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San Andreas News
Palomino shootout leaves 16 dead
February 24, 2015
A simple traffic accident quickly escalated into a massive shootout as two groups of armed gunmen clashed and opened fire at each other. Multiple civilians were trapped in the middle of the conflict as state troopers urgently responded to the situation at the southern Palomino Creek bridge.

The situation started with a 911-call from a civilian, reporting two groups of masked men flashing firearms in the middle of Palomino Creek. This in turn alerted the San Andreas State Police who quickly dispatched multiple state troopers to the scene. The gunfight to follow involved roughly 16 people according to a paramedic on scene. The majority of gunmen as well as multiple civilians were pronounced dead on arrival of the San Andreas County Fire Department. The survivors are still being treated in intensive care at the San Fierro Medical Center.

The motive of the shootout is still unknown to the public, which has lead to many civilians becoming increasingly worried about their safety. The San Andreas State Police declined to comment on the situation.
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Elite Trucking
Elite Trucking Newsletter - January - March 2016


The past few months have been very busy for the company, mainly internally and the year of 2015 as a whole has been extremely hectic and unstable. We're quite possibly at an all time high for Management staff turnover, and the company just couldn't go through a month without losing a member of staff. This is something we've worked on, we finally have a stable Command + High Command who work together to ensure our company moves in the right direction. Our recruitment is still open as we're hoping to expand our numbers, so be sure to check it out and post an application.


At Elite Trucking we have two internal departments that you may or may not know of, these are the Commercial Delivery Department and the Maintenance Department. The CD are the ones who refill the gas stations, and all your local businesses quickly and efficiently and the MD are the ones who clear the roads when needed, fix your vehicles, change your tyres, anything mechanical. Recently our Commercial Delivery department have come under criticism for not filling businesses quick enough. We check our orders at least twice a day for deliveries and we always ensure that deliveries are met within 48 hours of payment. Business holders are able to request a delivery when their stock level drops below 50% which gives us plenty of time to order the stock that is needed and deliver it, however unfortunately some business owners are slacking, and are forgetting about their businesses and unfortunately we cannot deliver without an order. So this is a message to all business owners, keep an eye on your stock levels, it's not fair on the people of San Andreas who have to walk to another town for something that should be on their doorstep, if you can't keep the business stocked up, sell it!


It was recently discussed at the Management meeting that recruitment at Elite Trucking has always been minimal, and we've only ever had approximately 20 people within the company, to ensure that things don't get too crowded. However that is to change, we want to break company records so we have set ourselves a target of 40 staff members in the San Andreas Branch, which means recruitment is now our priority. We want to increase our numbers to ensure that gas stations never run out of fuel and business deliveries are there on the same day. With extremely good pay and excellent working conditions, Elite Trucking is the company for you! Click HERE for information.

New High Command

Ryan Radcliffe has been within the company for over three years now and has been an excellent asset to the team, he started as a Probationary all the way back in 2012 and has been with the company ever since. But unfortunately we don't all stay young and fit forever and we have to move on, so unfortunately Ryan has stepped down from his position as President and has handed the keys of the company over to Michael Novak and Michael Meyrick, President and Vice President. We've given Ryan the chance to say a personal goodbye to the staff and customers of the company.

Howdy guys and gals.

So we've had some tough times in Elite Trucking in the past year. We've had an crazy decline in employees and an awful lot of them left us mid year in 2015. But this hasn't stopped us going, it only made us more motivated to keep Elite Trucking running at an exceptional standard. Mid year I had to take some time away and left the company at an all new high I took the decision to take a LoA, which eventually turned into a resignation when I passed the company down to somebody else. Shortly after, the company nearly fell into ruin and I took the company back on in a horrible state, but, this didn't stop my motivation to get the company back to it's previous state.

So here we are, around 6 months later and the company is in a much better condition both financially and performance wise. This of course, marks my departure. I never really had any intention in staying in the company from the moment I took it back on. I was just determined to get it back up and running and assign a leader of whom I can both trust and rely on. You will know that a few months ago I assigned a new leader mainly on a trial basis to see if he could handle the pressure and to give him relevant training and assistance. Michael did a great job and it's time he takes on the position full time without me being behind him. I'm extremely excited to see what Michael will do with the company and the places he's going to take it. I'm sure he's going to do a tremendous job and I cannot think of anybody better to assign the position to hand the company over to.

Anyways, less of me blabbing on, I wish each and every one of you the very best of luck in the future. Hell, three years I've been with this company for, doesn't time fly? Especially when you're having fun. I never imagined to own a company like this, especially considering I only started out in the company as a rookie. I'll still be sticking around, but you won't see me as often as some things are going on in the background. Continue your great efforts of keeping the company running strong. You're all doing absolutely great and I couldn't have asked for a better team of motivated individuals to run a company I've spent my entire time in the county watching develop into something just extraordinary.

Ryan Radcliffe
Ryan Radcliffe
Ex-Elite Trucking President

Closing Statement

The past few months have been extremely unstable for the company but we appreciate the effort that all the staff have put in to getting us back on our feet, we appreciate the patience from the community in times where deliveries were delayed and most importantly we thank our customers for sticking by us in our hard time. I can proudly say that Elite Trucking is finally back on its feet and we are growing. We have introduced an Employee of the Month scheme and by the end of the second quarter we will have introduced a referral programme. This means more benefits for our employees which will hopefully lead to a better service to you. Also in the second quarter we will be introducing a 'Money back guarantee' which means if your business is not restocked within a certain time, your money will be refunded. All great things to come within the company, and I hope you're excited as I am. If you have any questions about this newsletter, please post a reply below of contact the team on 927.

Michael Meyrick
Michael Meyrick
Vice President, Elite Trucking


Administration Team Update (March 13, 2016)

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Chief Dies In Fire


We are grateful to announce the following administrators who have passed their trial administration period. They are now full administrators of Red County Roleplay.

United Kingdom Emmerdale - Jamie Cole
United Kingdom Henderson - Howard Jones
Bulgaria Jeffy -  Jethro Smith
United States Nick G - Derek Miller
Crotia ROFL - David Kingston
United States Valero - Drew Valero


Notification of Rule Alterations (March 13, 2016)

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Chief Dies In Fire


The administration team has decided to make some alteration to a few server rules, which have been implemented with immediate effect as of March 13, 2016. Please be guided accordingly with the rule changes. You may review the full rule listing here.


General Rules and Regulations
Spam-robbing and spam-scamming is not allowed.
You are allowed to scam and rob players, although scamming / robbing should not be treated as a sidejob. (Participating in more than 3 robberies in less than 24 hours.) If you are short of cash, please use the sidejobs which are provided on the server, instead of repeating mentioned actions.

Spam robbing and spam scamming is defined as repeatedly and intentionally using the SAME method to conduct crime to gain cash. Robberies and scams are enticed to be fully roleplayed and thought out before their conduction. Players are limited to two major scams a week and one major robbery a day. Administrative permission may be given to continue past these limits with proof of pre-meditated RP. You may, however rob several people at once in a situation of needed crowd control without breaching this rule.

This rule applies differently to factions, and groups larger than 3 individuals who are not in a faction that lead a robbery. As a group you are all making the decision to rob, therefore this rule will apply to your group being an individual.

Example 1: Having 10 people from your faction rob 10 different places within a day is not allowed, as the 10 people are all part of the same faction. As a faction, you may only rob up to 3 times within 24 hours.
Example 2: Having 2 people from your faction rob two separate stores as a distraction, while 5 people from your faction rob a bank as the main focus counts as 3 individual robberies. After having done two distractions and one main focus, you may not rob for another 24 hours.
Example 3: Having members of your faction rob Montgomery Bank, then a few hours later proceed to rob Palomino Creek Bank is not allowed, as bank robberies are considered to be a major robbery. As stated above, you may only have one major robbery per day. You may still rob two smaller businesses such as pizza stacks, bars, and stores after having only done one major robbery.


Killing after a Robbery/Scam (or attempted robbery/scam) is disallowed, unless the victim accepts the kill via /do.

It is deemed to be highly unrealistic to kill/inflict deadly injuries to a person you earlier (attempted to) rob, just to make them unable to contact the police later. Also, the order of mentioned actions does not matter - you are not allowed to rob a person you killed.

This does not count if the player is in the downed screen; only if they have been shot in the head/executed.

Robbing and Scamming Rules

You may not rob someone that is ACTIVELY on duty for the following jobs and side jobs without admin permission:

Taxi Driver
Bus Driver
Pizza Delivery
Coal Miner
Trash Collector

Admin permission is not continuous. Each situation is different and requires admin permission.

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