Head of Bans

Written by Meyrick

Reintroducing 'Head of Bans'

Dear Community,
As the population of the server has increased, so has the workload for administrators. This means more Master Accounts being made, which equals to more applications. More rule breakers, which leads to more complaints and more bans which means more ban appeals.

Currently, the future of a banned player who was banned by a former administrator would be in the hands of a Lead Administrator. This is a system that was working perfectly, but as the appeals rise due to the higher numbers in the server it seemed that the wait for a decision was taking longer, this is the main reason why we are bringing back Head of Bans.

The duties of a Head of Bans is as follows:
  1. To tag the correct Administrator or notify the player is the ban appeal format is incorrect.
  2. To chase up Administrators who are taking too long to answer the ban appeal.
  3. To investigate and initiate an admin vote when needed.
  4. To be a fair and unbiased opinion for Administrators who are unsure on what conclusion to come to.
  5. To assist players with any ban appeal questions they may have.
  6. To investigate and conclude ban appeals for bans who were made by former Administrators.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM, or post on my 'Meet The Staff' topic.

I hope this change will bring more efficiency to the ban appeal system.

Kind regards,
Head of Bans


SASP Employee Newsletter October 2016

Written by Jamie


Dear Employees,

October has been a strenuous month for all ranking brackets of the Department. We've had departures and intakes at Command level, and for non-commissioned brackets street crime is still at an all time high. To counter this is and give everyone the best chance possible, recruitment will continue - and as a Department we will continue to bring in and train new Troopers to put ourselves into a position where we can begin to counter this peak in crime.

Not only have we seen people depart and come in, we have also seen Units be disbanded and news ones be built on the foundations they left behind. Gang Suppression Task Force has left us, and this will be the final incarnation of this Unit, the budget will not be put together to form another one due to the amount of times this unit has been formed and has been abandoned.

Of course curiosity surrounds the new Command Team members so we will explain the new Lieutenants and what they will actually be doing to help improve and stabilise the Department internally and ensure we're putting our best foot forward.

Apologies for last months newsletter, it was a bit short - so we hope you enjoy this full length newsletter.

Thank you for reading,
High Command Team.




Montgomery's Trick or Treat?

Written by WendyLady (Posted by Bauer)


Montgomery's Trick or Treat?

Published and edited by Mercy Montana for County Radio on 1st November 2016

  • Over $400,000 in cash prizes were awarded.
  • Elaborate costumes haunted Montgomery's park.
  • Crowds enjoyed the live performance and entertainment.

As the hour struck seven the witching hour began as a thick fog descended down across the streets of Red County, with over a hundred ghosts and ghouls soon arriving for what was a spooktacular evening in Montgomery Park. Red County citizens flooded the park in a dazzling array of elaborate and highly intricate costumes, some of which, were above and beyond expectations of many who participated in Monday night's festivities. With County Radio's very own DJ Mercy on the decks, Montgomery erupted into an evening of song and dance as the party extended throughout the evening with classic tracks such as Michael Jackson's Thriller, ACDC's Highway to Hell and much more!

On behalf of County Radio, there was an enormous bounty of cash prizes to be won, which totaled to a bone-rattling $400,000! The decision what exceptionally difficult for our judges, but all the costumes present at the event were exceptionally grand and very well thought out but there could only be three winners; with Ms. Sofia Ruiz taking 3rd prize but courteously nominated another party goer to receive the prize instead. This meant that Ms. Lauren Ghalichi came in at third place, bagging herself a chilling $50,000.


Photographed: Ms. Lauren Ghalichi - 3rd Prize Winner

Second place was awarded to Mr. Terry Rossi, who's costume was most certainly original. Mr. Rossi took home a ghastly $150,000.

Photographed: Mr. Terry Rossi - 2nd Prize Winner

But reining in at first place was Mr. Wade Arkwright, who's Joker costume blew our judges away and nabbed himself a frightful $200,000! When asked on his thoughts about winning, Mr. Arkwright commented in true Joker form, "Why. So. Serious?".

Photographed: Mr. Wade Arkwright - 1st Prize Winner

County Radio would like to congratulate all the winners from Monday night and we hope you will enjoy your winnings!

On behalf of County Radio and our team, we would like to send out an enormous thank you to all the ghosts and ghouls who attended and participated in our Halloween Costume Party, with an exceptional thank you to the Church of Carrot who covered all the necessary funding of constructing the stage and making the evening possible and also the local authorities who made sure that everyone remained safe throughout the duration of the party.

Below you will find a selection of photos from the night! Let us know what your favorite part of the event was. What was your favorite costume? Let us know in the comments below!

County Radio's Halloween Party Photographs:








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Red County Roleplay - October Promotions, Hiring and Official Statuses!

Written by Jamie

Server Staff and Faction Update

Hello Players,

It's been a tough month for many different reasons for us as staff, and I imagine for you guys as players too, but there has been a few adjustments which we can be happy about, and certainly celebrate. We had brought some players into Administrator positions as well as had some internal promotions. Not only have we been adjusting the staff team but we've looked at the current factions on the server and decided to give two extremely promising and deserving factions Official Status.

Trial Administrators

The Management team decided that it was time to recruit a batch of Administrators and after a fortnight or so of dicussion between the current admin team and management we are pleased to welcome the following people to the Administration Team.


Miss Blue

We would like to wish these people the best of luck as they embark on their Trial Admin period over the next four weeks.

Administrator Promotions

Not only have we been bringing new people into the Admin Team, but we have been making changes within. It is rare that you see a big change in the admin team, but two very deserving Administrators have been promoted from Administrator to Lead Administrator. Congratulations to Alexi, Meyrick, and Yassin for being promoted, and we're sure that they'll do an outstanding jobs as Lead Admins.


Congratulations to County Radio FM and Red County Underground Racing on becoming official. Their contributions to the server as a whole and the development and effort they put into their own factions to continue to improve has been outstanding and we as Faction Admins had to recognise this. Hence, these factions have been granted the prestigous status of Official. Please head over to their faction topics and wish them all the best!


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