v 2.4.2

Last Updated at 2016-06-01 20:30:15 by BigD

  • Fixed issue where users would randomly not receive the account confirmation email.
  • Added automatic teamspeak channel creation for all new donations (thanks to Charles for the feature document - https://redcountyrp.com/news/85)
  • Several changes to the ACP for administrators.
  • Reworked /staff to fit a new design.
  • Reworked the SASP MDC
    • Added business + house search.
    • Added weapon license adding and removal.
    • Added automatic criminal record check form (easy to c+p and paste on forum)
    • Made the navbar dynamic (you can now set nav items inactive or active and rank restrict them if you're SASP HC)
    • Added faction roster
    • Added ABP's
    • Added ability to file inactivity reports
    • Added ability to file casefiles
    • Added 911 calls
  • Created internal bug tracker for development team.
  • Added dynamic roster + badge tracker for SASP on their forum.
  • Adjusted the server page to include movieserver (Tommy's second server)
  • Fixed an issue where faction weapons + skins wouldn't be removed when a user is removed from the their faction.

v 2.4.1 R2

Last Updated at 2015-07-27 09:46:27 by Smally

This update is a very small bugfix containing only two very minor bugfixes

  • Fixed an issue where when entering a character name which is already in use on the create a new character page it would return a 500 error instead of the correct message.
  • Chagned the way armour displays on the showOwnedHouses page.

v 2.4.1

Last Updated at 2015-06-21 13:42:15 by TommyB

  • Major changes to the support ticket system - both the front end and the way the system functions has been changed. (Yellow Boxes is a staff reply.)
  • Faction Administrators can now edit factions on the UCP similar to that of the /fedit command. (Factions that are edited VIA the UCP are now reloaded on the server minute count)
  • Fixed a bug where Armour and Weapons would not show for ownedVehicles or would display incorrectly.
  • Administrators are now able to view Donations per master account instead of having to search through individual character accounts.
  • Updated CKEditor to include some more plugins and a new theme.
  • Fixed a bug where upon editing master account permissions it would save the data incorrectly and overwrite the wrong settings.
  • Additions to the API
  • More bug fixes that I cannot remember

v 2.4

Last Updated at 2014-12-24 12:59:50 by Smally

  • Automated Donation System - Feature Documentation can be found here http://redcountyrp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1174&t=111840
    • Donations are processed every 5-10 minutes!
    • Upon making your donation you'll receive an email from us, informing you that your payment has been made.
    • Once your donation has been processed you can login in game and do /donation to receive your benefits.
    • You'll get given a FCR for donator level 3 and an Infernus for level 4 by default, you can change them in game straight away. Using /changedonatorvehicle (Will be done on the UCP soon.)
    • Transaction Log, both yourself and Head Administrators are able to view your donations, so if you have any issues you can reference that.
  • Character Profiles - Feature Documentation to be released soon
    • There are 4 privacy levels for who can view your account:
      • No one can view your profile.
      • Everyone can view your profile.
      • Friends can view your profile.
      • Hidden Account - will not show on the search page for characters.
    • Searching of Characters - You can search for characters here: http://redcountyrp.com/search
      • Note - Format for names Firstname_Lastname
    • Profile comments
      • You can turn comments on and off, this will be global for everyone who views your profile.
      • In a future update you'll be able to stop certain users posting on your profile, and report comments.
        • Once you report a comment, it'll go to the administrators for reviewal, and they'll decide if the user should be comment banned globally.
    • You can choose if your skin is shown on your account or not.
    • All settings regarding your character profile can be found by clicking on the "Character Settings" button on your character page.
  • Many many bug fixes.

v v2.3 R2

Last Updated at 2014-12-16 16:58:56 by Smally


  • Lead Admins and above can now view Factions on the Admininstrator Control Panel (Currently for informational use only as the ability to edit factions will require a script edit as well.‚Äč

Master Accounts and Characters:

  • Added a new page to view your phone numbers associated to your account. 
  • Added the ability to transfer your donator level on the UCP. (Note: The account you are transfering the Donator Level to must not have a current donator level.)
  • Fixed an issue where the Business page would show an incorrect stock level.
  • Bugfix for the DoC MDC - it now can be accessed.

General Changes:

  • Fixed a font issue on most pages.
  • Optimizations.



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