Version 3.0

Written by Smally

Bug Fixes

  • The new UCP is completely compatible with the 3.0 version of the gamemode, meaning that your inventory etc will now match up to what you have in-game, preventing the confusion caused by this.
  • Fixed issues with the faction centre being inaccessible after the release of gamemode version 3.0.
  • Fixed all the random 500 errors that have been happening recently.
  • The faction centre is now accessible.

New Features

  • Complete redesign both of the frontend and the ACP. The frontend design was created by @Bauer and the majority was coded by @Chilco, so thanks to them for that!
  • Completely recoded backend, none of the existing code from the old UCP has been implemented into the new one. The purpose of the new UCP was mainly to allow us to move from an old version of the Laravel framework to a much newer one, allowing us to ensure we are fully up to date with new security releases etc.
  • The new donation system as stated in Tommy's announcement has been implemented into this release of the User Control Panel.
  • Users can no longer register using disposable email addresses.
  • The emails that you will receive from the UCP are now more informative and more intuitive.

Adjustment Changes

  • Removed the following features:
    • Public Character Profiles - The system will return at a later date, but was not seen as required for this version of the UCP to release.
    • Friends System (Meme)
    • Two Factor Authentication - 2FA will be worked on shortly.
    • Faction MDC - This was not seen as a priority feature, as most features are in-game. Nonetheless, a basic MDC will be in the first feature release and then will be built on.
  • New donations will be viewed from your master account dashboard (/user/dashboard) and legacy donations are still viewable from your individual character accounts.

Planned Features

  • Turf Maps have been a much requested feature from mainly @Crazy Andre since he's a pest. They were originally meant to be implemented into the old UCP, but the decision was made by myself to halt all work on the old UCP and only fix major security bugs.
  • MDC - Each faction that requires the MDC will be spoken to individually once the initial generic version has been launched, as I plan to implement features that each faction require.
  • Refunds - At the moment the refund process is a bit backwards, and requires multiple stages to actually have the item refunded to you. The idea is that refunds will be done through the UCP and certain refunds will require approval from management etc.
  • Forum Integration - A feature that won't happen for a while since there are many other things that will come first. However, the idea is that you will receive your groups etc when you join a faction automatically as well as donator groups etc.
  • Asset Management - will allow you to manage certain features of your houses and/or business. Including firing of managers, locking of the businesses and requesting stock.

Version 3.0.5

Written by TommyB

  • Added a revamped character selection screen which will support up to six character slots.
  • Added a new draw bridge map for the Gateway Bridge. The center piece of the bridge will now raise in order to let tall boats pass through without being damaged.
  • The Montgomery DMV has been replaced with a new map located next to the Vice club. All related DMV tests have been adjusted accordingly.
  • /object no longer has a hardcoded script limit, allowing any number of objects to be placed by staff/players with permission.
  • Removed hardcoded script limits of dropped items.
  • Made numerous internal changes to the furniture system (once again) which should result in higher code efficiency.
  • Added a custom white backpack object to the clothing stores.
  • Added a handful of new sunglasses objects to clothing stores.
  • Added new crime scene objects to /roadblock to be used by LEOs. (evidence markers, corpse blankets, chalk outlines for bodies)
  • Improved memory efficiency of model selection menus, resulting in better performance.
  • Multiple changes have been made to how house ownership is tracked per players. Due to an incompatibility as a result of these changes, all players who spawn at their homes have had their spawnpoint set to their noob spawn and will need to set their spawns back to their desired home.
  • Players can now hold any amount of items in their /clothing menu.
  • New clothing items can now be added to clothing stores during server runtime.
  • Boomboxes can now be placed inside of interiors.
  • Boomboxes can now be attached to boats, allowing for elegant group music sessions to be enjoyed out at sea.
  • Removed a handful of old unused maps that were still being loaded on the server.
  • Empty businesses with custom interior maps will now have said maps despawned after being unoccupied for five minutes. The maps will be loaded again once a player enters the business. This has been done to cut the amount of active streamed objects in half, resulting in less server CPU usage.
  • Furniture labgels will update with object re-positioning as well as placing and deletion.
  • Furniture labels will now sync for all players who have the feature activated in the same home. E,g two players have furniture labels on in the same home. Player A deletes an object, the label will delete for both players.
  • /swat can now be used in FBI trucks and it can also be used while outside and nearby the Enforcer and FBI truck. Also updated /swat to give command users the new SWAT skin.
  • Money now shows up in inventory menus and can be stored in houses, businesses and vehicles like in old versions.
  • Fixed a bug where weed plants inside of homes would be despawned when they shouldn't be.
  • Fixed a bug where admin refunds for legal firearms wouldn't save the weapon origin properly, making it so the weapon could be traded.
  • Fixed a bug where new fishing crates would try to link to non-existent vehicles in the database.
  • Fixed a bug where certain formatted timestamps wouldn't display seconds appropriately.
  • Fixed further issues with despawning sidejob vehicles upon job completion.
  • Fixed an exploit where cocaine/crack could be abused to obtain more than the intended limit. (150 HP)
  • Fixed a bug where seconds were truncated from login timestamps. (and various others)
  • Fixed a handful of query inconsistencies with the Silver Trading home listings script which caused numerous house ownership issues.
  • Fixed a bug where /editfurnlabeldist wouldn't update existing furniture labels with the new stream distance.
  • Fixed bugs where exterior furniture textures wouldn't save correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where all advertisements would appear in each option of /viewadverts.
  • Fixed a few bad preview model rotations in inventory menus.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'weapon' paramater in /give did not work properly.

Version 3.0.4 R3

Written by TommyB

  • Added a new female skin to maintenance worker job duty.
  • Disabled heroin addiction effects until better code can be introduced.
  • Fixed a bug where players couldn't control engine status of sidejob vehicles and the fishing reefer.
  • Fixed a bug where fires couldn't be placed in interiors correctly due to ground collision detections.
  • Fixed an issue where drugs weren't taken from players upon /prison use.
  • Fixed a bug where players could use shrooms/peyote again after being transported to a drug trip.
  • Fixed a typo where unlocking backdoors would state the user locked it.
  • Fixed a bug where vehicle costs wouldn't display properly in vehicle dealership dialogs.
  • Fixed a bug where the object selection state wouldn't reset when a player clicked on house furniture.
  • Fixed issues with viewing licensed weapons stored inside of homes.
  • Fixed an issue where sidejob starting commands could be used while inside of vehicles, causing desync.
  • Fixed a bug where radio slot 3 info didn't save properly.
  • Fixed a bug where phone type strings would return garbage characters.
  • Fixed an issue where restricted radio frequencies and faction skins weren't reset when players were fired while offline.
  • Fixed a typo where /sethousetime would say you edited your businesses time.
  • Fixed a bug where /toganimhelper messages were reversed.
  • Fixed a bug where /enter left/right options would always put players in the left side of a two car garage.
  • Fixed a bug where entering a two car garage would send a client message stating the player was not near anything that could be entered when the command successfully teleported them.
  • Fixed a bug where /heal would count every wound as a headshot.
  • Fixed a bug where vehicle hotwire status wouldn't be reset upon vehicle recovery, making it impossible to respawn the vehicle.
  • Fixed a bug where failed hotwire attempts wouldn't set off car alarms as it should.
  • Fixed a bug where unoccupied vehicle hotwire status wouldn't reset if the vehicle was despawned.

Version 3.0.4 R2

Written by TommyB

  • Made numerous adjustments to the fishing crate system which should result in far less bugs.
  • Handcuffs can now be purchased at sex shops and used on any consenting player.
  • Fixed some issues where the server's game clock would prevent gamemode restarts from executing properly.
  • Fixed a money duplication exploit in the Silver Trading home listings feature.
  • Fixed a bug where vehicle information wouldn't display properly in dealerships.
  • Fixed a bug where rental vehicles could be used by anyone and anyone renting a car could potentially unlock and vehicle.
  • Fixed a bug where normal players could lock/unlock admin spawned vehicles.
  • Fixed a few script errors that prevented sidejob cooldowns/EXP from applying correctly to certain users.
  • Fixed an issue where /addmanmager didn't have any sanity checks for business IDs.
  • Fixed a bug where the pending assist dialog would display even when there were no pending assists.
  • Fixed a bug where /collectearnings couldn't be used from outside of a business.
  • Attempted further fixes to vehicles randomly disappearing.

Version 3.0.4 R1

Written by TommyB

  • Fixed a bug where /savecar area detection for the Palomino Creek Townhall was incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug where certain repair garage commands could be used anywhere.
  • Fixed a bug where exterior furniture texturing didn't work.
  • Fixed a bug where beanbag shotguns couldn't be stored in vehicle trunks.
  • Fixed a bug where player ages could appear as 48 years old even if they weren't 48 years old.
  • Fixed a bug where pending dealership purchase vehicles wouldn't delete properly when players exited the dealership dialog.
  • Fixed a bug where sidejob EXP wouldn't increment if a player's sidejob level was 1.

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