v 2.2.2 R4

Posted at 2015-06-15 13:46:17 by TommyB
Last Updated at 2015-06-15 13:50:08 by TommyB

  • Management can now use /afrespawn all -1 to "refresh" all faction vehicles. This will destroy every faction vehicle on the server and reselect them from the database as opposed to simply setting the vehicle back to its spawn position.
  • Clothing objects will now disappear when aiming a sniper/camera and reappear when done.
  • Players will now only be able to own one of each weapon from ammunation when purchasing legal weapons. E.g, a player could buy a Desert Eagle from ammunation and would not be able to buy another until it is destroyed regardless of whether or not the player has the weapon in their possession.
  • /timeleft will now show jail time as well as prison time.
  • /members will now sort faction members by rank instead of alphabetically.
  • Fixed a few issues related to creating faction vehicles.
  • Fixed a handful of bugs related to house furniture textures.

v 2.2.2 R3

Posted at 2015-06-05 03:30:59 by TommyB
Last Updated at 2015-06-05 03:30:59 by TommyB

  • The mechanic towtrucks no longer need to be hotwired and will check the player's job instead.
  • Fixed a bug where the boombox range check when placing another boombox would fail to execute.
  • Fixed a bug where admin assistance requests would not clear if the player a helper was assisting used /logout.
  • Fixed a bug where /hotwire could be used on player vehicles that already had their engines turned on.
  • Fixed a bug where wall furniture objects would spawn at a bad angle, causing players to be sent under interiors.
  • Fixed a bug where a handful of items would not show up in /inventory, causing the item count to appear incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug where Elite Trucking calls had a chance not send if they were too long.
  • Fixed a bug where /members counted the total faction members incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where houses wouldn't be set to "unlocked" when being wiped from inactive players or sold to the server.
  • Fixed an issue where "Rumbley Block" houses would not show up in /navto.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong clothing object could be changed if a player had more than one of the same object.
  • Attempted to fix a bug where the Engine Oil warning would not appear when it should.

v 2.2.2 R2

Posted at 2015-05-24 09:43:44 by TommyB
Last Updated at 2015-05-24 09:43:44 by TommyB

  • Added /fightstyle (/fs) which can be used to swap between fight styles players have learned.
  • Added /setvisibleobjects which will allow players to change the amount of mapped objects that can be streamed to their client at once. This limit can be set from 350 to 1,000 and is set to 750 by default.
  • /useammo will no longer let you add ammo to your weapon if you already have the maximum ammo amount.
  • Commands such as /trunk viewguns, /houseviewguns and etc will now show the internal ID of any stored weapon. This will be useful for supplying refund evidence and etc.
  • Fixed a bug where the /fish spam timer would not clear when a player disconnected.
  • Fixed a bug where you could overwrite an armor vest by purchasing another at an ammunation.
  • Fixed a bug where /helpup wouldn't check if a player was near the person they were trying to use the command on.
  • Fixed an issue where /useammo still displayed the old ammo amounts.


v 2.2.2 R1

Posted at 2015-05-21 05:39:52 by TommyB
Last Updated at 2015-05-21 05:39:52 by TommyB

  • Fixed a bug where /rw up/down could be used endlessly.
  • Fixed a potential bug where radio frequencies saved to slots wouldn't be cleared when being fired from/leaving a faction.
  • Fixed a bug where /addsiren could be used on pushbikes.
  • When fired from a faction, a player's radio frequency will only be reset if they're using said faction's restricted frequency. (Note: This will only work when the player is online for the time being)
  • Changed the /scba object so prevent crashing issues.

v 2.2.2

Posted at 2015-05-14 21:22:30 by TommyB
Last Updated at 2015-05-14 21:25:23 by TommyB

  • Added a business actor system which will allow business owners to create a certain number of static "NPCs" inside of their businesses. These actors may be placed anywhere inside of a business and can have animations applied to them as well.
  • Added two additional slots to radios allowing players to quickly switch frequencies.
  • /buyclothes, /placef, /removef, /selectflist and /browseflist now use the model selection menu.
  • /rollwindows will now visibly show the windows being rolled up or down.
  • SASP faction cars can now be created with an audible siren when they spawn.
  • Fixed a bug where /find would return a location if phone was turned off when a player was in an interior.
  • Fixed a bug where addresses wouldn't show up when searching a player on the MDC.

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