Find some people you enjoy roleplaying with and set up a starting team. We recommend you do not open a faction on your own, it is hard work.
  4. Post your faction thread, we recommend you reserve the second post for media!

If you have any questions regarding the rules, application process, or anything about factions then please feel free to speak to us. We hope you enjoy the competition and we're looking forward to seeing the results!

Best wishes,
Faction Administration

Written by Giga

SASP Public Affairs Seal
Graduation Day

Spring has come, the flowers have bloomed and our probationaries are finally nearing the end of their field training period. It is time to walk those who succeeded through hardship, stress, and teamwork on to the red carpet to become full troopers. This upcoming Sunday, May 1st 2016 at 7 PM (GMT + 0) at the Blackfield College in Las Venturas. This was picked due to the easy setup and access for friends and family.. Several of the department's divisions including Recruitment, Academy, Field Training, and Public Affairs will be organizing this, allowing for maximum attendance from all staff members of the department as well as a high attendance from the members of the public. This event is organized by the High Command Team, Public Affairs and by the members of Training & Recruitment.

Best Regards,

Master Trooper Zachary Rogers
Master Trooper Zachary Rogers
Commander of Public Affairs

Written by Giga

SASP Public Affairs Department Seal

SASP Information Center

There comes a time when being too organized is just not enough. Our fellow High Command introduces to you a new, well-packed information center, including a fine repayment system, an easier weapon licensing system, explorer and ride-along program along with a desk for our recruitment days. These new programs will be run by San Andreas State Police Troopers as well as the Weapons Licensing and Public Affairs subdivisions.

Our new explorer program will help those 'underage (Below 21 years of age) to participate in a fun-packed police experience whilst with a state trooper. They will embark on the quest to visualize what it is to be a police trooper and how to survive on the streets whilst protecting the lives of many others. Also newly introduced is our fine repayment system, allowing all citizens of San Andreas to pay their fines in equal amounts on a weekly basis to decrease the tension on their daily lives, although, this is only available if you have fines totaling over $20,000. More information will be stated about the recruitment days famously known as open houses.

Our current probationary batch for Academy #33 is currently nearing the end with about 7 out of our 17 academy graduates completing their field training exams. Recruitment for the upcoming batch #34 will be opened on April 31st, 2016. We encourage all applicants to await the upcoming date to post their applications. Any eager applicants can always submit a ride-along application to experience the field-work state troopers endure on a daily basis.

The State Police is currently building a civilian program allowing civilians to partake in careers along with the state police, further information will be provided in the upcoming weeks. The Public Affairs Unit is also looking forward to renovating the Montgomery Police Precinct in the upcoming weeks allowing us to best serve the state whilst being in the most popular city.

After consultation with the National Association of Police Organizations, they made us aware that after independent review of the Department, that one of our biggest downfalls is our public systems available on our site. After much Research and Development it was made clear that the lack of an easy to navigate website and public friendly systems was being a massive downfall for the Department.

So after much Research and Development we have the new Information Centre as it is now. It is sleek, efficient and brings the best of the SASP to the public in five simple buttons. It is one of the most easy to use websites around at the minute, and it really does pinpoint where the Department is in regards to modern technology, and pulling the Department forward into 2016.

This is the start of many things that the Department is doing to modernise the San Andreas State Police. We want the best police force for the public, and changes like this is what makes the Department one of the best Law Enforcement Organisations in the United States.

We are also looking to adapt on our Pubic Engagement Initiative very soon, and really work on core foundations at our Department, ensuring it's stability for the long term future.

"To Protect with Courage, To Serve with Compassion."

Commander Mark Cambridge,
High Command Team.

We are looking forward to representing the department with the utmost profession possible. If you have any complaints, please direct them to Internal Affairs. We encourage the public to report any information regarding any crime witnessed, please step forward and either call the State Police hotline, or come in person to the nearest police precinct.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 911 (Office)
Write: Send your letters to Public Affairs Office, Dillimore Police Department, Dillimore, Red County.

SASP Public Affairs Commander
Kind regards,
Master Trooper Zachary Rogers
Commander of Public Affairs

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