Version 3.1.1

Written by Smally

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with teamspeak channels not working if someone had used the feature shortly before you.
  • Fixed a few 500 errors due to the database changes in the newest gamemode.
  • Added back timezones.
    • Up until this point the UCP had always used the Europe/London timezone instead of the one you select. Now a majority of the datetime fields have been changed to use the timezone. If you spot any still using Europe/London please post a bug report.

Version 3.1

Written by Smally

New Features

  • Updated Laravel to 5.8.
  • Added an entity changelog (this will replace the existing logging system.)
  • Certain parts of the UCP will now accept markdown as a format. For now this will be mainly changelogs etc.
  • Added more logs on the admin control panel for users.
  • Added ability to view phone numbers from your character dashboard.
  • Added ability to view Weapon License status from your character dashboard.
  • The following items stored in houses will now show in the inventory:
    • Weapons
    • Phones
  • Public Gallery
    • You can view images uploaded by the administrator team here


  • Banned users can no longer access any page other than their admin record and dashboard. They will no longer be able to raise tickets or see any character information etc.
  • Fixed issue where vehicle status would show healthy if your vehicle health was below 350.00 in-game.
  • Fixed issue with the ACP whitelist showing the ID of the admin who aadded the entry instead of the name.
  • Fixed issue where submitted_at and updated_at date would be the same for applications.
  • Fixed issue with donation email showing button text instead of a link to the dashboard.


  • Updated Admin Panel theme to the newest version.
  • Merged the punishment links on the admin control panel to a dropdown.
  • Merged the logs links on the admin control panel to a dropdown.
  • Admins can now search for accounts using a space instead of having to put the _ in.
  • Disabled auto complete on the re-submit application field date for staff.
  • Removed the ability to edit faction skins on the Admin Control Panel due to a breaking change with the gamemode.

In Progress

Due to the breaking changes that could potentially happen with the above the following features are in-progress and will release shortly after this version, to ensure there is no major bugs first.

  • Public Documentation
  • Refunding via the Admin Control Panel
  • Public Map
    • Turfs
    • Houses
    • Businesses
    • Safe Zones

Version 3.0.1 R1

Written by Smally

  • Fixed issue where administrators could access all pages of the ACP using the URL even if their admin level did not allow it.
  • Fixed issue where you could not see page 2 on the faction centre without getting a 403 error (Unauthorised).
  • Improved deployment time on the UCP.
  • Fixed issue with purchasing of a donation vehicle as a gift.
  • Fixed issue where admins were unable to ajail via the ACP.
  • Fixed a bug with the donation system.
  • Fixed spelling of the Stratum vehicle.
  • A few other small fixes/changes that I forgot.
  • Upgraded Laravel 5.7 -> 5.8.
  • Staff page now supports more than two head administrators.

Version 3.0.1

Written by Smally & Fr0st


  • Fixed missing titles on frontend & backend UCP/ACP
  • Fixed grammatical error on ACP "Recently review -> Recently reviewed apps"
  • Fixed whitelist add button (previously linked to adding an article)
  • Fixed Admin records format (was previously displaying a UNIX timestamp instead of a human-friendly one)
  • Changed date formats across the ACP on most things to be the same format (Month Day Year Hour Minute AM/PM)
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't click "Cancel" when you were creating a new character on the UCP
  • The UCP now displays a message when a character has no vehicles (previously it just refreshed the page)
  • Fixed a grammatical error in the quiz process (you must fill at a small form -> you must fill out a small form)
  • Fixed both links to "Forgot your password" and "Forgot your Username" on the homepage login form
  • Added the ability to use the Forgotten username form from the homepage without having to go to the login form
  • Fixed the page titles for Phone search & Vehicle search
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't cancel out of the forgotten username form
  • Fixed a bug wherre you could not search by serial in the character search form
  • Improved the character search form so that it shows levels beside a character name
  • Adjusted the color coding & icons on the tickets page
  • Fixed the link on the homepage to the contests category for news
  • Added the viewing of legacy administrator stats via the MA page for admins. 

Version 3.0 R4

Written by Smally


  • Added the ability for new donators to create teamspeak channels, if you have already donated (new donations only) you will need to raise a ticket and myself or management will grant you the ability to create a TS channel.
  • Added the ability to delete characters, please note to stop money farming of accounts you must now have a minimum of $15,000 before you can delete a player account. 


  • Fixed an issue where the UCP would spam emails every 5 minutes if your premium levels was about to expire (Sorry @Simon :))
  • Fixed some small typos and some other misc errors.

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