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The San Andreas State Police recruitment opened on the 1st of August for Batch #37, in just one week we have seen one of the largest influx in applicants, making it one of the most competitive recruitment batches in recent months. Due to the large influx amount of applications, we have decided to extend the application deadline until 11:59PM, 11th August, 2016

I'd also like to pass my congratulations to all the applicants who have been successful for the position of cadet, who are eagerly anticipating the Academy sessions, which are to be held as followed:

Session #1 - Friday, 12th August, 2016.
20:00 (UTC +1 / BST) - Session #1
Session # 2 - Saturday, 13th August, 2016.
14:00 (UTC +1 / BST) - Session #2

Recruitment is at a year high, achieving almost double the amount of successful applicants in comparison to this month last year, we'd like to thank all parties involved, including Director of Recruitment Ronnie Moyles, for making Batch #37 run as smooth and as efficiently as possible.

Email: (( Click ))
Phone: To get in touch, call the Public Affairs office on 911. ((Put non emergency in the dialog))
Write: Send your letters to Public Affairs Office, Dillimore Police Department, Dillimore, Red County.

Kind regards,
Sergeant Nicole McDonald
Public Affairs Editor

Article authorised by Lieutenant Colonel Vincent Kemp, High Command Team, San Andreas State Police.

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Monty Park; Red County's Hot Spot
By: Katia Cortez

Montgomery Park, also known as Monty Park is a small public square located in the center of Montgomery here in Red County. Monty Park is hot spot with all members of the Red County community, however today I went out to explore exactly why that is the case. During an interview with one member of the community, Miss.Turner she had this to say, 

"I don't know, I assume [People come to Monty Park] because one person comes here, another one rolls around and they want company, and over time time people gather and mingle, human nature I guess."

Another, instantly recognizable member of the community who goes by the name Herb' he had this to say as well,

"Some people say it's been like this since the eighties; It's where all the new people come when they move to Red County." 

Whether it be the amazing dancing, great music, human nature or just a coincidence one thing is for sure, Montgomery Park's popularity has and will remain high for years to come. A place where all people can come, get along, have fun and make new friends. For SAN News I'm Katia Cortez.

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SASP Press Release #142 - Safety in Numbers


Another month, another batch of fully-pledged Troopers! This month of August, the San Andreas State Police would like to congratulate the 13 members who struggled through a long and harsh month of constant watch and patrol whilst enduring the pain-staking and life-risking situations. Congratulations to these troopers:

Crux Johnson
Bruce Baxter
Thiago James
Isabella Everett
Bas McCane
Jason Deluca
Rick Hardy
Anthony McKenzie
David Simas
Austin Buckley
Stevi Reynolds
Duncan McMillan
Cameron Gregory.



If you are looking forward to becoming like one of these fully-pledged heroes, then submit your application for the San Andreas State Police today by clicking here.

Phone: To get in touch, call the Public Affairs office on 911. ((Put non emergency in the dialog))
Write: Send your letters to Public Affairs Office, Dillimore Police Department, Dillimore, Red County.

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We've had one of the longest serving High Command members in history leave us due to personal circumstances, as well as seen another High Command member resign at the same time. In normal circumstances it would be difficult to see two of the best workers go, however the infrastructure that this Department has in place dealt with it almost instantly and we managed to recover from the loss and get back to where the Department needs to be.

We've also had radio protocol changes in the last month, as we move to a more modern unit referencing system which makes things easier for Watch Sergeants and other supervisors alike. It will take some getting used to, but knowing how this Department takes changes it will work and it will help us proceed.

The amount of active Troopers patrolling on a daily basis has increased by a drastic amount and we seem to have resolved the lack of staff issue and I would like to thank everyone in the Department for that.

Colonel Mark Cambridge, High Command Team here to read more.

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