Gamemode Version 2.3.10 Changelog

Written by Giga

Chief Dies In Fire
  • Added a texture color feature that will allow users to set a handful of different colors to their furniture textures.
  • Added a nudge feature to the furniture system that can be used to make fine adjustments to the position of objects.
  • Adjusted the order of the options in the furniture edit dialog.
  • Changed the furniture texture application order from Texture->Slot->Index to Slot->Index->Texture.
  • Improved dialog navigation of the /buyf menu.
  • Furniture limit changes: donator level 1: 200, level two: 300, level three: 400, level 4: 500.
  • Removed /checkweed, /waterweed, /plantweed and /harvestweed. These commands have been moved to the furniture editing dialog and will only show up on the correct objects.
  • Players can now hold 24 bottles of water instead of 12.
  • Added two new animations: /eatsit, /cry.
  • Added an FPS counter to /stats.
  • Fixed a bug where /afk messages would send to players in other virtual worlds when the command was used in a house or business.
  • Fixed a bug where /laser could be used on any weapon.
  • Fixed a bug where /lockgarage didn't work while inside of a garage.
  • Fixed a bug where certain trucking jobs would not spawn the correct trailer.
  • Fixed a bug where faction vehicles would not be set to the correct angle when collected from repair garages.
  • Fixed a bug where impounded personal cars did not count towards a player's owned vehicle count.
  • Fixed a bug where medkits could not be purchased.
  • Fixed a bug where payphone phone numbers would not show up in 911 calls.
  • Fixed a bug where phones could not be turned on through /phone when they were off.
  • Fixed a bug where players could take damage while downed.
  • Fixed a bug where previous weapon licenses would not be deleted when a current license was renewed or updated, causing incorrect information to be shown in the MDC and /licenses.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Low Wood Paneling' texture didn't work on certain occasions.
  • Fixed a few issues with vehicle impounds.
  • Fixed a handful of issues with the weed growing script, it is now fully functional again.
  • Fixed a slight mapping bug in House Interior 17.

Changes to the UCP

Written by Charles

Chief Dies In Fire

Hello everyone,

After a recent update with our User Control Panel, we have made it much easier for you to obtain your donator TeamSpeak channel and also assign channel admins. In the past, users have had to contact a member of Management in order to obtain their TeamSpeak channel and have had to contact Administrators to assign Channel Admin status. With this new update, you will be able to do all of this by just a few clicks on the User Control Panel. After donating £30 or more, you are eligible to receive your very own TeamSpeak channel on our main server ( In order to generate your TeamSpeak channel, follow the instructions below...

  1. Select My Characters from the navigation menu.
  2. Click View on the character that you used to donate.
  3. Scroll down to the settings section and select View TeamSpeak Channels.
  4. Next simply click Create and then enter the name of your channel. Your channel is now created.
  5. In order to obtain Channel Admin status in your channel, simply copy the priviledge key on the TeamSpeak channel page.
  6. Join our main TeamSpeak server (
  7. Click on Permissions and then Use Priviledge Key.
  8. Paste your priviledge key into the dialog and click OK.

After following the above instructions, you should now have Channel Admin status for your channel. You can then edit your channel description and so on by right-clicking your channel and selecting Edit Channel.

In order to grant other users Channel Admin status in your TeamSpeak channel, simply go back to the View TeamSpeak Channels page, click Generate New next to the used priviledge key, send this priviledge key to the desired user, and then ask them to follow steps 7-8.

If you happen to experience any problems with this new system or require further assistance in-regards to your TeamSpeak channel, then please create a new support ticket and we'll get to it as soon as possible.

Gamemode Version 2.3.9 Changelog

Written by Giga

Chief Dies In Fire
  • Added around 350 new house furniture textures and re-categorized the existing ones.
  • Improved the dialog navigation of the furniture system tremendously.
  • Decimals can now be used in /calc.
  • Admins can now use '/afrespawn all all' to respawn every unoccupied faction vehicle on the server.
  • Added /togtips which can be used to toggle the help messages.
  • Added /togaudiostreams which can be used to toggle most audio streams.
  • Removed the gunrack slot requirement from /gunrack take, renamed some parameters and optimized the command. Some weapons stored in gunracks needed to be deleted, unfortunately.
  • Removed the fines for having drugs when a player is hospitalized.
  • Business managers can now use /requeststock, edit actors and will no longer be charged entrance fees.
  • The lock status of house furniture doors will now save after server restarts.
  • /ram can now be used on house garages.
  • Renamed /d to /dr to prevent accidental uses of the command.
  • Added a /light command which can be used to disable house interior lights at night.
  • /ame will now include the character name before the action.
  • Fixed a bug where the instant buy option in /buyf did not charge the user the correct price.
  • Fixed an issue where calling the mechanic hotline when playerid 118 was occupied would break the system.
  • Fixed a sorting issue on the /buyfood dialog.
  • Fixed a bug where editing a contact name could create a new one instead of editing the current one.
  • Fixed a bug where phone calls wouldn't end when a player's phone died.
  • Fixed /removealias for the SASP.

Gamemode Version 2.3.8 Changelog

Written by Giga

Chief Dies In Fire
  • Added /ranks so players can see all ranks in their faction.
  • Added a confirmation dialog to the delete and reset options in the /clothing menu.
  • Added a confirmation message for after players finish scrapping their cars.
  • /repair 5 can now be used to repair a vehicle's lights.
  • All payphones now have a unique phone number.
  • Increased the length of punishment reasons in all admin commands.
  • Players can now /give oil to each other.
  • Players can now set clothing items they'd like to automatically attach when they login.
  • Recovery prices of modded vehicles will now match their repair prices.
  • Removed the automatic punctuation from the /s command.
  • The hospital time has been lowered to 1 minute.
  • The house furniture limit for non donors is now 150.
  • Navigating to mall businesses will now set a checkpoint at the front door of the mall rather than the businesses inside.
  • Added an alert for when a player's phone battery is low.
  • Fixed a bug where /searchf and /buyf could be used while placing/buying an object, causing furniture items to become stuck.
  • Fixed a bug where Elite Trucking and mechanic call details were blank.
  • Fixed a bug where faction leader names would not load correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where faction uber ranks had a chance to bug while the faction was loading.
  • Fixed a bug where player phones had a chance to stay on when their battery ran out.
  • Fixed a handful of issues with the SAN talkshow system.
  • Fixed some issues with the ESU subrank occasionally not giving proper command permission.

[ET] Open Day

Written by Giga

Elite Trucking Open Day

Good day citizens of San Andreas

We here in Elite Trucking have decided to host an ''open doors'' day today (08/04/2016) at 9:30pm (( GMT +0 )). We will be showing our vehicles and there will also be a lot to do for the public.

If you're interested in a career within our company, this is a perfect situation for you to get to know our departments and the people who work within them.

This is also an announcement that Octane Springs will be blocked off public vehicles during this time and it has been confirmed by San Andreas State Police's Public Affairs.

Elite Trucking Corporation,
Michael Novak
Michael Novak

[SASP] Newsletter - March 2016

Written by Giga

Chief Dies In Fire

Part One - Introduction

Dear Employees,

As we head into spring break we want to wish all of the visitors to the County safe wishes and hope they enjoy their break here. Secondly, for those Troopers breaking elsewhere we hope that your travels are safe and that yourself and your family have an enjoyable vacation. For those of us who unfortunately are stuck working, we continue to strive and perform to the best of our duties throughout this period.

It has been a quite couple of months in regards to call activity and crime rates within Palomino seem to be quietening, which is something we have all been hoping for.

We'd like to take this opportunity to apologise for the break in the Newsletter, with no newsletter being written for the month of February, as the usual writing team had a busy time towards the closing of the month, and we'd like to thank Captain Vincent Kemp for organising the bulk promotions.

Engagement with the public is also on the rise upon request of previous newsletters, and civilian surveys and opinions of the Department are certainly improving. Special note to our Public Affairs team for that, who have been arranging multiple events and public announcements on behalf of the State Police.

Finally, I'd like to take not of the decrease of traffic violations which is thanks to nothing but the continuous work of our fine Troopers patrolling the Highway, and for that we thank you.

Enjoy reading,
High Command.

Part Two - Command in Training

It was been another month where we have welcomed a Sergeant into the Command in Training scheme. Usually with three or four people going through the scheme, this time was rather special for Danny Remington. The High Command Team deemed him so appropriate for a Command position, he was invited to be part of this scheme, which has never happened before. The scheme has been a huge success so far, and the interview stage went fantastic for Danny and we were able to make him a Lieutenant CiT at the conclusion of it.

It is at this point that we would like to say that Danny's training is over, and we have decided that he is suitable for a full time position as Lieutenant, and he will be given this position on a permanent basis. We'd like to thank Danny for his efforts in the Department, especially in the field of Criminal Intelligence and Field Training.

The High Command team would like to congratulate Danny for all of his efforts throughout the scheme, and congratulate him on his promotion.

Well done.

Part Three - Trooper of the Month

Certain excellency awards are easy to come by over length of service, as there will always be tough situations for our Troopers to be part of, which granted, also deserves recognition. Service awards are also easy to come by, however there is one particular award which is the most difficult to come by, and takes recognition of your Troop Supervisor to obtain this particular award.

As this is now going to be implemented monthly, I am going to take this moment to explain how it will work from now on. Your Troop Supervisor must nominate one person from his Troop at the end of the month, then, the Command Team have a nomination each, and it will go to a Command Team vote. The person who wins this vote will be given the Trooper of the Month award. This enables this Trooper to have a take home cruiser until the end of the month, and also will be given a cash bonus of 100,000$.

So, to the Trooper of the month for March. It is very rare that you find a Trooper of this calibre, and this Trooper certainly fits the bill. A role model to his peers, and potential supervisor in the future, the award goes to Zachary Rogers.

Rogers was also recently awarded with the highly prestigious Chiefs Award, which came with a 125,000$ lump sum ON TOP of his award for Trooper of the Month. Zachary Rogers is currently the only Trooper of the San Andreas State Police to ever be awarded the Chiefs Award, making this a very momentous occasion.

We would like to pass on our congratulations, and hope you enjoy the benefits of this spectacular feet.

Part Four - Sergeant in Training

Sergeants are arguably the most important ranking bracket when it comes to Patrol Operations. They are responsible for the day-to-day supervision of Troopers in the field, and are personally responsible for NCO bulk promotions. It is up to them, and their reviews of NCOs which determines whether or not a Trooper will be promoted.

It is for these reasons that, at all times, we want the best performing Sergeants Team possible, hence why the current Sergeant in Training scheme is implemented. We'd like to congratulate everyone who has been taking part in the course over the past month.

There is currently three people taking part in the 4 week long course, which is due to conclude on the 14th of April. We'd like to congratulate all three of them for completing their course, and becoming full Sergeants.

Corporal SiT → Sergeant
Jalen Young
Casey Severide
Steven OConners

Part Five - Sergeant Promotions

As mentioned above, the Sergeants bracket is the most important, and those who excel within said bracket deserve nothing but praise for their efforts. It is difficult to move into a Commissioned Officer bracket, never mind progress within it. So those mentioned within the article are indeed special. They are that one step closer to moving into the Command Bracket of the Department, and becoming a really important pillar of the day-to-day running of the San Andreas State Police.

These are people as to which both junior and senior NCOs should look up to, and strive to be like within the Department. These Troopers are certainly what we would refer to as model troopers.

Well done on a much deserved promotion, and all the best.

Sergeant → Staff Sergeant
Stoyan Georgiev

Read the full article here

[Featured Factions] March 2016 - Week 4

Written by Giga

Chief Dies In Fire

Hughes Design is a house designing company that has initially started as an idea, a concept, and is now starting to become more and more known on the market, having projects after projects coming from all over San Andreas. Evan Hughes, the founder of this company, started as a junior designer for a company named Kappa Constructions and shortly after he has been handled his first real project, he lost his job due to the company being closed. However, this hasn't stopped the young welsh from following his dream. After getting a loan and using some of the money he had earned so far, he bought a small office in Dillimore and started advertising the company wherever and however he could.

This company is aiming to bring a touch of style in everyone's house and make it stand out from the rest. Wherever someone sees an empty house, we see an opportunity to show what we are capable of and make the owner capable of calling it home. With unique ideas and creative designers, it's safe to say that it is aiming to be the number one designing company in the entire San Andreas.

Given that the faction consists already of three designers, our next recruitment will be based on mappers, since we would like to spread the design concept on all fronts, that includes not only houses, but businesses too. If you think you have what it takes and fit the criteria, you're welcome to apply.


m9Radio started in 2014 and has been around for two years now with various ups and downs, but what truly is Red County's ONLY radio station about?

It all began with Montell", says Chief Executive Officer Sean Murphy. "He wanted to play music for parties, and stuff like that, so we said hey why not. We [m9Networks] will get into the DJ business". It is truly remarkable how far they have come in these past few years. From DJ's to Radio hosts, it is not an easy switch but they have made it.

The radio station has even been sponsored by William Silver and Charles Smith. Not to mention that one of the original DJ's was Daniel Evans. "[Evans] was probably the reason we took off. We had about 30 people dancing in a park in Montgomery, we never thought it would even be possible to get three."

m9Radio - Music to Red Counties' Ears

[SASP] Academy Batch #33 is open!

Written by Evans

SASP Academy Batch #33

[SACFD] Spring Kick-off Barbeque Event

Written by Giga

SACFD Spring Kick-off Barbeque Event

Written by Giga

Chief Dies In Fire

Press Release #133

The San Andreas State Police would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the Saint Patrick's Day parade. We hosted a successful event on the 17th of this month, celebrating all things Irish with the parade. The parade was hosted by the State Police and included appearances from the San Andreas County Fire Department, Elite Trucking, and members of the public. As a successful event we hope to once again host more events like this.

Route Map:


We were able to secure the use of a traditional Irish bar in Blueberry, where we ended the parade. With thanks to the Rat's Pack and all the management for use of their establishment. We also would like to thank videographer Noah Walker for providing us with coverage of the event. The event lasted around two hours and covered the bulk of the county.

Click here for the video


We at the public affairs unit hope that this will start a chain of events. We want to be able to host events like this on a more regular basis and attempt to provide a service back to the community that we have failed to meet in the past. If you would like to see the SASP host a event, please contact us using the details at the footer of this post.

Steven OConners
PA Deputy Director

This has been an official release from the Public Affairs Division, San Andreas State Police. Published by Steven OConners, 313 and authorized by Steven OConners, 313. All information is trusted to be correct, however the San Andreas State Police are not responsible for any mistakes in information within this release. If you believe any of this information is incorrect then please contact Public Affairs Commander Zachary Rogers. © 2016 San Andreas State Police - CPL S. OConners, BN#313. SASP PUBLIC AFFAIRS DIVISION, Dillimore, San Andreas State

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