v 2.1.2

Last Updated at 2014-05-19 18:58:57 by DonutSeller

  • Removed the 6 hour timer between quiz attempts.
  • Implemented an email confirmation system. All accounts must have their email confirmed.
  • (Re)added the statistics page.
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn't be able to add an existing character.
  • Several other patches and bugfixes.

v 2.1

Last Updated at 2014-05-06 16:56:53 by DonutSeller


  • Re-added the (dynamic) FAQ page.
  • Added the friends system. Currently you can add friends at the friends page. The request will have to be accepted. In the future more features will take usage of this system. You can prevent others from sending you friend requests by going to the account settings.
  • Added faction centre. All members can see the member list and the last login/logout date. High Command can promote/demote set custom rank and fire members from the UCP. Faction logs have also been added so HC members can track the activity in the faction.
  • Added several access codes for easier debugging.
  • Added social media icons.
  • Added the system for deletion of character accounts. After submitting the account for deletion you will have to wait 24 hours and then come back to the character index page and confirm the deletion. It is not until then it will be deleted.
  • Added a page to view and edit character stories. More features that will utilize this will follow.
  • Added timezone setting. Set your timezone on the settings page and all dates will show correctly throughout the UCP.
  • Fixed a bug where the quiz show app details page would show the incorrect details the second time you applied.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Forgot your password?" page wouldn't work.
  • Fixed an error with the 404 error page. 
  • Many other minor bug fixes and patches.


Admin Control Panel

  • Re-vamped design and added numerous features to assist admins in their daily duties.


v 2.0

Last Updated at 2014-05-02 19:56:32 by DonutSeller


Welcome to the new and improved User Control Panel created by myself (Smally). I was approached by TommyB and was asked to redo the UCP as the old one was not fully functional and was more just a place to view your statistics. Half way through the project, I asked an old friend DonutSeller, to come and assist with me the User Control Panel and he agreed much to my relief.

Over the last month and a half I have put in a lot of hours and dedication in order to make sure that the new UCP is fully featured and bug free. However, it has not been tested on such scale that it will be used when released. Hopefully you will find no bugs, if you do come across one I ask that you kindly post it in the bug report section on the forums, or if it is a bug of which can be exploited please email me at Smally@redcountyrp.com with as much detail as possible.

If you are found to be exploiting a bug you will be banned indefinitely both on the User Control Panel and In-Game!

© Jack Davis - Red County Roleplay

Features to come- not finished yet - known bugs



  • Create the faction management center for High Command members
  • Add a picture slide to the main page
  • Overhaul of the character profile system
  • Automated donation system via MA

Things to do

  • Allow a player to change the email of their MA.


  • Make it so the ban displays the type of ban in the correct field.

Not everything in the UCP is finished, please be patient. There is much more to come, these are just a few things we're working on.




  • Staff page, a staff page has been added to the UCP navigation bar. It updates automatically as it's connected to the in-game server.
  • Servers page, a servers page has been added to the UCP navigation bar. It lists both in-game and TeamSpeak 3 servers. You can view the players currently connected to each server.
  • Dynamic news articles, admins can post news articles directly to the home page. Users have the option to comment on news articles created.
  • Dynamic changelogs, developers can post changelogs through the UCP without requiring TommyB to do it manually. Any lead developer will have access to it.
  • Revised MA dashboard, each character now holds a separate character page. Many things can be viewed for each character when viewing the page. What can be viewed currently for each character;
    • Vehicles (displays mileage, donator, plate, vehicle model)
    • House (displays address)
    • Businesses (displays business value, earnings to collect, payout, enterable, stock left)
    • Economy (displays cash on hand and in bank)
    • Faction Center (displays faction info, view members, faction management)
    • Admin Record (displays punishments for your character)
  • Admin Control Panel (ACP), has been completely revised. Most features aren't going to be revealed to the public, so just know it's amazing.
  • Randomize quiz, every time for every new player. The questions are randomly generated from a selection of sixty questions. When a player attempts to take the quiz, it will be completely different from the last person. Cheating is no longer an option, haha, suckers.
  • All previous quiz questions have been changed to multiple choice, with the addition of a two paragraph written response.

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