Red County Roleplay 2.0a [WIP]

Written by x00

Chief Dies In Fire
What's new

 Let's start with what's new in the 2.0a update, let's just say everything pretty much is. The forums have been redesigned by Smally to fit the new UCP/website. Smally has completely revamped the UCP along with great help from Donut Seller. Booth has worked very hard on getting the 2.0a script update out.

User Control Panel 2.0a
  • Smally (Developer)
  • Donut Seller (Lead Developer)
  • RayW (Images/Graphics)

Smally had completely redesigned the UCP from scratch. After a few weeks of developing it, he asked Donut Seller for his assistance to get it done quicker. Donut was assigned the role of Lead Developer and began working on it. Since he was hired into the developer team, he spent hours everyday working to get the initial release out on the assigned day. Donut has really made a great effort and he played a great role in getting this UCP done, along with Smally. Donut now holds the role of Lead Developer, but Smally will still be assisting him. 

Many new features have been added to the new User Control Panel. The core features, player features admin features have been completely re-done from scratch. 

Core Features: 

  • Staff page, a staff page has been added to the UCP navigation bar. It updates automatically as it's connected to the in-game server.
  • Servers page, a servers page has been added to the UCP navigation bar. It lists both in-game and Teamspeak 3 servers. You can view the players currently connected to each server.
  • Dynamic news articles, admins can post news articles directly to the home page. Users have the option to comment on news articles created.
  • Dynamic changelogs, developers can post changelogs through the UCP without requring TommyB to do it manually. Any lead developer will have access to it.
  • Revised MA dashboard, each character now holds a seperate character page. Many things can be viewed for each character when viewing the page. What can be viewed currently for each character;
    • Vehicles (displays mileage, donator, plate, vehicle model)
    • House (displays address)
    • Businsess (displays business value, earnings to collect, payout, enterable, stock left)
    • Economy (displays cash on hand and in bank)
    • Faction Center (displays faction info, view members, faction management)
    • Admin Record (displays punishments for your character)

Quiz Features: Cheating is no longer an option.

  • Randomize quiz, everytime for every new player. The questions are randomly generated from a selection of sixty questions. When a player attempts to take the quiz, it will be completely different from the last person.
  • All previous questions have been changed to multiple choice, with the addition of a two paragraph written response.



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