New SA-MP Version Released!

Written by TommyB

Chief Dies In Fire

The time has come where the SA-MP development team graces the community with a new update! In this case, 0.3.7. The server has been upgraded to the new version which you must download in order to continue playing. 

To obtain this update, please click here and download the installer from any available mirror. 

If you'd like to view a full list of changes this update brings, click here!



Factions on RCRP - Have your say!

Written by Speakybutton

Chief Dies In Fire

Red County Roleplay would be nothing without its factions, so we're asking you to help us help them, by telling us how you think the faction system at the moment is going, what you think of the factions currently in the server, and how we can improve the system as a whole.


Your feedback is really important to us, so we'd appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to fill out a short, anonymous survey, or have your say on the forum.



Click here to have your say through the anonymous survey.


Click here to have your say through the forums.


Thank you for your input!


Written by Trooper First Class Nicole McDonald

   PRESS RELEASE #100 - San Andreas State Police, End of March Update.

SID Seizures, March 2015. 

This month within the San Andreas State Police has been incredibly successful, not only would we like to thank our serving troopers, but also you, the citizens and hard workers of Red, Flint and Bone County, without you, and your will to help others, the tri-county area would not be as much of a pleasing and decent place to live. 

Within the month of March, our Special Investigations Division has once again been cracking down on illegal activity within Red, Flint and Bone County, and the statistics for March are listed below.

Seizures within the Red, Flint and Bonce County area, over the month of March.

  • A total of 15 (fifteen) automatic and semi-automatic rifles, totalling a street value of $262,000 ($USD)
  • A total of 1060 (one-thousand-and-sixty) grams of cocaine, totalling a street value of over $159,000 ($USD) 
  • A total of 38 (thirty-eight) grams of Marijuana, totalling a street value of over $1,520 ($USD)
  • A total of 6877 (six-thousand, eight-hundred and seventy-seven) illegal materials, totalling a street value of over $48,139 ($USD)

Weapon Licensing Update.

Many members of the public have often been asking about when weapon licenses will be, once again, available to apply for. Currently, the system behind closed doors over at the Dillimore Headquarters are in full swing, we're getting everything ready for you, so that your application and application process are as smooth, and efficient as possible. Applications are currently still closed, however should be open once again during some time in the month of April (a date will be announced soon, and press release will follow on this date). As well as a new system and more efficient database being put into practise, our weapon licensing team here at the San Andreas State Police are writing up new regulations and protocols, so that acquiring weapon licenses is a much more straight forward (although safer) process. 

(( Weapon licenses are currently bugged on the server, however I've been told that this issue is being fixed soon enough!))

Training & Recruitment Update.

The recruitment for the San Andreas State Police is currently open. This means that you are more than welcome to apply for a position here at the department, we welcome any and all questions or queries you may have, and they can be forwarded to a trooper, or the non-emergency hotline for the State Police. ((Dial 911, then select miscellaneous as opposed to a crime.))

All further information on our recruitment and academy selection process can be found here.

Closing Statement.

For any further information on any of these topics, and any issues you may have, please feel free to get in touch with our Public Affairs unit, which is based out of the Dillimore Police Department, Red County. You may also freely email any member  of the Public Affairs unit, and they will be more than happy to help you.

The San Andreas State Police will also be holding an Easter event during the course of the Easter holidays, there will be a lot of different events and activities, and also a range of different prizes, big and small to win.

We look forward to working closer with the public over the month of April, we're here and always will be to protect the tri-county area.

Email: [email protected]
Phone (SASP Public Affairs Office): 3339333 
Write: Dillimore Police Precinct, Dillimore, Red County, San Andreas, 374923. 
Please address letters to San Andreas State Police, Public Affairs Office

Kind regards,
San Andreas State Police, Public Affairs Division.
Deputy Director Nicole McDonald, San Andreas State Police.

  This Press Release has been created by members of the San Andreas State Police's Public Affairs Unit, and all information is assumed true, the responsibility of this message falls on the writer and publisher, not the San Andreas State Police. If any information here is incorrect or false, please contact a member of the SASP Public Affairs Command team. ©Copyright 2015 - San Andreas State Police - Trooper First Class, Nicole McDonald, BN#129. SASP PUBLIC AFFAIRS DIVISION, Dillimore, San Andreas State.


Written by Sergeant Michael Meyrick

Chief Dies In Fire


Hello San Andreas,

Over the past few months the progression of the Public Affairs division has been slow, as big changes in the department have taken the limelight. In the recent months we have seen our ex-Colonel Malcolm Cambridge leave the department to be taken over by Daniel Evans, since then we have had a fair few changes within the department and the biggest one of all was the start of Academy Batch #16.

The Academy process is a long one with an approximate length of one and a half months from the day you sign off your application till the day you sign off your Field Training Report. But this is a training scheme which is one of the best in the country and it's one we're immensely proud of. This week, five hard working candidates finished the academy and are now Trooper's in the San Andreas State Police, congratulations to:

  • Elena Green
  • Frederick Blackburn
  • Adelaide Coltrane
  • Kyle Sanford
  • Randy Teller

The end of February was also a time of celebration for our existing staff here at San Andreas State Police where the hard working were rewarded for their excellent contribution towards the department, including new faces to the Sergeant's team.

  • Michael Meyrick 
  • Josh Hextall

Finally, I'd like to introduce myself as the new Commander of Public Affairs. Over the next few week's we will be concentrating on connecting with the public more and we'll be here to answer your questions. My aim is to bring the community and the government closer to create a happier San Andreas. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Sergeant Michael Meyrick
Commander of the Public Affairs Division

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