Changes to the UCP

Written by Charles

Chief Dies In Fire

Hello everyone,

After a recent update with our User Control Panel, we have made it much easier for you to obtain your donator TeamSpeak channel and also assign channel admins. In the past, users have had to contact a member of Management in order to obtain their TeamSpeak channel and have had to contact Administrators to assign Channel Admin status. With this new update, you will be able to do all of this by just a few clicks on the User Control Panel. After donating £30 or more, you are eligible to receive your very own TeamSpeak channel on our main server ( In order to generate your TeamSpeak channel, follow the instructions below...

  1. Select My Characters from the navigation menu.
  2. Click View on the character that you used to donate.
  3. Scroll down to the settings section and select View TeamSpeak Channels.
  4. Next simply click Create and then enter the name of your channel. Your channel is now created.
  5. In order to obtain Channel Admin status in your channel, simply copy the priviledge key on the TeamSpeak channel page.
  6. Join our main TeamSpeak server (
  7. Click on Permissions and then Use Priviledge Key.
  8. Paste your priviledge key into the dialog and click OK.

After following the above instructions, you should now have Channel Admin status for your channel. You can then edit your channel description and so on by right-clicking your channel and selecting Edit Channel.

In order to grant other users Channel Admin status in your TeamSpeak channel, simply go back to the View TeamSpeak Channels page, click Generate New next to the used priviledge key, send this priviledge key to the desired user, and then ask them to follow steps 7-8.

If you happen to experience any problems with this new system or require further assistance in-regards to your TeamSpeak channel, then please create a new support ticket and we'll get to it as soon as possible.

Gamemode Version 2.3.9 Changelog

Written by Giga

Chief Dies In Fire
  • Added around 350 new house furniture textures and re-categorized the existing ones.
  • Improved the dialog navigation of the furniture system tremendously.
  • Decimals can now be used in /calc.
  • Admins can now use '/afrespawn all all' to respawn every unoccupied faction vehicle on the server.
  • Added /togtips which can be used to toggle the help messages.
  • Added /togaudiostreams which can be used to toggle most audio streams.
  • Removed the gunrack slot requirement from /gunrack take, renamed some parameters and optimized the command. Some weapons stored in gunracks needed to be deleted, unfortunately.
  • Removed the fines for having drugs when a player is hospitalized.
  • Business managers can now use /requeststock, edit actors and will no longer be charged entrance fees.
  • The lock status of house furniture doors will now save after server restarts.
  • /ram can now be used on house garages.
  • Renamed /d to /dr to prevent accidental uses of the command.
  • Added a /light command which can be used to disable house interior lights at night.
  • /ame will now include the character name before the action.
  • Fixed a bug where the instant buy option in /buyf did not charge the user the correct price.
  • Fixed an issue where calling the mechanic hotline when playerid 118 was occupied would break the system.
  • Fixed a sorting issue on the /buyfood dialog.
  • Fixed a bug where editing a contact name could create a new one instead of editing the current one.
  • Fixed a bug where phone calls wouldn't end when a player's phone died.
  • Fixed /removealias for the SASP.

Gamemode Version 2.3.8 Changelog

Written by Giga

Chief Dies In Fire
  • Added /ranks so players can see all ranks in their faction.
  • Added a confirmation dialog to the delete and reset options in the /clothing menu.
  • Added a confirmation message for after players finish scrapping their cars.
  • /repair 5 can now be used to repair a vehicle's lights.
  • All payphones now have a unique phone number.
  • Increased the length of punishment reasons in all admin commands.
  • Players can now /give oil to each other.
  • Players can now set clothing items they'd like to automatically attach when they login.
  • Recovery prices of modded vehicles will now match their repair prices.
  • Removed the automatic punctuation from the /s command.
  • The hospital time has been lowered to 1 minute.
  • The house furniture limit for non donors is now 150.
  • Navigating to mall businesses will now set a checkpoint at the front door of the mall rather than the businesses inside.
  • Added an alert for when a player's phone battery is low.
  • Fixed a bug where /searchf and /buyf could be used while placing/buying an object, causing furniture items to become stuck.
  • Fixed a bug where Elite Trucking and mechanic call details were blank.
  • Fixed a bug where faction leader names would not load correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where faction uber ranks had a chance to bug while the faction was loading.
  • Fixed a bug where player phones had a chance to stay on when their battery ran out.
  • Fixed a handful of issues with the SAN talkshow system.
  • Fixed some issues with the ESU subrank occasionally not giving proper command permission.

[ET] Open Day

Written by Giga

Elite Trucking Open Day

Good day citizens of San Andreas

We here in Elite Trucking have decided to host an ''open doors'' day today (08/04/2016) at 9:30pm (( GMT +0 )). We will be showing our vehicles and there will also be a lot to do for the public.

If you're interested in a career within our company, this is a perfect situation for you to get to know our departments and the people who work within them.

This is also an announcement that Octane Springs will be blocked off public vehicles during this time and it has been confirmed by San Andreas State Police's Public Affairs.

Elite Trucking Corporation,
Michael Novak
Michael Novak

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