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Oakridge Community Center Easter Egg Hunt

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Easter Egg Hunt

An annual tradition around Red County is the ever popular Easter Egg Hunt. Previously hosted by both San Andreas State Police's Public Affairs division and San Andreas News Network, this year it's the turn of Oakridge Community Center and we've gone local.

Easter eggs have been hidden around Blueberry EXCLUDING inside Oakridge Public Housing Projects and Rumbley Block (so as not to disturb the residents). As in previous years, below are a list of hints as to their locations. You'll need a camera with you to show us where they are ((screenshot them - your name MUST be in the image, whether in the chat or your character in the image)) and when you've found all 10, fill in the below form, along with your images and drop it off at Oakridge Community Center or email [email protected]((forum PM Beth - please use the subject "Easter Egg Hunt")).

There'll be a prize of a chocolate hamper (($100,000)) for the first person to find them all as well as three people chosen at random, each receiving a chocolate egg (($50,000)). You have until Thursday 16th April to submit your answers.

((Please note that there are roleplayed prizes and then OOC monetary prizes OOC with permission from an admin given. It's not realistic for a small Community Center to give such huge prizes but I understand the whole purpose of an event/competition of this scale is a prize that's worth your while.))

1. I don't think you can plant an egg...
2. Ugh, it's dusty back here.
3. That's quite the haul!
4. I thought it was usually cats that got stuck up there...
5. The trash here is stacking up.
6. Hope you don't skip this one!
7. Here for some new rims or a total transformation?
8. Egg... Loading...
9. Slam, dunk!
10. Now's no time for fun and games.

For your entry to be considered, you must use the following submission form:

[fdivbox=#ffffff][hr][/hr][color=#000000][size=5][b]Oakridge Community Center - Easter Egg Hunt 2020 ANSWERS[/b][/size]

[b]Your Name[/b]:
[b]Contact Number or Email[/b]:

[b]Locations (With Photos)[/b]:[/color]
1. Place Name: ... | Image: ...
2. Place Name: ... | Image: ...
3. Place Name: ... | Image: ...
4. Place Name: ... | Image: ...
5. Place Name: ... | Image: ...
6. Place Name: ... | Image: ...
7. Place Name: ... | Image: ...
8. Place Name: ... | Image: ...
9. Place Name: ... | Image: ...
10. Place Name: ... | Image: ....[/fdivbox]

Good luck!


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Chief Dies In Fire


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