Version 2.2 R4

Written by TommyB

  • Attached object data is now assigned per player rather than globally. This should make the holster and clothing systems far more efficient. (Please report all bugs)
  • The /clothing dialog will now show again after selecting the following options: Remove, Wear, Delete
  • Helper will now be automatically removed from an account if it is given an admin level.
  • /funlock and /flock have been integrated into the /lock command and can now be used with the shortcut key.
  • A handful of new clothing objects have been added to the Miscellaneous category.
  • Players can now lock/unlock vehicles they have sharedkeys to.
  • /removewheels has been changed to /removemods and will support any type of vehicle mod.
  • Fixed a bug where clothing objects would appear as "Unknown" after being deleted.

Version 2.2 R3

Written by TommyB

  • Added /areasay for administrators which will allow them to send announcements to anybody in range of a specified player.
  • Fixed a bug where taller vehicles could get stuck inside of house garages upon spawning even if their spawn positions were correct.
  • Fixed bugs where house pickups wouldn't change to the appropriate colors when they were sold to the server or bought from the server.
  • Fixed a bug where players could use /helpup on themselves.
  • Fixed a bug where players wouldn't spawn in jail upon logging in if they were jailed.
  • Players must now be logged in for at least 2 minutes for their relog position to be saved.
  • Fixed a bug where weapons could not be stored in faction vehicle trunks.

Version 2.2 R2

Written by TommyB

  • Many typo fixes as well as spelling and grammar improvements.
  • /sweep and /deliver can now be used further away from the starting point
  • Headlights can now be toggled by holding down the submission key and flashed by tapping it (/vlights functionality removed)
  • Fixed bug where the cooldown timer for the trash collection side-mission wasn't working
  • Certain animations can no longer be performed in vehicles
  • Fixed bug where Dealership Stock List (/viewstock) wasn't showing full list of vehicles
  • Fixed incorrect damage being reported in /injuries, preventing /helpup from being used on players without gunshot wounds
  • Added additional injury types to /injuries (Sharp Weapons and Explosion/Fire)
  • Removed a couple of unnecessary stop signs from a 4-way intersection near Hunter Quarry
  • Fixed a bug with armor checks in personal/faction vehicles.
  • Fixed a bug where /housemusic had a chance to broadcast to the entire server.

Version 2.2 R1

Written by TommyB

  • Fixed a bug where vehicles would not save correctly when being saved in house garages. (Vehicles effected by this will need to be fixed by an administrator)
  • Fixed a bug where selecting a character too quickly after selecting another would cause spawning issues.
  • Fixed a bug where players could use KEY_WALK (left alt) to unfreeze themselves even if they weren't being teleported into a building.
  • Fixed a bug where /assists wouldn't show its dialog.
  • /wanted will no longer show who issued fines as it was not entirely accurate. (e.g, fines could stack and it would only show the latest officer who fined the player in question)
  • Added /equip in the S.W.A.T HQ.
  • /health will now give options for light and heavy armor.

Version 2.2

Written by TommyB

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where /specoff causes the player to go to Blueberry Acres. [TommyB]
  • Attempted to fix a bug where /wearmask had a chance to say you had no masks. [TommyB]
  • Attempted to fix a bug where vehicles would randomly disappear. [TommyB]
  • Fixed a bug where players being kicked or banned would recieve the message twice. [TommyB]
  • Fixed a bug where player vehicles had a chance to be "Taxis." [TommyB]
  • Fixed a query bug with /quitfaction. [TommyB]
  • Fixed a bug where /buyclothes wouldn't check if you had enough money on hand. [TommyB]
  • Fixed a bug where the firestation bell rang in the wrong location. [TommyB]
  • Fixed a bug where Taxi calls would display to the entire server. [TommyB]
  • Fixed a bug where vehicle for sale labels could become attached to the wrong car. [TommyB]
  • Fixed up the /wearmask command which gave an error saying "you are not wearing that mask" when you were. [Peach]
  • Adjusted skin setting to ensure players do not bug while inside of vehicles while their skin is being set. [Peach]
  • Edited /givelicense give helicopter licenses and save at the same time. [Peach]
  • Fixed a bug where /editvest would remove your vest upon completion. [TommyB]
  • Fixed a bug where you could hotwire a vehicle if it needed an oil change. [TommyB]
  • Fixed a bug where standing in a house, business and etc pickup for too long would make the info textdraw disappear and reappear consistently. [TommyB]
  • Fixed a bug where /wanted could be used by anyone. [TommyB]


  • Removed a floating rubbish object in the middle of the road causing player vehicles to be damaged. [Peach]
  • /fixcar has been renamed to /car with three more animations. [Peach]
  • Edited /r to split onto two lines to prevent those having to send it twice. [Peach]
  • The nametag colors for certain factions have been removed. [TommyB]
  • The static, hotwire cars have been deleted. [TommyB]
  • /mycars will now tell players what repair garage their vehicle is at, rather than just "Being Repaired." [TommyB]
  • Weapon licenses are now stored in their own table and information such as when the license was granted, who granted it and the time it was granted are now stored. [TommyB]
  • Weapon licenses will now expire every 3 months and must be renewed ICly. [TommyB]
  • The Executive Dealership has been removed and its cars can now be bought at the Dillimore Automotive Dealership. [TommyB]
  • /removesubrank can now be used to remove subranks from faction members instead of having to enter "0" in /setsubrank. [TommyB]
  • Players may now enter houses that aren't owned by anybody. [TommyB]
  • The following commands can now be used while hospitalized: /assistance, /ac and /report. [TommyB]
  • Properties will now be automatically wiped from inactive owners every 24 hours. [TommyB]
  • Armor, weapons, weed, cocaine and moonshine will now all be deleted when houses are wiped from inactive owners. [TommyB]
  • House guests can now use /housemusic. [TommyB]
  • When a vehicle gets a speeding ticket, everyone in the vehicle will now see the flash effect. [Peach]
  • Players will now do an animation when talking ICly (Can be toggled with /togtalkanim). [Peach]
  • /transferdonatorlevel has been added back and is no longer bugged. [Peach]
  • All public taxis have been removed and players may now purchase them at Mick's Motors. The Taxi Garage has been removed. [TommyB]
  • Players will now be informed that their vehicle will be put into the garage when using /mod. [TommyB]
  • Removed the black fade when entering/exiting buildings and extended the the freeze time by 2 seconds. [TommyB]
  • Players will no longer be frozen when exiting buildings. [TommyB]
  • The red checkpoint will no longer show when using /myhouse. [TommyB]
  • You may now only get the taxi job if you have one of the following vehicles: Taxi, Cabbie, Moonbeam, Admiral or Premier. [TommyB]
  • The limousine, helicopter, private driver, and request an employee options have all been removed from the /call 444 dialog. [TommyB]
  • Distance is now a factor for /do, /me and IC chat while inside of houses and businesses to avoid spam at large events. [TommyB]
  • The /gate and /door commands have been separated from the main gamemode and can now be added/removed dynamically. [TommyB]
  • The Arms Dealer job have been removed from the server. [TommyB]
  • The /funlock command has been adjusted to be far more efficient. [TommyB]
  • Weapons are now stored in their own table on the MySQL database. This table includes more specific information relating to the weapons such as the time it was created, the weapon's origin and the account it originated from. [TommyB]
  • Faction weapons can no longer be dropped, given to players who aren't in the same faction, stored in houses, personal vehicles or faction vehicles that don't belong to the same faction. [TommyB]
  • When a player is fired from a faction, any faction weapon that originated from their account will be deleted from the server. [TommyB]
  • Weapon ammunition limits have been implemented. Buying ammunition will now refill a weapon to its maximum ammunition limit instead of adding onto its current ammunition. [TommyB]
  • The Easter Bay Chemical Plant has been removed from the trucking sidejob routes. [Peach]
  • House pickups will now show as red for houses that aren't owned. [TommyB]
  • Added stopsigns in Fort Carson, El Quebrados, Las Barrancas, Las Payasadas and surrounding areas. [TommyB]
  • /stats has been redone and will now show more information retaining to player accounts. [TommyB]

New Features

  • Added a new system for illegal factions to obtain weapons which includes the addition of the TEC-9 and Micro UZI. All weapons on the server have been wiped. [TommyB]
  • Armor has been divided into two categories, light armor and heavy armor. Light armor will give a player 50 armor and will not have a visible object. Heavy armor will give a player 100 armor and will force a player to wear a visible vest object. [TommyB]
  • The death system has made a return with a number of changes and additions. When a player is killed, /injuries may be used to see where the player was damaged, how many times they were damaged and etc. Once a player is downed, a timer will be generated based on that data. This timer will dictate when a player will be able to use /accept death. If a player has been injured by melee weapons, they will be put back on their feet when the timer expires rather than using /accept death to be transported to the hospital. Players will be able to prematurely "end" someone's death timer by using /execute on said player. Once accepted, the command will send the player to the hospital. Lastly /helpup can be used to assist players who have been injured by melee weapons (or a fist) back onto their feet. This must also be accepted. The SACFD's /heal command has been revamped to work with this system. Using /heal on a downed player will bring up their injuries and give the user the option to heal the injury they select. (Note: Gunshot wounds to the head cannot be healed) This action must obviously be roleplayed, and once a player accepts the wound being healed it will extend their death timer slightly. Once all of a player's injuries are healed, /heal can be used once more to bring the player onto their feet. [TommyB]
  • Added a drunk effect for when a vehicle crashes and takes more than (150 - 200) damage. [Peach]
  • /scrapcar can now only be used to scrap player vehicles. This will permanently delete your vehicle from the server and your account. [TommyB]
  • /contacts has been added back and is now fully functional with the new phone system. [Peach]
  • Players can now purchase boats at the Bayside Marina. Players will also purchase, repair and refuel their boats here. [TommyB]
  • Added a garage system which will allow players to store vehicles in their house garages. [TommyB]
  • House owners can now add any number of house guests. /viewhouseguests can be used to see who is currently a guest in your home. [TommyB]
  • Steve the Train Bot has been added. [Peach]
  • "KEY_WALK" (default 'LEFT ALT' key) can now be used to unfreeze yourself while entering buildings. [TommyB]
  • Vehicle trunks can now hold more weapons depending on its size. [TommyB]
  • Added a /sync command for those who experience large amounts of packet loss. The command is designed to help them re-sync but may not always work. [Peach]

Faction Changes

  • The Elite Trucking phone number is now functional. [TommyB]
  • Added new trucking jobs for E.T. [Peach]
  • Increased the money the SASP receives from fines from %0.4 to %0.7. [Peach]

Admin Changes

  • IP addresses no longer show to admins when a player connects. Instead it will show their country. [Peach]
  • Added /rspec for admins to randomly spectate players. [TommyB]

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