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Press Release #133

The San Andreas State Police would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the Saint Patrick's Day parade. We hosted a successful event on the 17th of this month, celebrating all things Irish with the parade. The parade was hosted by the State Police and included appearances from the San Andreas County Fire Department, Elite Trucking, and members of the public. As a successful event we hope to once again host more events like this.

Route Map:


We were able to secure the use of a traditional Irish bar in Blueberry, where we ended the parade. With thanks to the Rat's Pack and all the management for use of their establishment. We also would like to thank videographer Noah Walker for providing us with coverage of the event. The event lasted around two hours and covered the bulk of the county.

Click here for the video


We at the public affairs unit hope that this will start a chain of events. We want to be able to host events like this on a more regular basis and attempt to provide a service back to the community that we have failed to meet in the past. If you would like to see the SASP host a event, please contact us using the details at the footer of this post.

Steven OConners
PA Deputy Director

This has been an official release from the Public Affairs Division, San Andreas State Police. Published by Steven OConners, 313 and authorized by Steven OConners, 313. All information is trusted to be correct, however the San Andreas State Police are not responsible for any mistakes in information within this release. If you believe any of this information is incorrect then please contact Public Affairs Commander Zachary Rogers. © 2016 San Andreas State Police - CPL S. OConners, BN#313. SASP PUBLIC AFFAIRS DIVISION, Dillimore, San Andreas State


[Featured Factions] March 2016 - Week 3

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Chief Dies In Fire

Young, coke slinging, scheming kids with a hunger for the American dollar regardless of what it takes to obtain it. This is the very basis of the young mobster in the mafia today, their motivation is money rather than the desire for power and respect, and they’ll do anything to get the edge over the competition. On the fact this faction may appear to be a bunch of young guys running around doing this and that, but in reality this is a very complex organization despite its small time vibe. Led by Lawrence Panarese, The Panarese Crew is the newest organized crime sensation on Red County Roleplay with a very firm focus on providing only quality roleplay and an even higher quality portrayal of the mafia.

This faction provides the most realistic and accurate portrayal of the modern mafia, something that’s extremely evident in the structure, behaviour, and activities that can be found all over their thread and in game. There are no limits as to who can or cannot roleplay with The Panarese Crew, this means an African American or a Serbian could come and join this faction and have a spot within its ranks as long as they’re willing to work hard and put in the time and dedication necessary to be apart of something very special. All they ask is that if you’re going to roleplay an Italian you must use a proper Italian-American name, if your name isn’t considered a roleplay name you’ll be asked to name change or you will not be able to join, no exceptions.

The ruling panel of the Panarese Crew considered their standard of roleplay to be extremely high, therefore they’re very selective throughout the recruitment process. This isn’t the type of faction that you can roleplay with and join in the same week, this is a very complex process designed to give those who are interested in the roleplay the opportunity to become a member rather than an individual who’s seeking access to guns or a title. If you’re looking for the rank and not the roleplay, this isn’t the faction for you.


The Saint Brothers have been practicing their religion for a combined amount of 40 years. They originate from Vice City, Miami. Towards the beginning of March 2016, an unexpected arrival occurred and the Saint Brother's place of worship was destroyed and they decided to relocate. The place for this relocation, none other than Red County.

The Saint Brothers quickly found a property in the Eastern side of Dillimore, where they set up their new and improved place of worship. Very quickly, members of the community came together and started to support the brothers in their efforts and wanted to join in on the cause.

The Saint Brothers constantly welcomes new members, be it a brother who wishes to stay with us long term or someone who wishes to confess for only one term. All services are free in the eyes of the lord and are warmly welcomed by the brothers.


The Yasadas Rebels are a group of innocent appearing hunters, fishermen and business owners of the Bone County region. They seem friendly at first, selling their regulated meats/poultry and driving their vehicles all over BC. Through out the nights, and silent times of the day. These Pirates/Bandits set out to attack the hard workers of the Bone County society. Stealing fuels from tankers, heists on boats to steal merchandise, as well as taking property from businesses. The main reason they do this is to make income faster than their legal way of selling meats/hunting/running slow businesses.

As well as to get that sweet revenge feeling of how the "whites" have taken and destroyed what once was apart of the Native people of San Andreas. This group likes to associate itself in a both Native American/American way - praying to Gods and ancestors, giving blessings in campfire stories, etc.


Teamspeak Channel Wipe

Written by Giga

Chief Dies In Fire


It has been decided by the management team that we will be having a channel wipe on the Teamspeak server ( on the 1st of April, 2016. We feel that the channel list is so cluttered with inactive channels to the point where it is hard to navigate to a channel.

Channels that had the "do not wipe" text on their channel name have also been wiped, resulting in 17 channels being deleted.

In order to retain your channel, please make sure that you will be utilizing your channel actively and do the following requirements:

  • Tag the channel with "[SAVE]" on the name.
  • Paste the following text on the first line of your channel description:
    Save Channel - [Channel Owner's Forum Name] - [DD/MM/YYYY]

    You must include the date when you edited the channel. This includes sub-channels!

Channels that belong to players who have not been on the server for a substantial amount of time (1.5-2 years+) will also be deleted. Players who have been permanently banned from the server for longer than six months will also have their channels deleted.

If the requirements are not met, your channel(s) will be deleted and you must make a refund request along with proof of donation to have it back. Anyone caught lying about losing their channel in order to receive a second channel, or if they really never had one, will result in a permanent ban from Red County Roleplay's services and the removal of the channels they own.

If you no longer have channel admin, look for any Teamspeak Administrator (Teamspeak Administrator) and send them one polite message to have your channel admin set. Alternatively, you can send Giga a forum PM along with the channel name and your client unique ID so he can grant them even if you are offline. You can obtain your client unique ID by pressing Ctrl + I. However, please take note that you still have to edit the channel yourself and fit them to the requirements.

Please make sure to do the requirements as soon as possible to avoid your channels from being wiped!

Thank you.

Red County Roleplay Administration Team


Gamemode Version 2.3.7 Changelog

Written by Giga

Chief Dies In Fire
  • Remade the Pizza Delivery sidejob. Workers will now be assigned to deliver pizzas to random homes in Montgomery, Blueberry, Palomino Creek or Fort Carson and will need to physically deliver them to the door. Once delivered, the player will receive a tip ranging from $0-200.
  • The pizzaboys have been replaced with red Blista Compacts.
  • Added a talkshow script for SAN. All related commands can be viewed in /help faction.
  • Added /equip for SAN which will give employees a camera at a certain location inside of their HQ as well as near/inside any faction vehicle.
  • SAN employees will no longer need to pay entrance fees when entering the SAN HQ.
  • Pending vehicle modifications that have not been purchased by the player will now show up in /removemods with red text, allowing them to remove mods they don't want to buy without having to start the process over again.
  • Players under 50HP will now gradually lose health. Once they reach 0 HP they will be downed.
  • Removed an annoying no signal area in Bone County.
  • Fixed a bug where furniture snapping didn't save properly.
  • Fixed a bug where the furniture index information option did not work properly.
  • Fixed a bug where /bizzmusic would work when it wasn't supposed to, causing random players to hear audio streams while they weren't in a business.
  • Fixed a house furniture related bug that would cause player ids to become unusable until a full server reboot.
  • Fixed a bug where /give weapon would check the player using the command for available weapon slots instead of the player the command was being used on.

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