Version 3.5.3

Written by TommyB

  • The train bot has made a return!
  • Mt Chilliad's payphone now actually works! (5 years too late)
  • All inventory items will now be deleted from houses when they're wiped from inactive players.
  • Radio streams will now be streamed to players when they're surfing on vehicles without windows or with their windows down.
  • /sellmyhouse and /sellbizz will now require user confirmation via dialog box instead of typing "confirm".
  • High ping kicks have been removed.
  • Fixed bug where spawning at a motel room wouldn't put you in the right interior.
  • Fixed a bug where /premiumlevelup would duplicate the amount of levels a player had under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where /setlockerpos didn't update the locker position as it should.
  • Fixed a bug where annotated IC chat labels didn't appear when players were in vehicles without windows.
  • Fixed various issues with Silver Trading property listings and improved dialog navigation + aesthetics.
  • Fixed various issues with boomboxes and added a text label to them which displays the owner and other information. The "attach to boat" option has been removed.

Version 3.5.2

Written by TommyB

  • Fixed a bug where new houses couldn't be created.
  • Fixed a bug where houses wouldn't load again when being reloaded.
  • Fixed a bug where exterior house furniture didn't load when a house was reloaded.
  • Fixed a bug where players weren't frozen when using /peek to go back into the home, causing them to fall through mapped objects.
  • Fixed a bug where furniture textures weren't copied to newly duplicated furniture objects properly.
  • Fixed a bug where only restricted skins were available in clothing stores rather than missing from them.
  • Fixed a bug where depositing a check would state the user received $0 instead of the correct value.

Version 3.5.1

Written by TommyB

  • Fixed a bug where /rentroom wouldn't tell the user the proper command syntax.
  • Fixed a bug where cell numbers in /cells were mismatched with the numbers mapped above the actual cell doors.
  • Fixed a bug where exiting motel rooms would put players at random house garages.
  • Fixed a bug where players couldn't close the /changemyname dialog after a certain step.
  • Fixed a bug where prison CCTV status didn't get reset when exiting the cameras.
  • Fixed a bug where putting away house furniture wouldn't save correctly on the database.
  • Fixed a bug where using /logout in a house or business would break the command.
  • Fixed a bug where using CCTV in the Green Palms lobby would make players fall into blue hell when exiting.
  • Fixed an issue where IC chat commands could be used while browsing prison CCTV cameras.
  • Fixed some doubled stop signs in Bayside.

Version 3.5

Written by TommyB


  • Fixed a bug where "9mm" wasn't accepted as valid weapon input.
  • Fixed a bug where /afrespawn would return with garbage characters.
  • Fixed a bug where /fdeposit didn't save the new faction bank balance properly.
  • Fixed a bug where /fpay wouldn't update the target player's bank balance.
  • Fixed a bug where /togplate wouldn't always respawn the vehicle properly. It should now respawn and sync the plate change every time the command is used.
  • Fixed a bug where corpse data wasn't fetched correctly when taking a corpse from a trunk.
  • Fixed a bug where corpses wouldn't despawn when being burned.
  • Fixed a bug where exterior furniture limits weren't calculated properly when duplicating an exterior item.
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect text was sent in the dialog box when depositing a check.
  • Fixed a bug where stranger IDs couldn't be used in /report.
  • Fixed a bug where the coalminer and pizza delivery sidejobs didn't always apply job cooldowns.
  • Fixed an issue where /do was incorrectly restricted while downed.
  • Fixed an issue where graffiti tags were assigned to every virtual world, causing them to appear in multiple properties when placed indoors.
  • Fixed an issue where players who were still alive but had headshot wounds were unable to speak or do various IC actions.

####New Features

  • Re-implemented the Green Palms Correctional facility with a revamped exterior and brand new, extensive interior. Various new prison features have been added to accommodate the new interior, such as a commissary and more.
  • Administrators can now create and give out custom inventory items.
  • Bayside has seen a number of cosmetic improvements. A new fuel station, boat fuel station and boat repair garage have been added to the town as well.
  • Vehicle blinkers have been added! They can be managed by using the /blinker command or pressing NUM8 or NUM2. (Thanks Timber!)
  • Vehicle attachment models can now be added by administrators dynamically in-game.
  • Vehicle attachments can now be restricted to specific factions.
  • Vehicle attachments can now be retextured and recolored.
  • Added /peek which can be used to look outside of houses.


  • Achievements have been removed.
  • Furniture texture behavior has been changed. Texture slots have been removed and only selecting a texture index is required now. This also means that more than 5 textures can be assigned to an object.
  • All roadblock commands have been merged into /roadblock.
  • Players will no longer keep licensed weapons when they die and are sent to the hospital.
  • /blindme is now a toggle command. /unblindme has been removed.
  • /mask can now be used by players of any level.
  • The range for entering house garages and /lockgarage has been increased.
  • NOS now costs $5,000.
  • Police/FD backup will now automatically be disabled when they accept death.
  • Previous names will now show up in /changemyname instead of only the last namechange reason submitted.
  • Mobile phone signal has been removed.

Version 3.4.7

Written by TommyB

  • Players can no longer speak ICly or use various communication commands when downed with an expired death timer or downed with a headshot injury.
  • Fixed an exploit related to withdrawing and depositing money from banks/ATMs.
  • Fixed a bug where /afrespawn couldn't be used to respawn entire factions.
  • Fixed a bug where /customreg syntax checks were incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug where /depositcheck could show garbage characters.
  • Fixed a bug where /take didn't work with most server drugs.
  • Fixed a bug where /vattachments would sometimes not work.
  • Fixed a bug where assistance wait times were incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug where business stock deliveries wouldn't start properly after a route was picked.
  • Fixed a bug where cancelling /backup would send a radio message to the entire server.
  • Fixed a bug where IC messages wouldn't send to all nearby players on occasion.
  • Fixed a bug where kicks didn't save to admin records.
  • Fixed a bug where new temporary objects wouldn't save to the database.
  • Fixed a bug where private adverts wouldn't display in /viewadverts.
  • Fixed a bug where the low engine oil warning didn't show when it should.

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