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8th January 2015

Who are Aperture?

Howard Jones, San Andreas News Network

For years now, Aperture have been a secretive organisation centralised around the deserts of Bone County. They were founded in 1984, funded by multinational firms investing billions of dollars into what Aperture and the Aperture Corporation is today. Their original ventures took them to developing the world's first consumer grade digital camera which lead them into success where they bought large volumes of shares in companies such as IBM and BMW.

On the other hand, the Aperture Corporation, established in 1991, came as a result of such an expansion across the globe. As it stands, Aperture have the following list of subsidiaries:

  • Burns Global Investment Gruppe Conglomerate Corporation
  • Aperture Corporation
  • Aperture Technologies
  • Aperture Medical
  • Aperture Research
  • Aperture International Inc.

We have highlighted Aperture Research because this sparks the most controversy into what goes in behind those closed doors. In 1988, a 650 acre area of the desert was coned off to the public eye by the San Andreas Governor. A facility was being built on behalf of Aperture which was amid fears of combat between the Soviet Union and the United States which was undergoing the most intense nuclear programme in history. Within these fears, the facility's purpose was rumoured to be for the creation of technology which effectively crippled any satellites from foreign nations at the touch of a button. It even comes with its own nuclear bunker to protect 10,000 personnel from an attack - I highly doubt that is for regular citizens from the state.

During this time, several unidentified objects were seen over the facility from such towns as Fort Carson and Las Barrancas, even so far as Bayside and Spiny Bed received reports of objects in the sky. These documentations were passed to the owners of the Lil' Probe Inn which avoided demolition during the building phases of the facility. Ownership has been passed down to the next generation of the Jones family and the interior is preserved in its earlier 1980s style with added memorabilia of such occurrences. Below are two images taken from inside, each one taken in the early 1990s.


This image depicts the UFO spottings over Bone County, Tierro Robada and Las Venturas in January of 1991 alone


This image shows various recorded sightings in the early 1990s - mysterious shapes and lights in the skies.

These, and most of the following images were from the archives from when the Lil' Probe Inn was owned by Rachel and Steven Jones.

To begin with, the facility had two signs either side of a dirt road to mark the entry to their facility meaning non-locals had to be very careful as to where they went - one second where you lack concentration could have costed you your life. Since the mid-1990s, security has become more of a public thing with large watch towers, spot lights, cameras, motion sensors and sound detectors spread across the whole landscape. Approaching the checkpoint, one sees a sign reading "Aperture Corporation. San Andreas Research Facility" and "Strictly no photography. Authorised personnel only."

So our question to everyone is: What really goes on behind those closed doors? We've done our digging around in archives, newspapers, witness statements and legal documents and it's rather a grey area but we feel that we've begun to discover the truth behind this private corporation and its ties with the military.

From what we have gathered, Aperture are a research corporation mainly focused on the development and production of chemicals and chemical weaponry to fight a war which never begun. It, and the 650 acres of land, have been housing the some of the most secretive documentation of the U.S. Government and they are still refusing to admit their actions. In its time, various shipments have been seen at various locations destined for the Aperture Research Facility and the Aperture Warehouse in the more high-profile Montgomery. Agents have constantly been looking over us with cameras and snipers, getting a look at who we are every single day of our lives.

The most notable shipment of recent years was one shipped in from abroad and transported to Montgomery by road and under police escort at the beginning of December. A ship, named Hai Tie 9 and registered in China, was seen docking at the Fort Carson docks earlier that day where several containers were removed by road and taken to the local shipping yard to be distributed across the county but Aperture collected theirs later and transported the container by road to the warehouse. With the fact that China's an emerging world superpower, it has led us to believe that Aperture have ties and contracts with their government to provide systems on their behalf. Several other ships have been seen docking there over the years and most are registered with China or South Korea. Some sources suggest that these shipments contain certain substances originating from gunpowder, others claim it's chemicals used in Aperture's medical research and drug research which we know happens inside the facility and warehouse.

This is the ship (Hai Tie 9) - docked at Fort Carson awaiting offloading by Aperture. Agents are on watch of camera with their own ones - eyeing me and another person up as we stood on the hill.

One of the Aperture trucks pulling up in the docks, clearly identifiable by the jet black paint scheme and emergency lights.

So to conclude this article, I have a bit more to add. Despite their secrecy, Aperture have failed to maintain their privacy and are left exposed in their environment even if they do feel comfortable. We, as citizens of the United States of America must UNITE and not hide secrets from one another. Now that these secrets have been revealed, I'm sure that more will come up and I will be actively searching through the archives collected by my parents at the Lil' Probe Inn and I will fight to not lose that property if I need to.

Please, feel free to come inside for a drink at some point. Take a look around at our pictures and memorabilia whilst you're at it and you might as well have a game of pool or snooker when you're there! Parking is free for customers and you can get a great view of the base's entrance from there where you can see agents driving in and out every hour.


Written by Smally

Chief Dies In Fire


As some of you may have noticed, over the past few weeks the UCP has been rather slow at times. I've been looking into the issue for the past few weeks, trying to work out what it was, and today I finaly found the root cause. Hopefully, this will not happen again, if you experience any slow loading times, please email me on [email protected]



Written by BigD

Chief Dies In Fire

User Control Panel - Version 2.3 (R2)

  • You can now change your skin slot through the UCP.
  • Addressed an issue where the User Control Panel was loading slower than expected.
  • Changed the formatting of the Namechange History in several places.
  • Added the ability for Management members to wipe Helper and Admin Statistics through the UCP.

These were the changes that were made during that short maintenace session.



Written by Smally

Chief Dies In Fire

User Control Panel - Version 2.3


  • The friends page has received new features and will now also display if a user is online on the UCP. You can also choose not to display your last activity to your friends on the settings page.
  • Worked to further improve page optimization and HTML5 validation.
  • Improvements to the core system(s) of the User Control Panel


  • You can now view name change history by clicking the link next to your characters name on the account page.
  • You can now view which clothes you have in your slots and also change skin whilst offline.


    • Ability to view and edit employee records.
  • DoC MDC
    • The DoC MDC has received several bug fixes and patches.

Admin Control Panel

  • The Admin Control Panel now works better with mobile devices.
  • Added the ability for news creators to choose not to display the standard header.
  • Admins can now see the stranger logs on the UCP.
  • Minor optimization

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where on some pages you would receive a 500 - Internal Server Error if a player id was incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug where the request to confirm email address would show even if the account was disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where you would be able to create a character with a character length that was over the SAMP Name limit.
  • Fixed a bug where Voodoos would appear as Lowriders on the Vehicles page.
  • Fixed a bug where if you changed the name of a master account that had an application pending review, it would set their MA state to 0.
  • Fixed a bug where if you changed page in the faction logs it would redirect you back to the members list.
  • Fixed a bug where it would give you a 500 - Internal server error if you tried to change the subrank of a superior.

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