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SASP Employee Newsletter January 2017


Dear Employees,

January has been a great month for progress as we work to amend various changes made in the last year. We want to thank everyone for continuing to adapt to the changes we have made to ensure the department is as best as it can be. As everyone returns from their time off from the holidays, we want to make sure that all employees are still up to date with any recently implemented protocols or changes.

One very notable event that required contributions from everyone was Academy Batch 40. The number of applicants and recruits were astounding and we look forward to graduating one of the biggest batches in the department's history. A big shout out to every member of the Training & Development Bureau for kicking it into overdrive with this batch. More on that below. Another notable change was our revision of our Command Team structure along with the non-commissioned insignias. Although most of these changes are aesthetic, we hope that these new structures and insignias can help represent us as a more modern and sophisticated department.

We would like to thank everyone again for their contributions this month. Enjoy the read!

High Command Team


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Year in Glance | SAN Network Magazine (Contests & Competitions Included)

Year in Glance | SAN Network Magazine (Contests & Competitions Included)




          Christmas is around the corner, and New Year's Eve just right on the doorstep coming. The time of year has come where we forget all our sadness, demises, worries and celebrate in joy, rightness, enjoyment and fun.
From home to home, and heart to heart, from one place to another, the warmth and joy of Christmas, brings us closer to each other. And the celebrations and enjoyment we do have at this week, is not something to miss of! 
This new year comes with lots of happiness and love with unfolded hands. 
Have had worries with your past year? This is the new start-off for your life, a road which will have it's ups and downs, but how you confront and change yourselves according to, is needed.
We all had our worries and step-down moments, some bright, some dark;some cherishing, some demising but it's the inner self that made us stand till far, and we've seen the year end like an envelope, coming in with open letter and departing with a closed one.
One has rightly said, time flies off by and things change-by, we change ourselves, our basis of understanding but let's think of the day today and not the past. Let's keep the inside of ourselves same and do the little fun of making us enjoyed and better as one chapter of our life ends. It's new year coming...

You can continue reading on our webpage.

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SASP Employee Newsletter December 2016


Dear Employees,

As the holiday period draws to a close, as well as this year draws to a close, we want to take this opportunity to thank every single person within this Department for their hard work and dedication in the last twelve months, as well as in particular the month of December as it proves to be our most challenging with increased numbers of people in the State along with a lower amount of staff members due to holidays and staff leave.

Although we thank you for the hard work that you have given, we want to keep up the good work we have put in over the last twelve months and continue to innovate and improve this Department. We will be making a few infrastructure changes in regards to ranks and office structures. We are hoping that with these changes we will make the infrastructure more understandable and structured easier.

We will also be opening recruitment in January, and it will be the first batch since the end of October 2016, so this is most certainly an exciting time for the Departmnet.

I hope you enjoy reading, and all the best for 2017.

High Command Team.


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Is It Getting Warmer?

Residents of Red, Bone and Flint County went out their doors today and all noticed the same thing: The snow has disappeared. The RC-RP team would like to thank everyone who participated this month in the yearly snow RP. We really enjoyed your positive feedback and roleplay you provided during this month. Let's hope we all get to return to Snow County next year, and the staff whishes everyone a wonderful 2017!

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