Version 2.1.2 R6

Written by TommyB

The changelog for R5 is unavailable and will not be posted.

  • Static interiors such as the prison, the DPD and etc are now MySQL based and can be added without the need to restart the server.
  • /transferdonatorlevel has been removed and will soon be UCP based.
  • Fixed a bug where vehicle mileage would not save when a player repaired their vehicle.
  • Fixed a bug where nos/hydraulics would not save on vehicles.
  • Added new interiors for the Montgomery Store and Bank.

Version 2.1.2 R4

Written by TommyB

  • Attempted to fix a few issues with faction skins.
  • Fixed an issue with the SASP garage.
  • Removed the remainder of Axiom's HQ.
  • Completely rewrote the tutorial for new players.
  • Removed the level restrictions for buying houses, businesses and dealership vehicles.

Version 2.1.2 R3

Written by TommyB

  • Added a remove mask option to /wearmask.
  • Players may now press the following keys to trigger certain commands:
  • "KEY_YES" (default 'Y') key as a shortcut for /enter.
  • "KEY_NO" (default 'N') as a shortcut for /lock.
  • AFK Labels will now clear whenever a player does /back even if they're not AFK. This can be used to get rid of bugged AFK labels should they continue to be an issue.
  • The automated proxy ban has been removed and instead administrators will now get notifications telling them that a player has connected with a proxy.
  • Raised the home furniture object draw distance slightly.
  • Added a bunch of missing vehicles to the allowed faction vehicles list.
  • Fixed a few bugs with Santa hats.
  • Fixed a bug with one particular house interior.
  • Fixed a bug where the taxi garage would put players in Blueberry when they left it.

Version 2.1.2 R2

Written by TommyB

  • Added /removewheels to remove wheel modifications from player vehicles. This command must be used at repair garages to work.
  • Phone owner names will now be updated when the owner's name gets changed. Any names previously affected by this will not be fixed.

Version 2.1.2 R1

Written by TommyB

  • Pressing F while doing a driveby will now put you back into the vehicle.
  • Added more specific logs for Silver Trading related commands.
  • When a player being spectated disconnects from the server, the /specoff command will be run rather than all of the spectate variables being set manually.
  • Leaving a note on a player's door will no longer leave your name or phone number. It is now down to the player's discretion to leave their contact info in the note.
  • Fixed a bug with admin death messages.
  • Fixed a few bugs with motel rooms and /lock.
  • Fixed a string bug with Elite Trucking's stock delivery dialog.
  • Fixed a bug where players wouldn't get put back into admin jail, jail or prison upon logging in.

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