San Andreas Fire & Rescue - Apply today.

Written by Dale Leonard (Posted by Becca)

SAN Network | 23rd - 24th June - SUMMER WEEKENDER!

Written by Flora Oakley (Posted by Arky)


San Andreas Fire & Rescue - Apply today.

Written by Dale Leonard (Posted by Arky)

Ever wanted to be a fire-fighter? Here's your chance to battle flames, rescue people and be a hero!

SAN Network Invests in Argent Innovations

Written by Flora Oakley (Posted by Arky)


SAN Network Invests in Argent Innovations 

By Flora Oakley
Published 3rd June 2018 

Argent Innovations is arguably one of the most secretive organisations in our county. As yet, we've seen little from them aside from airshows and their contribution at Job Fair events - but, that's not to say there's nothing going on. In fact, quite the opposite is true. The organisation, headed up by Bella Schofield has a variety of projects currently ongoing - the details of which, at current, are confidential.

Whilst the organisation goes through multiple changes to fully utilise the Havendale Research Facility, there are also multiple job openings. Details of these openings can be found on the Argent recruitment page.

In light of the recent changes, SAN Network met with Miss Schofield to discuss Argent's upcoming plans. The interview between Miss Schofield and Flora Oakley can be found below:
Bella, thank you for taking the time to speak to me. As some may know, Argent originally started out as Argent Aerospace. What prompted the change to Innovations?
Thank you for reaching out, it's my pleasure. Argent Innovations did indeed start out as Argent Aerospace at first. It was a natural progression from ever since the company was founded in 1991 and was then only focused on aircraft maintenance. After the main headquarters got transferred to San Andreas, we moved on to manufacturing and afterwards research and development operations of aircraft and other airborne vehicles. After the success we had initially, it was logical to continue with research and development as our main focus. Currently we are the biggest corporation of this sort in the state and possibly on the west coast with work being done in a large variety of fields that are not solely aerospace related. That is why the name Argent Innovations was chosen - it better represented the company.

So what can we expect from Argent Innovations in the coming weeks, if we can know anything of course?
Well, as you can imagine I cannot disclose any specific details about what is happening internally in regards to projects, but I can say that we are doing a lot of work and it's so far paying off. We have restructured some internal procedures to help us be more efficient with resources, so we're definitely on the right track.

How is it decided when information can be de-classified and released to the public?
It really depends on what kind of information it is. For things that are confidential on a corporate level, the de-classification process begins pretty much as soon as the project reaches the final stages and it is quite straight forward. The public would be able to learn about it pretty much instantly after completion. For information that is considered more sensitive, you can imagine the process would be a bit more complicated.

Thank you to Miss Schofield for her time, it was a pleasure.
In light of the recent changes to Argent Innovations, SAN Network have made a $1,000,000 investment into the company in order to aid research. In return, the two organisations have struck up a deal in which SAN Network will have exclusive access to any de-classified information first.

SAN Network would like to wish Argent Innovations all the best with their upcoming projects. If you are interested in anything the organisation is up to, their website can be found here.
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