SASP Employee Newsletter December 2016

Written by Danny


Dear Employees,

As the holiday period draws to a close, as well as this year draws to a close, we want to take this opportunity to thank every single person within this Department for their hard work and dedication in the last twelve months, as well as in particular the month of December as it proves to be our most challenging with increased numbers of people in the State along with a lower amount of staff members due to holidays and staff leave.

Although we thank you for the hard work that you have given, we want to keep up the good work we have put in over the last twelve months and continue to innovate and improve this Department. We will be making a few infrastructure changes in regards to ranks and office structures. We are hoping that with these changes we will make the infrastructure more understandable and structured easier.

We will also be opening recruitment in January, and it will be the first batch since the end of October 2016, so this is most certainly an exciting time for the Departmnet.

I hope you enjoy reading, and all the best for 2017.

High Command Team.



Is It Getting Warmer?

Written by Bauer

Residents of Red, Bone and Flint County went out their doors today and all noticed the same thing: The snow has disappeared. The RC-RP team would like to thank everyone who participated this month in the yearly snow RP. We really enjoyed your positive feedback and roleplay you provided during this month. Let's hope we all get to return to Snow County next year, and the staff whishes everyone a wonderful 2017!



Written by Jamie

Elite Trucking's Christmas Car Show Event! 
Published and edited by Mercy Montana, photography by Toni Turner for County Radio on 17th December 2016

  • Over $140,000 in cash prizes were awarded.
  • Cars from all walks of life joined the Elite Trucking Car Show.
  • Crowds enjoyed the live performance and entertainment with over 50 individuals participating.

At 21:00 Saturday evening, Elite Trucking and County Radio welcomed tens upon tens of vehicles from all walks of life to the Elite Trucking headquarters for an event that would rival October's Halloween Music Festival.



Winter is Coming

Written by Meyrick

Winter is coming...

Dear San Andreas,

You probably woke up this morning and saw snow, if you didn't.. Then you probably didn't have your glasses on or were not in San Andreas. Winter is here, and we are prepared. We will be working closely with the Fire Department to ensure that our roads are as safe as possible.

In light snow, we will have our salt trucks out every few hours and every night laying fresh salt on the roads to ensure they don't freeze over. This should work with light snow.

In heavier snow we will have a snow plough out to ensure the snow is moved off the roads, followed by a salt truck when possible to stop it from settling again.

In snow storms, we will have as many vehicles out as possible whilst also having four wheel vehicles with rescue modifications to get you out of the trickiest of situations. 

This winter, like every winter we are prepared - and we will keep Red County moving.

If at any point you need us, call us on 927.

If you have any questions please respond below.

Kind Regards,

Michael Meyrick
Elite Trucking President, Head of Field Services Department.



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