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Hello All,

I've come to the conclusion that over the upcoming months the User Control Panel will receive a complete rewrite, there are many reasons behind this and they are as followed:

  • As a Developer my knowledge and ability to code has devloped and when looking at some of the first code I wrote in the User Control Panel I realise how inefficent it is and how it could impove.
  • The current User Control Panel isn't very friendly for more than one Developer to work on as the controllers are in one big file each so the differences would be the following:
  • The version of Laravel offers Long Term Support meaning that it will be supported with all major bug fixes for 5 years, which is good for us.
  • The current UCP isn't responsive at all so even If I decided not to upgrade Laravel I would still have to redesign the frontend and backend of the site so it's easier just to rewrite the whole thing.
  • I personally need to gather more knowledge of the 5th version of the Laravel Framework as it does vary to Laravel 4.

There is currently no set release date for the new version of the User Control Panel as it's still in early stages, and there have been a few screenshots which I will release at a later date, this version of the UCP will far from be rushed as the current version is fully functional and I want to make sure this one goes out without any bugs at all. There will be a few open betas hosted on an external server before the User Control Panel is released.

BigD will be maintaining the current version of the User Control Panel whilst I focus primarily on developing this, so if you have any issues with the current UCP contact BigD and if needed he will contact me.

Jack Davis (Smally),
Head of Web Development

Copyright Red County Roleplay 2015

Written by BigD


Celebrating Fourth of July

By Brian Johnsson • Published July 04, 2015 • SAN Network


Happy Fourth of July! Today marks the day when a new nation, the United States of America declared itself independent of the British. In order to celebrate this we light fireworks, hold parades and this year; a fair in the Montgomery Park.

Despite it being a holiday, there are plenty of people who do not celebrate the Independence Day. In an attempt inspire those; I set out to ask residents of Red County how they were planning of celebrating their Fourth of July.




As you can see there is certainly more than one way of celebrating the Fourth of July; be with explosions, getting wasted or 'singing' at the park fair.

Whatever you choose, stay safe and have a great Fourth of July. God bless America!

Written by Smally

Development Update

First of all I would like to thank you all for being so pateint over the last few months as I know the User Control Panel was lacking some attention. I have now returned as a Developer for Red County Roleplay and will continue to improve the User Control Panel and all web related services for the seeable future.

I expect most of you to have little faith in me as a developer as I have been and gone so many times over the last year, just to inform you that all of my departures were unplanned and I would have loved to have continued developing the User Control Panel. However, due to work and real life I was unable to.

User Control Panel - V2.4.1

The first thing I began doing as soon as I returned was working on a small release just to give the site a bit of a jazz up so here are the changes:

  • Major changes to the support ticket system - both the front end and the way the system functions has been changed. (Yellow Boxes is a staff reply.)
  • Faction Administrators can now edit factions on the UCP similar to that of the /fedit command. (Factions that are edited VIA the UCP are now reloaded on the server minute count)
  • Fixed a bug where Armour and Weapons would not show for ownedVehicles or would display incorrectly.
  • Administrators are now able to view Donations per master account instead of having to search through individual character accounts.
  • Updated CKEditor to include some more plugins and a new theme.
  • Fixed a bug where upon editing master account permissions it would save the data incorrectly and overwrite the wrong settings.
  • Additions to the API
  • More bug fixes that I cannot remember
Planned Features

It's very easy to give you a small update and expect you to be happy, well that's not the case here, I have always had big features planned for the User Control Panel and never got round to finishing them you can expect to see the following in the User Control Panel at somepoint within the next couple of months:

  • Finish the Public Character Profile System - Including our own custom BBCode Parser to allow you to display dynamic information in your character story such as current house if you wish and most information that is avaliable to you as a player.
  •  Change the support ticket system to intergrate departments, thus streamlining the whole ticket process as the ticket will only be shown to those with valid access levels to what you need.
  • Intergrate a Faction Chat system on the User Control Panel using sockets.
  • Change the design to allow for more than one theme and allow donators to customise their own profile (Including background, font and colors)
  • Revamp the staff page to show more information and intergrate helpers onto the page.
  • Change the frequently asked questions page to a knowledgebase.

That's just the features that I can think of myself! If there's anything you would like to see in the next version of the User Control Panel then head over to the forum and post a suggestion now! 

Closing Statement

I would like to say a big thank you to BigD (My Brother) for continuing to develop the User Control Panel in my absence and TommyB for giving me another chance to develop the User Control Panel. Hopefully, as work gets quieter I will be able to dedicate more time to both Red County Roleplay and the User Control Panel overall.

If you have any questions or want me to share some knowledge with you then don't hesitate to contact me on [email protected] I aim to respond to all emails within 12 hours unless I am sleeping.




New SA-MP Version Released!

Written by TommyB

Chief Dies In Fire

The time has come where the SA-MP development team graces the community with a new update! In this case, 0.3.7. The server has been upgraded to the new version which you must download in order to continue playing. 

To obtain this update, please click here and download the installer from any available mirror. 

If you'd like to view a full list of changes this update brings, click here!


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