Server Issue [22/04/14]

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Hello there,

Everyone who is attempting to connect to our San Andreas Multiplayer sever is having issues connecting, due to an illegal character that was accidently submitted into the San Andreas State Police's Mobile Data Computer (MDC). The only two people who can currently fully restart the server are TommyB and fr0st however due to conflicting timezones, they are both unavailable. The second that either of them become available I will notify them and attempt to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. I will update this topic with updates as they are made apparent to me. I apologize for any inconvenience caused and politely request that you bear with us.

Please refrain from making topics regarding this issue.

On behalf of the Red County Roleplay Administration Team.


EDIT: The server has been restarted, all is well!


Server back up! [4/1/2014]

Written by x00

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You can now connect to our SA-MP server


The server was down due to a log-in problem which is now fixed. While that was being fixed, we decided to update the server with a hotfix completed by Booth for all the 2.0a bugs. We're hoping everything is fixed in this hotfix, but if bugs still remain on the server, please report them.

Bugs fixed -

  • Fixed multiple bugs within the holster system, some exploits as well.
  • Fixed a bug where /bcase hide would not remove the briefcase from your hands.
  • Fixed various bugs throughout the SASP MDC.
  • Fixed a bug where all skins were available at the locals only.
  • Fixed a bug where people would get auto-jailed for saying IC words.
  • Fixed a bug where FD couldn't get rid of equipped items.
  • Fixed a bug where achievements wouldn't display properly.
  • Fixed a bug where the business owner's name would display when entering.
  • Fixed a bug with /vest not removing.
  • Fixed a bug where prisoners in DoC would spawn at their homes.
  • Fixed a bug with /fish at the PC bay.
  • Fixed a bug where two lines would tell you your total balance when getting PayDay.
  • Fixed a bug where level 4 donators would have to pay for fuel.
  • Fixed the bug where "ERROR" would be appearing for vehicle names.
  • Fixed a bug where /contacts would not display the numbers properly.


Server Changelog -

Report a bug -

Contact Support -

Thanks for the patience. 


Server downtime [4/1/2014]

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The server will be down for a short amount of time due to some maintenance. It should hopefully be up in a bit, this is just a small notice for anyone who is curious. We're hoping this takes no longer than an hour.


  • 2.0a Hotfix

RCRP Administration.


Red County Roleplay 2.0a

Written by x00

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Welcome to the new improved Red County Roleplay 2.0a featuring a number of fantastic new features thanks to our developers and testers! We understand we have taken time to release this update for you all but our developers and testers have been dedicating a lot of time for this and we hope we have released something for you all in order to step up the progress of the server! Below you will find everything about the update and we hope you enjoy the new features we have on offer.



What's New


Let's start with what's new in the 2.0a update, let's just say everything pretty much is. The forums have been redesigned by Smally to fit the new UCP/website. Smally has completely revamped the UCP along with great help from Donut Seller. Booth has worked very hard on getting the 2.0a script update out.


User Control Panel 2.0a
  • Smally (Developer)
  • Donut Seller (Lead Developer)
  • RayW (Images/Graphics)

Smally had completely redesigned the UCP from scratch. After a few weeks of developing it, he asked Donut Seller for his assistance to get it done quicker. Donut was assigned the role of Lead Developer and began working on it. Since he was hired into the developer team, he spent hours every day working to get the initial release out on the assigned day. Donut has really made a great effort and he played a great role in getting this UCP done, along with Smally. Donut now holds the role of Lead Developer, but Smally will still be assisting him. 

Many new features have been added to the new User Control Panel. The core features, player features admin features have been completely re-done from scratch. The main features that have been added can be seen below, the rest you can view on the changelog.

  • Staff page, a staff page has been added to the UCP navigation bar. It updates automatically as it's connected to the in-game server.
  • Servers page, a servers page has been added to the UCP navigation bar. It lists both in-game and TeamSpeak 3 servers. You can view the players currently connected to each server.
  • Dynamic news articles, admins can post news articles directly to the home page. Users have the option to comment on news articles created.
  • Dynamic changelogs, developers can post changelogs through the UCP without requiring TommyB to do it manually. Any lead developer will have access to it.
  • Revised MA dashboard, each character now holds a separate character page. Many things can be viewed for each character when viewing the page. What can be viewed currently for each character;
    • Vehicles (displays mileage, donator, plate, vehicle model)
    • House (displays address)
    • Businesses (displays business value, earnings to collect, payout, enterable, stock left)
    • Economy (displays cash on hand and in bank)
    • Faction Center (displays faction info, view members, faction management)
    • Admin Record (displays punishments for your character)
  • Admin Control Panel (ACP), has been completely revised. Most features aren't going to be revealed to the public, so just know it's amazing.
  • Randomize quiz, every time for every new player. The questions are randomly generated from a selection of sixty questions. When a player attempts to take the quiz, it will be completely different from the last person. Cheating is no longer an option, haha, suckers.
  • All previous quiz questions have been changed to multiple choice, with the addition of a two paragraph written response.


Script 2.0a
  • Booth (Lead Developer)

Booth has worked for a couple weeks now to get this update pushed out. It may have taken longer than it should, but he wanted to make sure everything was perfect before the release. We're hoping that no further bugs come to our attention in this update, but there is always a chance.

This update is the biggest update RC-RP has seen in a while. It contains many new features, bug fixes any other various things. The changelog for the update would be posted below, but it's way too big to be put into here. Some of the main features that have been added are written below.

  • MySQL Update, completely converted the RC-RP script to now run on the R38 version of the MySQL plugin. This will hopefully reduce the lag the server gets when a large amount of players are connected.
  • Holster system, long awaited system has finally arrived. This system allows players to attach weapons to their body for more customization opportunities.
  • New MDC, which the SASP and SACFD have both gotten, is fantastic. It's much more advanced than the older versions, but it's very simple.
  • Faction plates, all faction plates have been converted to random ones.
  • Bug fixes, over thirty bugs have been fixed in this update. They ranged from low priority to major bugs, but either way they've been fixed. 

Please look at the changelog for the rest of the updates to the script. Remember, there will be several releases of 2.0, this is just the first. If you can remember the alphabet correctly, the next version you will see is 2.0b. 


Support System


Before we say goodbye in this newsletter, we're going to introduce one last thing. Due to the revamp and the amount of time it's going to take to introduce an integrated support ticket system, we're using an external system called osTicket. It's very simple, you hit "Open a New Ticket" when you need require support. To check up on the ticket, hit "Check Ticket Status" and enter the correct information to follow up on your support request.

Link to support:




We can't thank you enough for taking the time to read this article. We think the wait for this was worth it, so we hope you do too. Many hours have been put into developing everything. We consider this the start of a new generation for Red County Roleplay and everyone is welcome to join us, unless you're banned. 

Frequent newsletters will be posted on the main page, so please check the website more often to check for updates. We hope you like this feature!

Thank you and welcome to Red County Roleplay 2.0! yesheart

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