Version 3.2 R4

Written by TommyB

  • The game world clock can now be manipulated with /edithud.
  • The Bayside repair garage is actually functional now.
  • Fixed an exploit related to scrapping vehicles.
  • Fixed a text formatting error when buying a new vehicle attachment.
  • Fixed a bug where trying to use /tag would return an incorrect error.
  • Fixed a bug where fires would not spread correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where reloading factions would cause data to load incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where the DPD jail cell map wouldn't load when a player was sent to jail.
  • Fixed a bug where /injuries would sometimes give garbage/repeated results.
  • Fixed a bug where /bizztogb would spam the command user with incorrect messages.
  • Fixed a bug where maximum visible object limits weren't ignored if a player spawned inside of interiors, causing object streaming issues.
  • Fixed a bug where vehicle radio streams wouldn't stop playing to occupants if a vehicle was deleted while music was playing.
  • Fixed a bug where medkits weren't removed from inventories after use, allowing them to be used multiple times until a player reconnected.
  • Fixed a bug where clothing item duplication didn't work at all.
  • Fixed a bug where forced clothing item resets didn't work properly.
  • Fixed a bug where clothing items couldn't be edited again after their position was reset.
  • Fixed a bug where new armor vest objects could be marked to always attach when a player logged in.
  • Fixed a bug where armor vest objects would turn invisible after their positions were edited.
  • Fixed a bug where /sfl didn't work on exterior furniture.
  • Fixed a bug where fuel canisters were sometimes deleted after being purchased.
  • Fixed a bug where storing a phone would prevent players from buying new phones or retrieving phones from storage.
  • Fixed a bug where getting fuel at the Montgomery Gas Station would freeze the player indefinitely.
  • Fixed a bug where trucking routes couldn't be started again after failing a prior job.
  • Fixed a bug where /sell could be used again when a sell request was already pending.
  • Fixed a bug where using /selectf with exterior furniture item wouldn't allow proper editing.
  • Fixed a bug where duplicating a furniture item that a player already had in their unplaced furniture pool wouldn't remove the item from said furniture pool.
  • Fixed a bug where illegal items weren't taken from downed players if they disconnected from the server.
  • Fixed a bug where weapons didn't save to weapon crates, giving players empty crates when they were ordered.
  • Fixed a bug where weapons couldn't be taken from weapon crates.
  • Fixed a bug where heavy armor vests showed up as an invalid item in weapon crates.
  • Fixed various bugs with exterior furniture loading that caused random houses to own random items.
  • Fixed an issue where the fishing animation wouldn't clear when fishing ended. (rip 10 year old bug)
  • Fixed issues where important objects wouldn't be streamed if a player's visible object limit was set low.

Version 3.2 R3

Written by TommyB

  • Raised the maximum limit of vehicle attachments to 10.
  • Fixed a bug where /switchseat wouldn't always sync for other players.
  • Fixed a bug where putting a player in prison would append the command user's in hand cash to the target's bank balance.
  • Fixed a bug where the county jail interior would despawn at incorrect times, causing innocent inmates to fall to their deaths.
  • Fixed a bug where boomboxes, baking soda, and pens could not be purchased from general stores.
  • Fixed a bug where buying 6 bottles of water from a general store would set the player's amount of water to 6 instead of adding 6 to it.
  • Fixed a bug where using /canceledit in a vehicle would eject the user from it.
  • Fixed a bug where engine status wasn't updated properly when editing HUD elements inside of a vehicle.
  • Fixed a bug where corpse chalk outlines couldn't be clicked on easily when trying to remove the object or adjust its position.

Version 3.2 R2

Written by TommyB

  • Fixed a server crash that happened when a player tried to use /supplyfuel with more fuel than a station could hold.
  • Fixed a bug when players put in admin jail while being dragged by police would be teleported out.
  • Fixed a bug where /accept blindfold said the player didn't have a pending blindfold request even if they did.
  • Fixed a bug where /givesharedkey didn't check if the player's vehicle was valid.
  • Fixed a bug where /selectflist results couldn't actually be selected and edited.
  • Fixed a bug where /searchownedf wouldn't populate the model selection menu with its results.
  • Fixed a bug where /setfmotd wouldn't save new messages to the database properly.
  • Fixed a bug where beanbag and taser effects lasted forever.
  • Fixed a bug where beanbag shotguns would autoban players after hitting too many shots.
  • Fixed a bug where boats could be used to fish out of the ground.
  • Fixed a bug where bus pickups wouldn't show their appropriate text to players when they walked over them.
  • Fixed a bug where empty business interior maps wouldn't unload when they should.
  • Fixed a bug where ending a fuel delivery would prompt ET members to get back in their truck or else they would fail their delivery.
  • Fixed a bug where false weapons could appear in /houseview due to a bad query.
  • Fixed a bug where in hand cash would load incorrectly or assign incorrect values.
  • Fixed a bug where loading a player onto a stretcher would freeze the one in possession of the stretcher.
  • Fixed a bug where model selection menus wouldn't appear if no custom rotations had been applied.
  • Fixed a bug where peyote/shrooms could be picked outside of the main game world.
  • Fixed a bug where players could refuel anywhere if they started fueling at a gas station and drove elsewhere before exiting their vehicle.
  • Fixed a bug where SAIB/courts couldn't view weapon license information.
  • Fixed a bug where the courts interior didn't have their doors.
  • Fixed a few issues where players could store weapons inside of houses, businesses and vehicle trunks while downed.
  • Fixed an issue where certain /accept features could be used while downed, interrupting the animation.

Version 3.2 R1

Written by TommyB

  • Fixed a bug where /actionlog would target the command user rather than the player.
  • Fixed a bug where players who didn't manage any business could manage literally every business on the server.
  • Fixed a bug where players who don't have vehicle sharedkeys could unlock literally any vehicle on the server.
  • Fixed a bug where faction skins wouldn't load correctly on server startup.
  • Fixed a bug where /canceledit didn't reset HUD editing data, preventing HUD related commands from being used again.
  • Fixed a bug where /buyclothes menus were filled with CJ models instead of real peds.
  • Fixed a bug where /changeseat didn't sync for anyone other than the command user.
  • Fixed a bug where recent 911 calls couldn't be viewed at all.
  • Fixed a bug where removing a menu item model would cause out of bounds errors.
  • Fixed a bug where transferring cash between vehicles, businesses or homes would create random issues.

Version 3.2

Written by TommyB

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where boomboxes objects would stream to every virtual world, causing problems when placed inside of houses and etc.
  • Fixed a bug where business earnings wouldn't update properly.
  • Fixed a bug where business interior maps wouldn't load if a business was entered via backdoor.
  • Fixed a bug where crack cooking labels weren't fully updated to match the server's updated color scheme.
  • Fixed a bug where houses and businesses with backdoors couldn't be exited normally if a player walked into the radius of the backdoor.
  • Fixed a bug where impounded faction vehicles were mistakenly marked as player owned vehicles, making it impossible to collect them.
  • Fixed a bug where not all vest models were checked by relevant functions, causing various features to break when using certain custom armor vests.
  • Fixed a bug where player settings wouldn't save when they were supposed to.
  • Fixed a bug where spreading fires would delete when they weren't supposed to.
  • Fixed a bug where text labels would flicker frequently.
  • Fixed a bug where vehicle interiors couldn't be entered.
  • Fixed a few typos found in vehicle attachment objects.

New Features

  • Added a menu system to businesses. This feature will allow business managers to create unique ingame menus for their businesses for things such as food items, alcoholic beverages and etc, which can be sold to customers for user defined prices. Bizz managers will also be able to specify if they want menu items to have cosmetic objects such as beer bottles, food and etc assigned as well. These objects will be given to players upon buying menu items and can also be placed around the interior.
  • All custom, server sided HUD elements can now be individually moved around the player's screen as well as toggled on and off. Relevant commands can be found in /help.
  • Management can now fully disable server commands during runtime. Handy for when stuff breaks real bad.
  • Added commands that will allow management to quickly place permanent actors around the map.
  • Players can now decide whether or not they want to pay via bank or wallet cash when recovering vehicles.
  • New IC chat commands: /lowme, /lowmy, /lowdo. Usage should be obvious.
  • /mysid has been added and can be used to view your own stranger ID.
  • Added /colorsearch which can be used to query the gamemode for vehicle color IDs.
  • Added /duperoadblock (/duperb) which allows users create multiple roadblocks in quick successions.
  • Illegal factions may now hide their online member counts with /togfo.
  • Players will now be greeted with a fancy smooth timelapse when connecting to the server.
  • Added /switchseat for vehicles which will allow players to move around in various vehicle seats.
  • The Coach bus now has a cool interior which can be accessed with /enter.


  • /isafk will now display the amount of time a target has been paused for.
  • All lock actions will now display as annotated messages rather than flooding the chat.
  • Applicable factions will now display a unique color for on duty members in /members.
  • Businesses will now automatically lock when they run out of stock.
  • DMV tests will no longer automatically fail if the test taker exits their vehicle. Instead, they'll be given 30 seconds to enter it again before failing.
  • Faction vehicles will now be sent back to their spawnpoint when they've been idle for three hours.
  • Graffiti objects will now expire after seven days of being placed.
  • Heroin can now be snorted via /usedrug heroin snort.
  • House/business backdoors can now be rammed open.
  • Houses, businesses and motel rooms will no longer display the name of their owners to non-staff members.
  • Made adjustments to /rw which will prevent nonexistent vehicle windows from opening when players try to open one at a time.
  • New accounts may no longer store or transfer money until they have over 3 hours played.
  • Phone contacts no longer have a limit, allowing any number of them to be created per phone.
  • Players can now hold sharedkeys to multiple vehicles and /mykeys can be used to view said vehicles. Time limits have also been removed from the feature.
  • SMS history has received a handful of fixes and code cleanup, which should result older messages appearing again as well as better efficiency.
  • Temporary objects created by non-staff members will now have to be placed with time limits. A maximum limit of 7 days is enforced.
  • The /selectflist command will now order nearby furniture items by distance again.
  • The forced /pay animation has been removed.
  • Using /spray on a vehicle will now add the new vehicle color to its mod queue rather than saving the color immediately. The color purchase may be finalized by using /buymods.
  • Vehicle attachments can now be placed onto faction vehicles by faction leaders.
  • Vehicle interiors (Journey, Tropic, etc) will now keep better track of the actual vehicle and send players to their spawnpoint if the vehicle is no longer valid when trying to exit.
  • Report system changes: when submitting a report on a player, the report will be assigned a unique ID which will be given to administrators to handle. Players can view all reports they've made with /myreports.

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