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Santa Maria Bonfire
Published by Heather Byrne
On Wednesday 5th July 2017


Press Release #75

After such a fantastic series of events on Independence Day, the Fire Department's Community Relations team decided to host an event where the public can relax and enjoy the evening sun with some free food and great music. A large bonfire was set alight on the safe area of Santa Maria Beach, where the sand prevented the bonfire from posing a threat to any houses. Railings were put around the bonfire to protect the public from the heat, however the sight of a bonfire while listening to music and hanging out with some new friends was simple blissful.

During the event, we decided to start looking for some great dancers. We announced that we were offering a $40,000 award to the best dancer, which was won by Jennifer O'Brian, which was then followed by another offering of $40,000 to the second best dancer, which was won by Eric Frost.


Winner #1                                                                                                                                         Winner #2


After everyone was settled down and listening to music while enjoying the exquisite sea breeze, Argent Aerospace decided to give us an amazing airshow with their stunt planes.

The impromptu airshow came as an immensely pleasurable surprise and we'd like to extend the warmest thank you to Bella Schofield and the entirety of Argent Aerospace for their airshow. After the airshow, we were treated to a spectacular firework show put on by Ethan Forstman.

To finish off the amazing event, the Community Relations team decided to give the crowd a bit of a spray down! The party was met with water being sprayed into the crowd by the CR-ENGINE unit which was on-scene, embarking in some summer fun with a bit of water. We did advise that you bring a swimming suit!

After the event died down, those who stayed watched as the bonfire was tackled by the experienced firefighters of the Red County Fire Department. Byrne, Wilder and McMillan were cheered on as they put out the fuel of the Santa Maria Beach party, bringing a slow end to a night full of fun and spectacular events.

From everyone at the Community Relations team, we thank you for your attendance at the event. We've definitely got a lot more similar events coming up so make sure you keep an eye out for our advertising!

Heather Byrne
Director of Community Relations


© Copyright 2017 - Community Relations Division, Red County Fire Department. This press release has been published on behalf of the Community Relations Division of the Red County Fire Department. All information is believed to be correct, however the Red County Fire Department are not responsible for any mistakes within this release.

Welcome to the Red County Fire Department.

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Welcome to the Red County Fire Department.


Section 1 - The Department

The Red County Fire Department is a governmental organisation that operates within Red County, however it is sometimes deployed to the surrounding counties and areas inside the State of San Andreas due to their lack of fire and medical services. The department focuses on a variety of different tasks that force firefighters and medics to perform to the best of their ability. Our members are constantly tested to their limits with a variety of different 911 and departmental calls which keep us on our toes.

The Red County Fire Department has a few goals which we continually strive to achieve. They are:

  • To save lives of the public and other departments
  • To fight structure, vehicular and garbage fires
  • To rescue those stranded in forestall or marine areas 
  • To protect the public from fire hazards, medical hazards, etc.
  • To inform the public on basic treatment
  • To deliver the highest quality of services
  • To respond as quickly as we possibly can
  • To maintain great inter-departmental and public relations

No matter what, your Fire Department will continue to work tirelessly in order to deliver the best medical treatment inside of the State of San Andreas. By putting your lives in our hands, you should feel comfortable with being treated by us. The services that we provide range from establishing search teams in order to search for those who have gone missing to simply making sure you get home safely after a night of heavy drinking. We'll be there for you when you need us the most, even if you don't realise just how much you need us.

Within the department, we have multiple certifications. Certifications grant a person the right to perform certain procedures upon a person. These certifications are defined below:
Basic Life Support (BLS) relates to the most basic form of life support, such as gunshot wounds.
Intermediate Life Support (ILS) relates to more advanced life support, such as intravenous drug admission.
Advanced Life Support (ALS) mainly relates to the usage of advanced apparatus, such as LIFEPAK.
Fire & Rescue (FR) relates to being able to combat fires, rescue people from buildings and assist in MVAs.






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We the people of the United States of America gather around State Police headquarters following a parade for a 4th of July Celebration! The Parade began to mobilise in Fort Carson at 16:00 to begin its journey through Red County. The first stop was Blueberry, hometown of the well-known farmers of the county, whom are known to supply most of the state with fresh organic produce. Candy and treats were being thrown from the State Police float, which appeared to have drawn in a brilliant crowd.

The parade as it went through Blueberry.

The parade then journeyed Eastbound (and down!) out of Blueberry and into Montgomery, Red County's most well-known town. The crowd was certainly at its peak at this stop, shown by the many eager watchers jumping onto the floats to join in with the parade!

The parade as it went through Montgomery.

The final stop was the humble yet beautiful town of Palomino Creek. The parade then moved on westbound from Palomino to head towards Dillimore.. only to arrive at a barbeque party behind the State Police headquarters, complete with a music DJ and drinks! The party is still live as of this moment, so come on down, grab a burger and a beer, and celebrate with us!

The State Police wishes to remind all citizens celebrating the Fourth of July not to drink and drive, and be safe with the fireworks that they may be setting off. Make sure sparklers are put into pails of water after use! 


Email: [email protected]
 Phone: To get in touch, call the Public Affairs office on 911. ((Put non emergency in the dialog))
 Write: Send your letters to Public Affairs Office, Dillimore Police Department, Dillimore, Red County.

This has been an official release from the Public Affairs Division,
San Andreas State Police.

©Copyright 2017 - San Andreas State Police.


SASP Employee Newsletter June 2017

Written by Danny


Dear Employees,

As we move fully into summer weather, many of our colleagues and staff will be taking annual leave over the coming months, so there may be challenging times ahead for responding to calls.

Recently there has been a problem with low-scale 911 calls being handled and the time in which they're being handled. This is something which will need to be addressed from the top down and we will be rolling out changes over the coming weeks to ensure that all calls are handled with the same efficiency and care than emergency ones.

The Joint Tactical and Intelligence Centre is still under construction at the moment - we will be coming to some of the people who have highlighted interests in being a part of this team, and asking if they would like to assist constructing the foundations of the team, and how it will work going forward.

We also have our 4th of July celebrations coming up in a couple of days with different parades and events upcoming over the next week or so.

High Command Team.


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