Version 2.0a R7

Written by TommyB


  • Mask objects have made a return! Players may purchase up to 10 of any type and wear up to 6 at once. (/wearmask)
  • G-bugging into vehicles is no longer possible. (Thanks MP2!)
  • Changed the automated /me for /w(hisper) to a /ame.
  • /w now supports both Stranger IDs and Player IDs as a paramater. /ws(tranger) has been removed.
  • Whispers now send in split messages.
  • Boomboxes are no longer removed from player accounts when they disconnect while it's placed.
  • Corrected an issue where achievement IDs would not load properly, causing clients to unlock incorrect achievements.
  • Administrators will now be placed back into a vehicle after setting it to a faction instead of spawning on top of it.
  • The automated /me for when /drag is used on somebody has been adjusted to use the correct RP name function.
  • Removed the "Officer" prefix from all automated /take /me's and changed them to use the correct RP name function.
  • /kiss, /shake and /fshake can all be used with Stranger IDs now.
  • Administrators can no longer teleport to other administrators who are spectating.
  • It is no longer possible to use /savecar at the Palomino Creek Townhall.
  • /news now sends in split messages.
  • /ichat now sends in split message.
  • /makehouse and /makebizz are now functional again.
  • Management members will now get a notification when a player submits a donator vehicle change request
  • Added a new animation: /fsit
  • All advertisements now log into their own file.
  • Fixed a bug where the fuel textdraw would appear if an admin used /set fuel while in the passenger seat of a vehicle.
  • Added a new garage for the SASP.
  • Reduced the maximum prison time to 4 hours.
  • All automated SMS related /me's have been changed to /ame's.
  • You may no longer say 'transferdonatorlevel' in IC chat to prevent passwords from being leaked accidentally.
  • Added an automated /me when /loudspeaker is used.
  • Most of the stoplights in Red County have been replaced with stop signs.
  • Reworked the house interiors to use blank interiors and use less RemoveBuildingForPlayer code.
  • Fixed a bug where a player's admin jail timer had a chance of being set to 1 upon reconnecting.
  • Attempted a fix to the database disconnection issue.
  • Motel rooms now have their furniture again.
  • Added beanbag shotguns for the SASP. (/beanbag)
  • Added a command for players to reload their house furniture. (/reloadmyfurniture)
  • Evans can now change house interiors.
  • Home interiors 19-29 no longer have their default furniture.
  • Added a new furniture store in Montgomery which sells kitchen appliances.
  • Corrected aperture's /sam message to display the correct rank requirement.
  • Aperture's SAM sites no longer target them.
  • Added thermal and night vision to aperture's /weapons.
  • Aperture can now access /mdc.
  • Aperture can now use /gunrack.
  • Fixed a bug where Aperture couldn't detatch their sirens.
  • Fixed a bug where Aperture was unable to tase other players when using their tasers.
  • Added /drag to Aperture.
  • Fixed a bug where Aperture couldn't use /uncuff.
  • Added /m to Aperture.
  • Added /take to Aperture.
  • Fixed a bug where /removerb couldn't be used by Aperture.
  • Fixed a bug where players under level 8 who were in Aperture couldn't use /mask to hide their name.
  • Fixed a bug where Aperture's trunks could be robbed and restricted weaponry could be taken.
  • Added Aperture to /psa.
  • SAN employees no longer need to be in newsvans to conduct interviews.

Map Adjustments

  • ESU HQ
  • Blueberry Apartments
  • Floating Fort Carson Pole fix
  • Blueberry Acres

Version 2.0a R6

Written by TommyB

  • Changed the FBI garage to a new interior.
  • Adjusted the spawn of two server vehicles in Hampton Barns as they conflicted with a few homes.
  • Adjusted /ac to send split messages instead of a message on a single line.
  • Fixed a bug where administrators could not see the /afrespawn confirmation messages.
  • Fixed a bug where any player could see the department radio when Aperture used it
  • Fixed a bug where /vest could not be used by any faction.
  • Re-added /cage to Lilly's Club.
  • Re-added the automated /me for when players use /mask.
  • Re-added the "a nearby player is now AFK" message when players use /afk
  • Added a /enter point for the Axiom's offices.
  • Fixed a bug where /togdooc status would not clear when a player disconnected and get would carried over to new players who took their ID.
  • Added /doocmute for Administrators
  • Renamed DNS to Aperture in multiple script messages.
  • Updated some of the miscellaneous mapping in Montgomery to reduce the amount of objects and clutter.
  • Added /find for Aperture.
  • Aperture no longer lose their weapons upon being sent to the hospital.
  • Re-organized Aperture and FBI's /weapons commands.
  • Adjusted the /exit point for SAN's garage to make it easier to leave
  • Added proper color descriptions for color IDs 127-255 when using /spray.
  • Removed a floating pickup where the prison used to be.
  • Added a pickup for the entrance of the current prison.
  • Lowered the player slots to 100.

Version 2.0a R5

Written by TommyB

  • Rescripted Aperture and re-added most of their commands.
  • Re-added the Donator OOC chat with proper moderation commands for administrators.
  • Rework a majority of the vehicle system in an attempt to fix most of the bugs.
  • Fixed a duplicated door at Axiom's HQ.
  • Removed a random vehicle entrance point at the Fort Carson Mall.

Version 2.0a R4

Written by Booth

  • Fixed a bug where members of the PD of a certain rank were unable to use the disarm function in /equip.
  • Fixed a bug where admins were unable to create and delete faction vehicles properly.
  • Fixed a bug where vehicles in the garage would disappear.
  • Fixed a bug where the payday rush message was being displayed upon entering the PD.
  • Integrated the business and house labels into the mask streamer to attempt to prevent to bugging out of masks.
  • Fixed a bug where vehicles would had a chance to be owned by the server when released from a repair garage.
  • Fixed a bug where vehicles could be recovered without actually paying.
  • Applied a fix to where stranger ID labels would appear on houses and businesses.
  • Fixed a bug where the repair garage string was too short causing the list of vehicles to be cut off.
  • Fixed a bug where a player without a faction could collect any personal vehicle from the repair garage

Version 2.0a R3

Written by Booth

  • Performed major optimisation on the way MySQL queries are performed with a massive reduction in the amount of queries performed per second.
  • Completely reworked the way that both faction and player vehicles are loaded and saved from the MySQL database.
  • Overhauled repair garage, impound and /recovervehicle to work in conjunction with the new systems.
  • Added in a method to allow nightvision and infrared goggles to be used clientside (Experimental Feature).
  • Businesses now hold 3 times more stock than previous to help with the constant need to restock.
  • Revamped the mask system to operate more dynamically for administration.
  • SASP and FBI can now use the mask without the need to be Level 8.
  • Implemented a new way to sync ammo as the gun is fired.
  • Removed the level restriction on buying vehicles, businesses and houses.
  • The server will now reestablish a connection to MySQL if the connection is lost or closed for any reason (temporary fix).
  • Fixed a bug where factions could /frespawn impounded vehicles.
  • Taking a weapon from the gun rack will now place the weapon into your hand, ready for use.
  • Fixed a bug where inputting illegal characters into the MDC would cause the MySQL to close connection.
  • Fixed a bug where Weapon License status wasn't showing on the MDC.
  • Fixed a bug where you were unable to buy new furniture from the furniture store.
  • Removed some deprecated features from the script to reduce amount of processes being performed.
  • Removed the change password feature as this can be performed on the UCP.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with the Taxi job along with giving them access to RCTR commands (/clearmarker)
  • Fixed a bug where /backup would return any information.
  • Fixed a bug where Motorcycle Licenses would change to Large Vehicle License on relog.

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