[Featured Factions] March 2016 - Week 4

Written by Giga

Chief Dies In Fire

Hughes Design is a house designing company that has initially started as an idea, a concept, and is now starting to become more and more known on the market, having projects after projects coming from all over San Andreas. Evan Hughes, the founder of this company, started as a junior designer for a company named Kappa Constructions and shortly after he has been handled his first real project, he lost his job due to the company being closed. However, this hasn't stopped the young welsh from following his dream. After getting a loan and using some of the money he had earned so far, he bought a small office in Dillimore and started advertising the company wherever and however he could.

This company is aiming to bring a touch of style in everyone's house and make it stand out from the rest. Wherever someone sees an empty house, we see an opportunity to show what we are capable of and make the owner capable of calling it home. With unique ideas and creative designers, it's safe to say that it is aiming to be the number one designing company in the entire San Andreas.

Given that the faction consists already of three designers, our next recruitment will be based on mappers, since we would like to spread the design concept on all fronts, that includes not only houses, but businesses too. If you think you have what it takes and fit the criteria, you're welcome to apply.


m9Radio started in 2014 and has been around for two years now with various ups and downs, but what truly is Red County's ONLY radio station about?

It all began with Montell", says Chief Executive Officer Sean Murphy. "He wanted to play music for parties, and stuff like that, so we said hey why not. We [m9Networks] will get into the DJ business". It is truly remarkable how far they have come in these past few years. From DJ's to Radio hosts, it is not an easy switch but they have made it.

The radio station has even been sponsored by William Silver and Charles Smith. Not to mention that one of the original DJ's was Daniel Evans. "[Evans] was probably the reason we took off. We had about 30 people dancing in a park in Montgomery, we never thought it would even be possible to get three."

m9Radio - Music to Red Counties' Ears

[SASP] Academy Batch #33 is open!

Written by Evans

SASP Academy Batch #33

[SACFD] Spring Kick-off Barbeque Event

Written by Giga

SACFD Spring Kick-off Barbeque Event

Written by Giga

Chief Dies In Fire

Press Release #133

The San Andreas State Police would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the Saint Patrick's Day parade. We hosted a successful event on the 17th of this month, celebrating all things Irish with the parade. The parade was hosted by the State Police and included appearances from the San Andreas County Fire Department, Elite Trucking, and members of the public. As a successful event we hope to once again host more events like this.

Route Map:


We were able to secure the use of a traditional Irish bar in Blueberry, where we ended the parade. With thanks to the Rat's Pack and all the management for use of their establishment. We also would like to thank videographer Noah Walker for providing us with coverage of the event. The event lasted around two hours and covered the bulk of the county.

Click here for the video


We at the public affairs unit hope that this will start a chain of events. We want to be able to host events like this on a more regular basis and attempt to provide a service back to the community that we have failed to meet in the past. If you would like to see the SASP host a event, please contact us using the details at the footer of this post.

Steven OConners
PA Deputy Director

This has been an official release from the Public Affairs Division, San Andreas State Police. Published by Steven OConners, 313 and authorized by Steven OConners, 313. All information is trusted to be correct, however the San Andreas State Police are not responsible for any mistakes in information within this release. If you believe any of this information is incorrect then please contact Public Affairs Commander Zachary Rogers. © 2016 San Andreas State Police - CPL S. OConners, BN#313. SASP PUBLIC AFFAIRS DIVISION, Dillimore, San Andreas State

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