Finish the Christmas Lyrics!

Written by Deputy Sheriff III Elise Aitchison



December 14th, 2017

Finish the Christmas Lyrics!
By Deputy Sheriff III Elise Aitchison • #512

As Christmas draws nearer, there's one thing that most people have in common: their love of Christmas songs.
Everyone has at least one song they can shamelessly sing every word to.

Now's your chance to put that festive shower-singing to good use as below are 10 Christmas hits with words missing! All you need to do is copy the below, fill in the gap and email it along with your name to [email protected] with the subject "Day One - Finish the Christmas Lyrics".

1. I don't want a lot for _____ there is just one thing I need. I don't care about the _____ underneath the Christmas tree. I just want _____ for my own...
2. Well I wish it could be _____ every day, when the _____ start singing and the _____ begins to play...
3. It'll be _____ this Christmas without you to _____, it'll be _____ this Christmas, _____ and cold...
4. Oh the weather outside is _____ and the fire is so _____ and since we've no place to go, let it _____, let it _____, let it _____!
5. A beautiful sight, we're _____ tonight, walking in a _____ _____!
6. Last Christmas I gave you my ____ but the very next day you gave it _____, this year to save me from tears, I'll give it to someone ____...
7. They've got _____ big as bars, they've got _____ of gold, but the wind goes right though you it's no place for the old. When you first took my _____ on a cold Christmas Eve, you promised me _____ was waiting for me!
8. Rockin' around the _____ _____, have a happy holiday! Everyone's _____ merrily in a new old fashioned way! 
9. I saw Mommy kissing _____ _____, underneath the _____ last night...
10. It's the most ____ of the year! With kids _____ belling and everyone telling you be of good _____!

You have until 3pm ((6pm GMT)) tomorrow, 15th December, to enter and from the correct entries 3 lucky people chosen at random will take home $25,000 each!

Best of luck!


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12 Days of Christmas Teaser

Written by Deputy Sheriff III Elise Aitchison




Written by Deputy Sheriff III Elise Aitchison

On the 1st day of Christmas SACSO gave to me... 12 days packed with events! Traditionally the 12 days of Christmas is both a song and the days following the 25th December but this year, the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office have decided to welcome in the much anticipated Christmas day with 11 different events and a special treat on Christmas day!

The events will involve competitions, quizzes, hunts, parties and a lot more, all whilst giving you the chance to win some goodies! Online events will be released on their respective days and flyers for any events that require your attendance will be released in due course.

Events will begin on the 14th December and run right until the final event on the 24th with the SACSO Public Affairs Unit releasing a gift for you all on the 25th. You can find the schedule below:


14th - (( FORUM )): Finish the Christmas Lyrics
15th - (( IN GAME/PM )): Tree Decorating Competition
16th - (( IN GAME )): Santa Hat Hunt
17th - (( IN GAME )): Snow Mobile Race (in partnership with RCFD)
18th - (( FORUM )): Naughty & Nice List Unscramble
19th - (( FORUM )): Write a Christmas Poem Competition (in partnership with SAWS)
20th - (( FORUM )): Christmas Word Search
21st - (( FORUM )): Guess the Christmas Movie
22nd - (( IN GAME )): Snowball fight! 
23rd - (( IN GAME )): SACSO Christmas Ball
24th - (( IN GAME )): Christmas Quiz 
25th - (( FORUM )): Gift from SACSO


Keep your eyes open for flyers and articles relating to each event as some may only last for that one day! 

From everyone at the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office, we'd like to wish you a wonderful festive season.

Holiday Season Arrives in Red County | SAN Network

Written by Scarletti (posted by Bauer)



The Holiday Season Arrives in Red County

Image By Sarah McOnelly · Published December 07, 2017 · SAN Network




With the snow falling down tenuously round-the-clock in Red County and the chill breezes bringing down the temperatures of Red County, it's the time of the year when you get the chance to celebrate the spirit of Christmas! Red County always had people waiting for the arrival of the winters to particularly enjoy the steady snowfall and the various amusing places that pop only in this season. You may have your planning done but we definitely suggest you to have a look at our winter catalogue to know the various places you can visit by to make the best out of December!

The place where it all begins: Montgomery Park. Though the Montgomery Park is usually decorated throughout the year depending on the festivals or seasons, December is the only season when the park gets itself glittering in the snowy night. This is definitely one of the major hotspots to visit in Red County where one can seamlessly enjoy the lights that flicker by, the big tree or take a few selfies of themselves sitting on the grand chair. But make sure to visit this place only when it is less crowded, only our Montgomery Park population knows what happens when the park is crowded with people!
Montgomery Park Decorations

This season of joy, happiness and glamour is always left incomplete without enjoying the snow that exclusively falls at this point of year. And Red County has already two places where you can spend your time partaking in these snow adventure activities - Red County Ski Slope and Red County Skate Park.

The Red County Ski Slope is one of the most exciting places to visit while it snows, definitely a place one shouldn't miss. Situated on the edge of Hilltop Farm, the Ski Slope is a long steep way going to the bottom of the hill where people can't ski from the top to the bottom. Basic facilities of acquiring the equipments of skiing is also available on the top making this place a perfect choice even if you don't have any equipment with you.
Red County Ski Slope

The Red County Skate Park is one of those places where you can just totally indulge yourself in skating and music. Just opened this year, this spot is also among the top never-miss places to visit during winters.
Red County Skate Park

House Decorations! As we come closer to Christmas, this is the time when we see houses renovation and being decorated to make them perfectly match with the spirit of Christmas. And the most important symbol of this spirit is the Christmas tree. If you are among the ones who plan to celebrate this season with everything matching to the colors, we advise you to flock to the county's sole Christmas Tree shop where fabulous Christmas Trees are made, decorated and sold! Owned by local Cody Llamas, the 'Trunk Holidays Trees' is the shop you should visit by!
Trunk Holidays Tree

Christmas without events, parties and gatherings; that's something beyond impossible. Though the cheer and joy of homes and snow brings excitement, the special public events and parties is the part which many people wait for! SAN Network has properly laid out an event plan for the entire month to host special for the entire season, with holiday charm and the mass gatherings of people.

Find the Hidden Presents (SAN Network) - December 9 - December 18

SACSO Ball Dance (SACSO) - December 23

SAN Network Christmas Party - TBA

SAN Network Gatherings - TBA
SACSO Ball Dance event posters
Christmas Decorations

This holiday season is packed with so many events and the various spots to visit by with the snow already make this season, a fabulous one. Make sure you enjoy and get your Santa Hat ready to indulge in the spirit of this season! And make sure to share your experiences in this article.

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