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Chief Dies In Fire

2.0a R5



We decided to update the server with a hotfix completed by TommyB, BigD, Booth and Alec for all the 2.0a R4 bugs. We're hoping most of the bugs are fixed in this hotfix, but if bugs still remain on the server, please report them.


  • Rescripted Aperture and re-added most of their commands.
  • Re-added the Donator OOC chat with proper moderation commands for administrators.
  • Rework a majority of the vehicle system in an attempt to fix most of the bugs.
  • Fixed a duplicated door at Axiom's HQ.
  • Removed a random vehicle entrance point at the Fort Carson Mall.



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Written by cradboard

[#003] E: Local Events Triathlon

Published by: Terry Blackwood, CEO of E: Local Events

Wednesday 11th of June, 2014 Red County's E: Local Events is glad to announce the first upcoming Triathlon that the county has ever seen. This is a time to show off your hard work and a time to bring the community together as one. Family, friends and guests of the community are welcome to watch or participate in this physically exhausting event. Everyone who wishes to participate will have to train as much as possible prior if they hope to place in a winning position, the competition for these prizes will be high.

Although there is always more than just competition. Everyone is welcome participate even just as a casual contestant. If a Triathlon is on your bucket list, then this is the chance to fulfill your check list. First place winner will get a brand new Turismo, valued at $500,000! Second place winner will receive $50,000 and finally, third place will earn $25,000.

The entire Triathlon will be across Palomino Creek, Montgomery, and near Blueberry. With the tremendous help from the San Andreas State Police, we will be able to have a safe and enjoyable environment during the event. If you wish to compete in this first ever Triathlon, in Red County, then sign up today! The entrance fee will be $800 with free coach transportation to the starting position and after the event. The event will take place Saturday, June 26th.

Ladies and Gentlemen this is your chance to take part in Red County's very first Triathlon, don't miss out and make sure you're ready for this awesome event!


Written by Jessie Wilson, Secretary of the Chief of Police.

[#178] Appeal for information [SASP]

Published by: Jessie Wilson, Secretary of the Chief of Police.

Date: Saturday 7th of June, 2014.

Saturday 7th of June, 2014 -- A group of fugitives attempted to murder Chief of Police Daniel Reid as he was on a traffic stop. The patriot he pulled over contiously failed to answer the Chief's questions and out of nowhere, a red and white cruiser pulled up and smashed into the Chief, he was knocked down however luckily he didn't sustain deadly injuries, he is however being kept in hospital overnight. The San Andreas State Police appeal for information and kindly request that if you are pulled over by a cruiser or approached by an officer that you do REQUEST for identification. The driver of the Patriot is said to be a Mr. Mario Romano and the SASP ask that if you do see the patriot, you contact 911 immediately.

At the time Chief of Police Reid was on patrol under the San Andreas State Police's tactical unit, SWAT. Here we have a statement from an officer on scene, State Trooper II John Doe:

"It was horrible, the Chief handled the situation brilliantly and I wish there was more I could have done to stop them. I cannot stress enough how much we need your assistance and if you do see any of the vehicles then please call 911 immediately. The Chief got a lucky escape, don't let it be you that is their next target."

The public will be updated with information as and when it comes available.

(( This is an In Character Press Release. ))



The County Chronicle (#115) - Fresh from the county farm

Written by Giga

Chief Dies In Fire

We don't need to import farm foods ever again!

MONTGOMERY, RED COUNTY -- This day, we have noticed a beautiful flower blooming at the Montgomery Farm. Besides the flower there are several fruits and vegetables we have always loved, such as apples! Of course, we didn't miss the beautiful cows eating the excessive grass around the farm.

It's a great sign that the agriculture sector is going back to the top! The plants are locally planted by our own farmers located at Montgomery. We didn't even expect the return of our local farmers, but it's great to have them back! In 1996, Red County Police Department, the county's former law enforcement agency, arrested several farmers and the Montgomery Farms also seized operations because of illegal activity such as planting and distribution of illegal narcotics. The old farmers were also suspected of causing chaos around Red County by shouting and shooting at civilians.

After almost nine years, we don't have to rely on agricultural imports, as the farmers of Red County are back to serve some milk!

~ DJ Y.K.

(( This is an IC promotion about the return of the Corn Hauling Cunts. Welcome back to the server, CHC! ))

(( Article header image was taken from the CHC's thread. Permission has been granted to use the content on this article. ))


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