Press Release #199 - Colonel's Speech

Written by Danny


Master Trooper Jeffrey Ricketts,
Representative in Training

Speech by the Colonel - © Corporal SiT Elena Green
On 15 January 2017 at 7:00 PM, Colonel Mark Cambridge issued a glorifying public statement outside Dillimore Police Department, following a successful bust in the area of Bluff Drive, Palomino Creek, carried out in an attempt to put an end to gang violence in the area. In addition to this, those who organized the bust operation were rewarded and heavily praised for their determined and well-planned thinking. This was soon followed by a Q&A from the Colonel, assisted by the Deputy Director of Public Affairs, Corporal SiT Elena Green, where numerous questions were asked regarding the bust as well as the State Police in general.

The public statement began, with the Colonel along with the present High Command members exiting the lobby, presenting themselves to the crowd before briefly introducing himself. He began informing the public of a somewhat surprising yet successful bust at a house on Bluff Drive, coordinated by no one other than the State Police Detective Bureau. In response to the high rising crime rate in Palomino Creek, an investigation as well as raid was carried out in the Bluff Drive area of Palomino Creek. The raid was successful, with no casualties being taken from either side. Cambridge took this as a decisive victory for the SASP, quoting the seizure report, all of which were taken from the single gang in Palomino Creek.


  • Desert Eagle: 14
  • Shotgun: 4
  • Micro-Uzi: 21
  • MP5: 7
  • AK47: 2
  • M4: 1


  • Marijuana & Cocaine: 600g

In reward for his outstanding effort in organizing as well as executing this triumphant operation, the Colonel awarded Detective Sergeant Michael Eastman nothing other than the Colonel's award! In addition to this, Eastman was immediately installed as the new Director of the State Police Detective Bureau, as well as placed back into his former position of Corporal. Congratulations to Eastman for the outstanding work he has done for the community!

Eastman being awarded - © Corporal SiT Elena Green

Colonel's Award

This award is given to a Trooper specifically chosen by the Colonel of the San Andreas State Police. One of the hardest ribbons to achieve, those who possess this have shown outstanding effort and service to the Department and assisted in many Divisions and Units.

Before returning back to our normal duties, we managed to catch a statement from both the Colonel Mark Cambridge and now SPDB Director Michael Eastman.

Mark Cambridge wrote:

This is a landmark bust for the San Andreas State Police, and the State itself. It's one of the largest busts which we have seen from our own Department, and in Palomino itself. At the recent Crime Committee conference with the Governer and a select few representatives, they highlighted in particular that the crime rate in Palomino was not good enough. Therefore, it has been a concentration for our ESU Patrols and our investigatory teams.

These are the results that we are looking for as we look to improve the crime accross the County. This sends a strong, clear message towards every gang and family in San Andreas. We're watching, and we will be making moves as times goes on.


Michael Eastman wrote:

Firstly I'd like to thank the State Troopers who supported the Detective Bureau during tonight's search warrant that was conducted on a premise in eastern Palomino Creek, I'd also like to extend that thank you to the members of the Emergency Services Unit who were in attendance as our main tactical unit. Collectively as a department all those who were involved worked well together, we were swift and effective in the approach, entry and secure stages with an all round good result. This goes to show that we are starting to get a handle on the crime that has been plaguing Palomino and the wider County, I can safely say there will be more instances such as this one in the near future.

After Eastman was applauded, the Colonel stayed behind for a Q&A session, with the assistance of Green. The public were able to ask appropriate questions to the Colonel, face to face, with direct answers. Unfortunately, two males were forcibly removed from the session in response to provocatively denouncing the Colonel. Despite this, we were still able to gather a few questions, the important ones regarding the future in particular.

In regards to the issues surrounding graffiti: "Why has SP not done anything about the plague of graffiti around town?"

Mark Cambridge wrote:

Fantastic question sir, I appreciate the question. We aren't responsible for the clean up of the graffiti, however we are going to be looking at setting up some form of task force for dealing with the prevention of graffiti. A form of "payback" was suggested by a Trooper, allowing minor criminals to clean up as a community payback.

Regarding the issues surrounding the reliability of law enforcement: "How come the State Police are getting killed EVERYDAY?"

Mark Cambridge wrote:

Your question is very broad and it's a very difficult question to address. We are continually operating on the streets and investigating groups of street gangs and families to address the ongoing issues and we are seeing improvements across all towns.

Another question regarding the issues the reliability of law enforcement: "People are getting gunned down in Montgomery. What are you gonna do about that? "

Mark Cambridge wrote:

Part one thank you for asking that question, as I was in a Crime Committee today with the Governor. He highlighted specifically Montgomery as a target, and it is something we are going to increase the amount of tactical patrols in the area.

The public showing up - © Corporal SiT Elena Green

To sum up, we would like to thank everyone who attended for the public statement. We, the San Andreas State Police, try our best to fulfill our motto To protect with courage, to serve with compassion. Clearly we have seen this from the outcome of the operation, as well as from the public statement given by Colonel Cambridge. Again, congratulations to now Corporal and Director of SPDB Michael Eastman on his success as well as promotions. We wish you all a great day and will continue to help protect the streets of San Andreas, from the windswept fields of Flint County to the barren deserts of Bone County.


Image Email: [email protected]
Image Phone: To get in touch, call the Public Affairs office on 911. ((Put non emergency in the dialog))
Image Write: Send your letters to Public Affairs Office, Dillimore Police Department, Dillimore, Red County.


This has been an official release from the Public Affairs Division,
San Andreas State Police.
©Copyright 2017 - San Andreas State Police.


Congratulations to SASP Batch #42!

Written by Yassin

Congratulations to SASP - Batch #42!
Published and edited by Mercedes Montana for County Radio on 11th June 2017

  • 16 new SASP hopefuls successfully passed their graduation.
  • A fantastic turnout from Red County residents showed their support.
  • First ever graduation ceremony to be held in the Dillimore Police Department Ceremony Hall.

It has been no secret that our County Radio journalists love a ceremony just as much as the next person and this evening was no different as County Radio attended our 4th consecutive Academy with the State Police. Residents from across Red County attended the graduation ceremony for Batch #42 which took place for the very first time inside the Dillimore Police Department. Batch 42 consisted of 16 brand new hopefuls who have proven their own outstanding ability to perform on and off of the field, which is what the San Andreas State Police is all about.

On April 15th the San Andreas State Police saw their batch #41 of recruits join their department, but today saw a brand new batch of hopefuls to join the prestigious State Police ranks. Colonel Mark Cambridge was present at the graduation as he kick-started the ceremony in front of a packed out audience.

Colonel Mark Cambridge took to the stage.

Transcript - Colonel Mark Cambridge [sic]:
"Thanks a lot for coming along to Academy Graduation #42. I see faces here who attend these regularly, and you know how lengthy they can be. So I appreciate the turnout. Alright moving on, my colleagues, and civilians we serve. I am delighted to stand before you today, still having the privilege of hosting this ceremony. Every few months we gather to celebrate the graduation of a new batch of Law Enforcement Officers. Batch 42 is no different, nor has the standards they have shown been different than those previous."

Before official proceedings were able to start, Colonel Mark Cambridge began with a one minute silence to honor those who had fallen during their service within the State Police.


Read more of this article here.


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SASP Perform Successful Weapons Bust

Written by Yassin


San Andreas State Police Perform Successful Weapons Bust
Published and edited by Mercedes Montana for County Radio on 8th June 2017


  • San Andreas State Police conducted successful weapon bust yesterday evening.
  • A total of six lethal weapons removed from the streets.
  • Weapon dealer fatally wounded during bust.

Late yesterday evening reports came in regarding a successful weapons bust by the San Andreas State Police. The individual who was targetted will remain anonymous while further investigations continue but the weapons dealer was known to police.

The San Andreas State Police have worked tirelessly to ensure that illegal firearms and substances remain off our streets and yesterday was no exception when a large amount of firearms were recovered. The Operation took place with intelligence that had been provided from an ex-Aperture Agent. The arrest and seizure reportedly took place at Aldea Malvada with Operatives from both State Police Detective Bureau and the Strategic Response Unit.

The following was seized, and safely removed from the street;

  • 1x AK47
  • 3x Micro-Uzi
  • 1x MP5
  • 1x TEC-9

The State Police have confirmed that the suspect was gunned down, suffering fatal injuries after officers approached him. The suspect proceeded to withdraw his own firearm which has since been reported to be an assault rifle, before killing one Trooper. The suspect was shot immediately and killed upon sight. No further injuries had taken place. As far as the State Police are aware, the weapons dealer was a lone dealer, and his entire cache was seized after the successful bust.

County Radio would like to thank the San Andreas State Police for their correspondence and information provided within this article.

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Station 11 Fire & Grill Barbecue

Written by Yassin

Station 11 Fire & Grill Barbecue
Published and edited by Mercedes Montana for County Radio on 5th June 2017

  • Red County Fire Department hosts public barbecue.
  • Music, grilled food and basketball available.
  • Chief Duncan McMillan said to be planning for more events for the public.

With summer well on its way the Red County Fire Department surprised local residents with a public barbecue that saw the likes of Potato and Caesar salads, French fries, burgers, hotdogs, barbecue ribs and much more tantalizing foods. The barbecue was the brain child of Mr. William Jackson, a member of the Fire Department who could be spotted hard at work maintaining the grill.

Fire Department Chief Duncan McMillan was available to comment on the event during a publically broadcasted interview with SAN Network, "we planned it to be only between us, the FD members, but we decided it to make it public" Chief McMillan began, "we were cooking burgers and hotdogs outside".

When asked about the possibility of any possible future events from the Fire Department Chief McMillan had this to say, "definitely, we are planning for more events". Chief McMillan kept his cards close to his chest as he didn't disclose many clues as to what these public events may be, but judging by the quality of today's barbecue, County Radio is certainly confident that they will be a success. Nevertheless, the only clue that Chief McMillan may have let slip is his public request for a business property, "right now the Fire Department is looking for a place to set up like a Bar, if you are selling one or you are in look for a trade please do not hesitate to contact me on my personal number [omitted]!"

In recent months the Red County Fire Department has been loosely criticized for its management and performance but Chief McMillan was keen to debunk a lot of the hearsay around the County, "Right now the activity has increased significantly, but we are still working on the Recruitment part" he began, "[we are looking to] increase the number of employees and also increase the quality of our services and the response".

The Red County Fire Department has recently announced its public introduction to their up and coming station, Station 12, which will be situated in Bone County. Station 12 will be home to their Special Operations Division and is located at the Fort Carson Medical Center. For more information on The Red County Fire Department's Station 12, click to visit their Press Release #68.





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SASP Employee Newsletter May 2017

Written by Danny


Dear Employees,

This month, our entire Department would like to take the first opportunity to send our condolences and thoughts to all of those who have families and friends over in the United Kingdom - who has suffered two horrific acts of terror over the past two weeks.

Together - we're working as a force to ensure that the citizens of our State feel protected and safe during these dangerous, and alarming times. Scenes of attacks, shootings and bombings on our own streets are becoming far too familiar and we as a force are lucky we have not had to deal with suck attacks as of yet.

Moving forward we need to ensure that we promote the public to be vigilante in these times. This is a huge international operation which is way above our level - however the repercussions of such operations are being seen on the streets of our own Counties and Towns.

We need to make sure our public have a trust in us, and as such, will be developing a new threat level system - moving us away from the Department of Homeland Security alert system. This will be announced public in the coming days.

High Command Team.


Written by Kemp




Chief Dies in Fire


At approximately 13:50 on May 5th, 2017, the Red County Fire Department was dispatched to a reported structure fire at Blueberry Apartments. Red County Fire Department Chief Boden responded with Engine-11 while another crew responded on Engine-12, upon arrival the apartment complex had flames shooting out the doors of Apartment 7. With the assistance of San Andreas State Police Emergency Services Unit, the RCFD quickly gained control of the fire.

After most ESU members cleared and while investigating the fire, there was a reported smell of gas coming from the apartment and suddenly the apartment became engulfed in flames once again. Chief Boden quickly retreated and ran outside and met with ESU Firefighter Chris Diaz. The 2 man crew went back into offensive mode and started attacking the fire when the roof above came crashing down on both firefighters and pinning them. After ESU Firefighters Kyle Sanford and Anthony Caetano and Fire Captain Duncan Mcmillan heard the apartment relit, they quickly returned to the scene and found both Boden and Diaz trapped under 2 meters of rubble. 

They quickly removed the rubble and the firefighters from the scene found out that Chief Boden was not conscious and was not breathing. Units on scene attempted CPR but Chief Boden succumbed to the injuries he sustained and was declared deceased at 15:03.

The Red County Fire Department Arson Task Force is investigating the fire and at this time are confirming it is suspicious in nature. RCFD ATF is looking for a White Male with long hair last seen wearing a gray shirt and black vest and driving a Blue Wayfarer. If you have any information related to the case, please contact the Fire Department Information line ((/call 911, Ask for Fire and click Assist Public)). You may be eligible for a reward up to $2,500 if your information is used to bring a suspect into custody.


David McCormack,
Fire Chief
Red County Fire Department


Written by Kemp




Image Lulu Woodard · Published May 11, 2017 · SAN Network 

Owned by a local Motorcycle Club, The Shamrock pub was undergoing its grand opening on the 10th of May. The event was going well, many people from all walks of life were attending and having a blast.

In the middle of the grand opening, a loud crash was heard from the outside while patrons were enjoying their evening drink. Upon further inspection, two vehicles, a Sabre and a Walton, had collided and hit a few motorcycles in the process.


(Photographer: Lulu Woodard)

A crowd gathered around and tensions rose. Shortly thereafter the altercation between the drivers of the vehicles had turned physical. With upset bikers getting involved, the violence was widespread, nearly everyone came out of the bar to partake. The driver of the Sabre got back into his beat up car and proceeded to run a few members of the crowd over.

A brawl ensued and weapons ranging from baseball bats to handguns were pulled. A bearded male wearing a black cap, pictured below, was the first to open fire. In what is claimed to be self defense, three other males opened fire.



(Photographer: Lulu Woodard)

Aperture and State Police were quickly on-scene and once the situation was back under control three people laid dead in the street and six were left injured. Two arrests in connection to the shooting have been made. It is urged that you contact State Police if you have any information pertaining to the incident.

Written by Kemp



San Andreas State Police Job Fair
Published and edited by Mercedes Montana for County Radio on 6th May 2017

  • Job fair hosted by SASP offers great business opportunities for locals.
  • Recruitment drives assisted by production of fair.
  • A wide variety of businesses took part in the event.

Preparations for the San Andreas State Police job fair began well in advance as tables and fencing were laid out and pitched beside the grassy area beside the Montgomery gas station. With local produce from local Red County farms and hot & cold food stands made readily available, the residents of Red County were in for a treat.


The job fair line up saw the likes of the San Andreas State Police, the Red County Fire Department, Elite Trucking, SAN Network, Casa Blanca Casino, Argent Aerospace, local farmers and us, County Radio; all of which received their very own stall to showcase their organizations to the Red County residents.


Both Argent Aerospace and SAN Network received special care to ensure their vehicles were brought to the ground safely, with Deputy Director of Public Affairs Elena Green marking locations with flares for the pilots.


Premium parking was also on offer with many thanks to local business Casa Blanca's who offered up their secure parking for a small fee. Fresh produce was also free for everybody at the fair, including fresh milk from Wendy the cow which could be seen by the produce table.


An interesting addition to the fair saw the San Andreas State Police bomb disposal robot, known as Explosives Ordinance Disposal (EOD) which is part of the ESU unit.


All in all the event was a success, with the weather holding out for the duration, the fair saw crowds of residents taking part and browsing through all the stalls and discovering more about the businesses that help build the economy in Red County. And it wouldn't have been a Red County without County Radio, who showcased a handful of our six DJ's, from DJ Mercy, DJ Legacy and DJ RockMP with DJ Meek joining our table later that evening.

Photo gallery:













Red County Roleplay v2.5 has been released

Written by Sam Ellemayoh

Chief Dies In Fire

Version 2.5 is now live on the server, click a box below to expand the changes.

• Corrected an issue which may have given certain players godmode after a bugged death.

• Corrected an issue where players could not set their age below 16.

• Fixed a bug that caused exterior furniture items to get stuck in old furniture positions inside of the corresponding house.

• Fixed a bug where /fishes could not be used while a player had a fish spam timer.

• Fixed a bug where /lockgarage didn't work inside of custom garage interiors.

• Fixed a bug where account online status could be stuck as online even when a player was offline, preventing them from logging in.

• Fixed a bug where corpses could be lit on fire multiple times.

• Fixed a bug where duplicated furniture objects wouldn't reassign textures to the correct slots.

• Fixed a bug where faction vehicles couldn't be retrieved from the impound properly after a server restart.

• Fixed a bug where incorrect businesses were marked as mall businesses.

• Fixed a bug where local /r and /dr messages could be seen when a player was in a vehicle with the windows rolled up.

• Fixed a bug where newly purchased vehicles could be duplicated.

• Fixed a bug where players could go /afk while using a payphone, allowing them to run around while using the payphone upon returning.

• Fixed a bug where players could whisper to other players inside of vehicles with the windows up.

• Fixed a bug where server vehicles could be resprayed by mechanics.

• Fixed a bug where the FD trucking route would guide the player to the incorrect location.

• Fixed a bug where vehicle /recharge restrictions would only check player owned cars.

• Fixed a few bugs with loading player car data after retrieving vehicles from the impound lot or repair garage.

• Fixed an exploit which allowed factions to rig weapon crate requests until more rare weapons showed up.

• Fixed an exploit with drugs stored in faction lockers.

• Fixed bugs where players could unfreeze themselves when downed.

• Fixed issue where players could get autobanned for shooting weapons under special circumstances.

• Fixed some issues with unlocking businesses from the outside.

• Hopefully fixed a bug where the driveby script wouldn't teleport the player back into the vehicle due to silly code logic.

• /alias will now save to player accounts and reapply once logging back in until a player has removed the alias.

• /ame will now automatically capitalize the first letter of the player's command input.

• /factiononline and /members should now be more efficient and less bugged.

• /payfurn preference now saves.

• /pickupallf will now pick up and destroy all weed plants.

• /rollwindows now supports each window independently. Each passenger can now manipulate their own window while the driver/passenger can control all windows.

• /siren has been adjusted to be more efficient and make it easier to add new sirens.

• /stats and disconnect messages will now show a player's packet loss.

• /trunk can no longer be used while downed.

• Added a non emergency option to 911 calls.

• Added deletion causes and timestamps to weapons which will make it easier for admins to find out why a player's weapons were deleted for refund requests and etc.

• Adjust damage callbacks to add better hit registration on people inside of vehicles.

• All of the exterior furniture commands have been merged into normal house furniture commands. (/ebuyf -> /buyf, etc)

• An invisible platform will now be created at the location a player is about to be teleported to in order to prevent people from falling through streamed objects.

• Any phone or weapon that is dropped when the server restarts will now be deleted.

• Boombox streams will now only cancel when a player enters a vehicle if the car has an audio stream playing itself.

• Eating food will no longer restore HP if a player has lethal wounds.

• Faction leaders can now adjust the rank required to take items from their faction lockers (/setlockerrank).

• Faction lockers will now create a pickup where they are set.

• Made a handful of internal optimizations related to interacting with houses, businesses, garages, motels and static interiors from the outside.

• Made many optimizations to the furniture system, house system, business system, static interiors and garage system.

• Phone owner names will now only be updated upon namechange when the creator is still in possession of the phone.

• Phone storage has been redone and is now more efficient. Multiple phones can now be stored in properties as well.

• Players can no longer be dragged while AFK.

• Players will now be automatically kicked if they do not log in to their accounts within 30 seconds.

• Purchasing new clothing items now uses the model selection menu rather than the old scrolling system.

• Raised the maximum amount of textures per furniture item from 3 to 5.

• Reduced the stream distance of exterior furniture objects to 100 meters. (was 200)

• Removed player names/stranger IDs from /knock.

• Rewrote sending shout/megaphone messages into buildings again. The feature should be far more efficient now and less buggy as well.

• The /members dialog has been redone to look cleaner and provide a member's last login date as well.

• The briefcase system has been removed.

• The inactive property wipe will now check every 15 minutes for inactive users instead of once a day at a fixed time to prevent people from camping the Silver Trading office for the property wipe. The property wipe has also been optimized and now executes 2.5x as fast.

• Added /my.

• Added /vattachments which will allow players to attach up to 5 miscellaneous objects to their vehicles.

• Added a brand new interior to the Dillimore Police Department which consists of ~5,000 objects.

• Added a graffiti system which will allow scripted gangs to add graffiti tags around the map.

• Added an experimental bus bot that will complete the server's bus route 24/7. The bus driver sidejob has been removed. Note: this change is experimental and subject to change at any given time.

• Added orange sirens for multiple cars in Elite Trucking.

• Added storage to businesses which behaves exactly like house storage, only used with bizz as a prefix instead of house.

• Houses may now have back doors attached to them which can be entered and exited. Any lead admin can set the cords and activate house back doors.

• Players may now input custom textures onto house furniture.

• Textures can now be applied to exterior house furniture.

Written by Kemp





Image Lulu Woodard · Published May 3, 2017 · SAN Network 

Angel Pine, once a prosperous small mountain town, now plagued by violence. Residents were shocked to hear automatic gunfire coming from just outside their homes at 3PM on May 1st. A horrifying and sinister attack on a local Motorcycle Club left four dead.

A grey Picador with two heavily armed males in the back, roamed the streets in search of what we assume to be a rival gang. They promptly gunned down anyone who was riding a motorcycle without questioning.


This brutal attack will not go unnoticed. State Police are looking into the shooting, it is believed that a similar incident the day previous, in which three were killed, is connected to this shooting. More Police have been assigned to the area and patrols are more frequent as a result of the recent surge in crime.

Any potential witnesses are urged to contact the Police with information.


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